The John Murtha, Iraq Debate

26 11 2005

Yes, it is sad, that he has turned into the focus of a very important debate. John Murtha, D-Pa., has called for withdrawal of the troops in Iraq, and now it seems that no one can criticize him for his position because he is a veteran and a decorated hero. I have to tell you, my fellow veterans, that I am starting to change my opinion about the importance of military service. Years of dealing with John McCain and John Kerry was bad enough, but now I have yet another career politician using his PAST military service as a shield. Hmm, what is it about the name John? These people are career politicians who just happened to have served in the Armed Forces. I have the greatest respect and thanks for anyone who has served my country in the Armed Forces, but that is where it has to end. I can no longer make this an issue when voting for, or listening to politicians. Bad policy is bad policy, and regardless of his service, 40 years ago, his proposal is cowardly and idiotic. Does something happen to a persons brain when you put a D after their name? Or is it just years of being in Washington, and compromising your principals, until you have no principals left? When Ohio Republican Jean Schmidt said on the floor that “cowards cut and run, Marines never do,” I applauded her statement, because it is absolutely true. I also loved that the Dems booed her violently, but I did not like that she backed down. Oh well, so much for heroes.

Years of wussy foreign policy has done nothing but encourage our enemies not to fear America. After all, we never finish anything we start, and a bunch of third world nothings have sent us running more than once. Yes, the pull out in Vietnam was a colossal mistake that cost millions of people their lives. We also encouraged the Kurds to rise up against Saddam and we left them hanging causing thousands of Kurds to be slaughtered. Come to think of it, that is nothing new, because we did the same thing to the Cubans! Hmm, that was John F. Kennedy… Then there was some petty warlord in Mogadishu that brought down a couple of helicopters and we ran away. By the way, John Murtha encouraged that decision as well, but the blame lies squarely on Bill Clinton’s shoulders for that one. Add to that all the terror attacks, under Bill Clinton’s watch, in which we did nothing in response, including a previous bombing of the World Trade Center, and you can see why Usama called us a paper tiger! Why? Because he was right! All those Left wing nuts that blamed the World Trade Center attack on our foreign policy were absolutely correct, just for the wrong reasons. It was our history of not having a backbone, of not sticking it out until the end, of accepting losing. Would you respect a person, who you knew, that quit everything they ever attempted their whole life? Someone who never gave one hundred percent to anything or anybody? Well pulling out our troops from Iraq before the job is finished, is quitting, pure and simple. If you’re starting to think that it isn’t that simple, smack yourself! Life is much simpler than most people make it, and if you live in the world of grey, you live in a fog; wake up! Quitters always have an excuse for quitting, and it becomes habit forming.

So, I ask you, what kind of country do you want to live in? A winner or a loser? One with character or one that has none? I for one am tired of being embarrassed, and ashamed, of being American.

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Electronic Coalition Bulletin 11-21-05

26 11 2005

This is for all those in the media telling us that we are working alone in the Middle East and that nothing good is happening.

New Greek Hospital Opens in Kabul
Story by Brigadier General (HA) Georgios Bardamaskos,
Greek Senior National Representative at USCENTCOM

The secret is out: The Greek Armed Forces’ 229th Mobile Field Surgical Hospital (MFSH) is one of the best medical facilities that have ever operated in Afghanistan. That’s not a boast, it’s an opinion shared by medical experts and officials alike. The 229th MFSH exists to support the International Security Assistance Force and the Afghan people, who deserve a bright, promising future.

Since 1950, Greece, despite its limited manpower, has participated in multi-national peacekeeping operations throughout the world, providing troops, units and expeditionary corps as well as military observers and humanitarian assistance.
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$450,000 Cultural Center in Nasiriyah Is Presented by the Italian Government

In August, troops from Italy participating in Operation Iraqi Freedom literally made their mark on the southeastern city of Nasiriyah.

The capital of the governate of Dhi Qar, Nasiriyah has long been famous for its museum which collects Abbasid, Assyrian, Babylonian and Sumerian artifacts. Now the city, which lies alongside the Euphrates River, has a new landmark.

General Pietro Costantino, commanding officer of the Italian Task Force in Iraq, laid down the first stone of a cultural center that the Italian government has presented to the region’s citizens.
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Romania Is Bringing Together All the Players to Establish a Better Future for Afghanistan
Story by Lt. Col. Mircea Romocia,
Romanian Armed Forces

The government of the Islamic Republic of Afghanistan is divided into several ministries, including the Ministry of Defense, Ministry of Education, and Ministry of Borders and Tribal Affairs.

By working closely with each of these entities, Combined Forces Command-Afghanistan strives to better the lives of the Afghan people as well as the effectiveness of the Afghan National Army.
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French Navy Takes Over Task Force 150
Cdr. Bruno Kral,
Conseiller Marine Detachment

Task Force 150 is under the direction of the Combined Maritime Forces Component Commander (CFMCC). It operates in support of the OEF in the Arabian Sea, Gulf of Oman, Gulf of Aden and Red Sea, and is responsible for Maritime Security Operations (MSO), such as Counter the illegal movements of terrorists, weaponry and supporting materials in International waters; and Prevent International terrorist organizations from executing terrorist attacks against key maritime interests in the region.
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Wait a minute! The French? This is news indeed…

Couple Supports Troops with Banana Bread
Story and photo by
Spc. Claude Flowers, 304th Mobile PAD

Albert Davis of Largo, Fla., may have retired from the U.S. Navy in 1973, but he’s still serving his country and doing all that he can for the military.

For the last 15 years, he and his wife Barbara have been diligently baking loaves of banana bread for American troops serving around the world.

How many?
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It is Time to Encourage Reverse Migration to Mexico

18 11 2005

From an article in Voice of America by James Blears Mexico City:

U.S. border control statistics indicate that from January to the end of September this year, 464 people died while illegally attempting to cross the border between Mexico and the United States. That is an increase of 43 percent from the previous year.

A heat wave during August is partly to blame for some of the tragedies, but not all. Over the last decade, security along border has been considerably tightened, making it more perilous for undocumented migrants to cross.

Can anyone hear the violin yet? I know where this author is going and I see it just the opposite, we need to secure the border and “de-incentify? their reason for coming here. This will help the Mexicans by stopping them from risking their lives getting here.

Still, according to some estimates, the number of migrants from Mexico has doubled in the last 10 years and those who are in the United States illegally outnumber legal migrants.

Doesn’t this writer have a lick of sense? Does this make anyone care more about these people? It just makes me angry, and want to force them home. Yes FORCE them, because if they cannot work, get benefits for themselves and their families, if their children cannot get an education and if we treat them like the ILLEGAL third world unwanted immigrants that they are, they will go home.

The suggestion by influential U.S. Congressman Duncan Hunter, chairman of the House Armed Services Committee, that a fence be built along the entire 3,000-kilometer U.S.-Mexican border send shockwaves through the Mexican migration policy community.

Oh no! We have sent shockwaves through the “Mexican migration community.? This further infuriates me. One why should we care, and two it is time that their existence is irrelevant.

Representative Hunter says the barrier is necessary both to stop illegal immigration and for national security. The Bush administration opposes the idea of a border-long fence, calling the project a waste of money.

I have no idea why his family loves Mexicans so much; it boggles the mind.

But U.S. Homeland Security Secretary Michael Chertoff does agree that illegal immigration is a major national security breach.

“The ability of undocumented individuals to enter our country represents an obvious security threat,? he said. “Flagrant violation of our borders undercuts the rule of law, undermines our security and imposes special economic strains on our border communities. When we don’t control our borders, we also risk the entry of terrorists or criminals who want to do us harm.?

Ah, someone who sees the obvious problem staring him in the face. This isn’t rocket science folks.

The Director of the Mexican Institute of Political Studies, Pedro Javier Gonzalez, says such a fence would prove counterproductive and urged President Bush to take what he calls a more constructive approach to dealing with Mexican migrants.

“I think it is the moment to take decisions thinking of the future,? he said. “Thinking of a better relation of two countries. A relationship that should be profitable in political, economic and social ways for both countries.?

Can you believe these people? We would have a better “relationship? if Mexico would stop encouraging their people to come into our country illegally! He goes on to push for a guest workers program.

It appears the Mexican Press has learned from our MSM because this was their title:
Mexico Urges US to Improve Cross-Border Security

Look people it is simple, if you are worried about the deaths of people trying to invade our country, than I suggest we make our country inhospitable to them. This way they will start leaving our country; not just slow the migration. We need to reverse the migration back to Mexico.

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