Violence in Border City Continues to Rise

31 05 2006

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USA Today reports that a police officer, whose photograph appeared in a USA TODAY and report May 18 about the surging violence against police in the Mexican border city of Nuevo Laredo, was in critical condition Tuesday after he was shot five times outside his home.

This happened as Juan Pablo Elizondo had just completed guard duty at a hospital in Nuevo Laredo. This was where some of his colleagues were being treated for wounds suffered in past attacks.

The attack highlights the importance of sealing our borders to stop the unrelenting threat against Mexican police in a city where two major drug cartels are battling for control of routes into the USA for shipments of drugs and illegal immigrants.

Just two weeks ago, two Mexican state police officials were shot to death in their unmarked vehicle.

Previously, Elizondo’s colleagues were wounded when gunmen burst into a restaurant where the officers were eating.

More than 110 people have been slain in Nuevo Laredo this year in a killing spree authorities believe could surpass last year’s record of 176.

Earlier in the month, Elizondo, 31, said officers in his department were warned by superiors that drug cartel members had issued a threat against city police. Last summer, Nuevo Laredo’s police chief was assassinated just hours after taking office.

The article reports that friends and family have been telling him to leave the police force, but he refused.

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The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2006

31 05 2006

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One if by land, two if by sea, and I on the opposite shore shall be updated to the 21at Century.

The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride of 2006 is a summer-long cross-country motorcycle ride that will visit all state capitols to inform the public and their elected public servants of the severity of the illegal immigration crisis. The ride will began in Denver and will terminate in Washington, DC.

The ride is underway! Riders left Denver on May 29, 2006, after a successful rally. See photos of the team, their motorcycles and the rally.

“The 21st Century Paul Revere Ride has my whole-hearted support because it embodies the spirit of patriotism that brought America its independence in 1776. America’s sovereignty is threatened in 2006 not by British redcoats but by the elimination of our borders. It remains true today as in the past: vigilant citizens are our first line of defense. I applaud and salute the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride because its message needs to be heard all across the county, but especially it needs to be heard at the final destination of the ride, our nation’s capital. I wish I could join these patriots on their 48-state ride — it would be more fun than my normal duties – but my prayers and best wishes go with them, for their safety and for their success.”

— Rep. Tom Tancredo

HOSPITALITY: If you would like to ride for a day or state, meet the Paul Revere Riders and offer a cold one, offer your place as hospitality for an evening, contact us. We especially need a place to overnight near your state capital.
Print our flyer and distribute to motorcycle clubs, motorcycle shops, etc.

Tell your friends about the 21st Century Paul Revere Ride. Organize a rally when the ride comes through your city. See our route and schedule. Here are instructions on how to organize a rally. It's easy!

We are working in conjunction with to inform the public and our elected public servants about the mass immigration crisis in America. We recommend you go to and sign up to send free faxes to your elected officials.

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Coalition Against Illegal Immigration Business

31 05 2006

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I have been on the phone all Day with the House of Representative’s leadership. You will be happy to know it looks like they are holding strong against any path to citizenship for those here illegally, or temporary workers.

We discussed in depth what my opinions were on the subject and they were received well. I learned a bit about their problems with enfocement now, although I gave them a solution for that as well. hehe

After very lengthy conversations, I feel better about our chances of saving our country. Plan on losing the felony provision, because the Republicans don’t want it and tried to get rid of it previously but was blocked by the Democrats. Why you ask? Because it is a poison pill that the Dems want in it. The felony provision would cause every illegal alien to be tied up in the legal system and they want a fast track to deportation.

I made it crystal clear that no path to citizenship would be acceptable, and I was informed that is the message they are hearing, and there won’t be any path to citizenship. I informed them that “we the people” are paying attention and we will remember in November!

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those who do not learn from history…

30 05 2006

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you know the rest. amnesty doesn’t work. we tried this already in 1986. the INS(immigration and naturalization service) released a study on this back in 2000. guess what they found out? here are a few highlights (courtesy of the center for immigration studies).

Amnesties clearly do not solve the problem of illegal immigration. About 2.7 million people received lawful permanent residence (”green cards”) in the late 1980s and early 1990s as a result of the amnesties contained in the Immigration Reform and Control Act (IRCA) of 1986. But these new INS figures show that by the beginning of 1997 those former illegal aliens had been entirely replaced by new illegal aliens, and that the unauthorized population again stood at more than 5 million, just as before the amnesty.

In fact, the new INS estimates show that the 1986 amnesty almost certainly increased illegal immigration, as the relatives of newly legalized illegals came to the United States to join their family members. The flow of illegals grew dramatically during the years of the amnesty to more than 800,000 a year, before dropping back down to around 500,000 a year.

shouldn’t we take this into consideration when thinking about the consequences of a second amnesty for even more illegals? we shouldn’t reward them or the employers that hire them for breaking the law. we should care more about protecting the rights and the jobs of american citizens than we do about taking care of those unfortunate souls who are citizens of a corrupt socialist government. border enforcement should be a priority, but we also need to destroy incentives for employers and illegals to break the law. that’s the only way to significantly reduce illegal immigration. that’s where the senate bill fails to deliver the goods.

here are some important facts to know(from the heritage study):

  • 85% of the current illegal immigrant population will be granted amnesty under the senate bill…which adds up to 10 MILLION PEOPLE.
  • there are NO numeric limits on the number of illegal immigrants, spouses, and dependents receiving LPR(legal permanent resident) status.

you can dispute heritage’s actual numbers(and the white house already has). however, even if those numbers are wildly overestimated, it’s alarming that there are no caps on the number of illegals that would be able to come in to our country under provisions of that senate bill.

here’s what i would like to see:

  • enforcement with teeth
    • fines for employers that would take a significant bite out of their bottom line, which will increase on each violation knowingly committed
    • deportation for those who commit crimes in addition to the one committed when sneaking into the country
    • frequent periodic checks on employers suspected of hiring illegals, and especially those who have already been caught doing so.
    • strengthen existing laws where necessary to decrease the possibility that there will be repeat offenders
    • increased funding for border security so that those charged with enforcing our borders will have the resources they need
    • no citizenship for felons, drug smugglers, or those with 3+ minor infractions

these are some common sense suggestions that i think could be starting points for an immigration bill that would actually begin to deal with the problem. i do think that there should be some exceptions for those seeking political asylum for legitimate reasons, and those cases should be fully vetted.

there are many more questions to answer before we can accept a final immigration bill from this congress, and i hope that they will figure out the right answers to those questions.


Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think-human events online
House Negotiator Calls Senate Immigration Bill ‘Amnesty’ and Rejects It –NYT
Senate Immigration Bill Would Allow 100 Million New Legal Immigrants over the Next Twenty Years–heritage
Immigration Deal at Risk as House GOP Looks to Voters–washington post

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Senator Jeff Sessions: Immigration Bill Is Worse Than You Think

30 05 2006

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MY new hero, Sen. Jeff Sessions (R.-Ala.) a member of the Senate Judiciary Committee, offered a devastating analysis on the Senate immigration bill in a speech delivered on the Senate floor on Tuesday, May 23. Sessions pointed to outrageous parts of the bill that were hidden deep in its text. These include, for example, that the employers of illegal aliens would be given an amnesty for cheating on their taxes, and that under the terms of the law the government would for all practical purposes have to take an illegal alien’s word for it that he has been in the country illegally long enough to qualify for an amnesty.

Sessions also pointed to some of the tremendous hidden costs of the bill, including the $500 billion in additional welfare payments it will cost American taxpayers in the period 10 to 20 years after its passage.

Senators who vote for the bill today cannot credibly claim later they were unaware of the elements and consequences that Sen. Session’s outlined in this speech.

This was a great speech. Please go read it…

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What’s In the “Comprehensive Approach” To Illegal Immigration

30 05 2006

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An analysis of the Specter-Hagel S-2611 Immigration Bill

All these facts, except those with an *asterisk* are in the text of the legislation. Because it is long and cumbersome to read, we included links to articles and studies that summarize the legislation. If you have the time and patience to read the bill, click here. The Federation for American Immigration Reform has summarized the Amendments and the Bill in slightly less technical jargon. Click here for Amendments, and here for the main text (this text is a PDF chart comparing several competing bills, the Senate just passed the one labeled Specter-Hagel)

Notice that the figures below are based on a number of 12 million illegals when when, according to Bear Stern, the figure is actually more like 20,000 + million and some of us believe as high as 28,000 million!


  • Amnesty for 85% of the nation’s estimated 12 million illegal aliens(10.2 million) 60% of illegals will be able to receive Amnesty immediately, while 15 percent must go to a foreign port of entry to apply for citizenship
    (Source: Heritage Foundation)
  • The remaining 15 percent ( 1.8 million) illegal aliens are expected to return home, but there is absolutely nothing in the bill that would facilitate that action!
    (Source: Heritage Foundation)
  • Employers who hire illegal aliens will also receive Amnesty
    (Source: The Arizona Republic)

  Privileges for Illegals and Costs to Taxpayers 

  • Illegal Aliens will be eligible for Social Security!
    (Source: Washington Times)
  • Illegal Aliens students will qualify for in State Tuition, a benefit not given to out of state American citizens!

    (Source: Asian Journal)
  • The increased welfare payments that illegals will receive once they receive Amnesty will cost American taxpayers 30 million dollars a year­The biggest welfare increase in 35 years!
    (Source: The Heritage Foundation)*

Guest Workers

Other Atrocities

Doublespeak in the Bill

  • Bill states that Guestworkers cannot take the jobs of American workers, but the definition of "United States Worker"includes temporary foreign guest workers, so the protection is meaningless.
    (Source:Robert Novak)
  • The law establishes English as the official language, but then makes it illegal to “punish” someone for not speaking English!
  • The law says if someone has been convicted of a felony or threemisdemeanors they will not be eligible for Amnesty and are supposed
    to be deported. However, it makes an exception for “hardship cases”. Also, anyone who claims they were not aware of their deportation order can appeal.
    (Source: Heritage Foundation)

What the bill does not include:

  • There is nothing in the bill that would require the 15% of illegal aliens who are not eligible for Amnesty to go home. Nor is there anything that would punish any of the illegal aliens for not doing what they are supposed to do.
    (Source: Heritage Foundation)
  • An Amendment requiring voters to show valid government issued identification when voting in federal elections was defeated.
    (Source: Associated Press
  • The Isakson Amendment stating that the Secretary of Homeland Security had to certify that the borders are secure before and border of the Amnesty or Guestworkers provisions were enacted was defeated
    (Source: Federation for American Immigration Reform)

*Note: These studies were done by the Heritage Foundation and are not in the text of the bill, but are based on their own estimates. While they are not the final word, other researchers have confirmed their findings, and they have not been widely challenged.

Hat tip: Conner at Border Watch

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Mexican Politico’s Seek Hispanic Vote …

30 05 2006

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Both US — and Mexican! — politicians are scrambling for the fabled Hispanic vote by catering to illegal aliens in the USA.

Get your mind around this one:

From the Chicago Sun-Times:

MEXICO CITY — The U.S. immigration debate could determine more than the future of illegal immigrants. It may help pick Mexico's next president July 2.
A reform that legalizes illegal Mexicans in the United States could boost conservative candidate Felipe Calderon and keep the ruling National Action Party in power.

More walls and troops at the border could tip the balance in favor of Andres Manuel Lopez Obrador, sweeping Mexico into Latin America's shift to the left…

"It's the hot topic right now," said Mexican pollster Manuel Barberena. "The candidates all want to show they won't bend to the United States, while promising migrants they will get them a better deal north of the border."…

U.S. immigration reform has been a cornerstone of the presidency of Vicente Fox. For nearly six years he has lobbied the U.S. government to allow more legal migration, meeting regularly with President Bush.

Lopez Obrador, a fiery leftist, has accused Fox of being weak when dealing with Washington. When Bush announced plans to send 6,000 National Guard soldiers to the border, Lopez Obrador called Fox a U.S. "puppet" and "lackey" for not vigorously opposing the measure.

While Fox can't seek re-election, his approval ratings could affect support for Calderon, his party's candidate, who has a slight lead in the polls over the once front-running Lopez Obrador

So, Fox has been enhancing the campaign, by doing things like the following:

From UPI:

WASHINGTON, May 29 (UPI) — Mexican President Vicente Fox's government reportedly is making a concerted effort for a favorable outcome of the U.S. debate on illegal aliens.

Noting Fox's recent tour of U.S. Western states while the U.S. Congress debates further tightening of the border with Mexico, The Washington Times said Fox's administration is conducting a well-financed campaign to shape public opinion in favor of more Mexicans coming into the United States.

The Times said the campaign is working through a coalition of U.S.-based immigration rights groups, Mexican-American organizations and grass-roots Hispanic groups to lobby U.S. lawmakers and civic leaders for amnesty for the estimated 12 million illegals in the United States…

There's something very, very screwey about Mexican politicians building a campaign around US Immigration policy.

Click to the CoalitionBlog for the latest on illegal immigration reform, and don't forget to assess your Representative for his or her views on the Senate bill. A LadyRumination's has a couple of great posts about how the MinuteMen are doing the job our government won't, and how Congress isn't listening. Click down below her Memorial Day article for those.

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