31 10 2006

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 I am Cross Posting this from The Regular Guys Show along with my own feelings.
It’s a dam shame when you have to go to such low standards out of sheer jealousy!!!



Bloggers, journalists, broadcasters, listeners, and friends—

As you may have heard, The Regular Guys Show has been terminated once again by Clear Channel Radio. In the past week, my partner, Eric Von Haessler, and I have been silent during a paid suspension while we awaited the results of a company investigation into a minor incident that has since snowballed into something that now demands a public response due to the fact that the principals on the other side are attempting to distort the facts and smear my reputation as a citizen and broadcaster and, in the short term, withhold my income without review or discussion with us.

All of this current mess took root, to my knowledge, in March, when the first national Hispanic illegal alien protests were taking place. We were doing our show in Orlando, from Braves spring training. Listeners started calling us on the air to get our opinion of the boycotts that were going on throughout the metro area and in other major cities across America. As the calls increased in volume, it became the only topic that day as it was on many talk shows across the country.

At one point in the show, we asked a producer to go down the hall and invite Yogi and Panda from Viva 105.7, also owned by Clear Channel, on the air to discuss the issue since some listeners had told us that they were exhorting their audience to boycott and take the day off. They agreed to come on and were ushered into our studio with our board operator, and we had a spirited discussion on the air.

In subsequent days, they complained to local Clear Channel management that they had been “disrespected” and that we should be lectured and punished for being in disagreement and making humorous comments about their point of view, all of which occurred exclusively on the air. Clear Channel management told them on more than one occasion that the opinions we express on the air are fair game, as are theirs, and protected not only by CC company policy, but also the 1st Amendment, and that if they didn’t want to look bad on the air, perhaps they shouldn’t agree to come on our show in the future. Nonetheless, the complaints continued unbeknownst to me through the year.

Fast forward to two weeks ago.

I was in the restroom down the hall from our studios after our broadcast was over on October 9, 2006. I carry a voice recorder on me and had it out to make some notes for a show meeting five minutes hence. Into the restroom walked Mr. Tapia and Mr. Carias who passed me at the urinal and headed for the two stalls in the corner. It’s a small restroom and there is no way they could not have seen me, further evidenced by the recording of them yelling insults at me from behind the stall doors which proves they knew I was there, knew I was recording, blowing up their claims of expectation of privacy, and that they still had an axe to grind about my on air opinions going back 7 months. They refused to talk to me like men.

Because they aren’t MEN!

If they were they would, only school boys act like this!!
They chose to go into the bathroom stall and shout epithets in Spanish, not knowing I understand enough to know they were insulting me. Never have I engaged them in anymore than a simple wave hello off the air in the entire time we both worked there. In addition, the company has approved similar bits like this in the past.

Can you just imagine what they sounded like?

What a joke?

Is this how grown men are supposed to act?

This sparked another round of complaints to the company, who offered reasonable solutions to satisfy their ongoing and baseless grievances, but, insisting it was about the “honor of their culture,” Mr. Tapia and Mr. Carias went ahead and filed the criminal charge in Fulton County Magistrate Court against me and then filed civil complaints in Superior Court of Fulton County, GA against the company for “negligent hiring” and harassment and invasion of privacy chargess against me personally, omitting in the affidavit the salient fact that all remarks made about them and immigration were on the air, never off the air.


This is not the way to honor “MY” culture!!!

I have been more than willing, at the company’s request, to agree in writing not to even so much as speak of Yogi and Panda on the air going forward, for the sake of company harmony, and clear up any misconceptions they have about my opinion of them personally, which was on the favorable side, since they serve their audience well and deliver good ratings numbers and revenue.

A case of a humorous prank has turned into a culture clash, a suppression of 1st Amendment rights, and a ridiculous smear campaign against me as well as termination of my income without due process.

You know this just goes to show what some people will do.

Sounds to me like someone is playing the racist game, pissed off at the white man because things aren’t going their way.

This coming from me a hispanic AMERICAN woman!

When it comes down to it I prefer to just be called AMERICAN!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.


A little good news on the immigration front.

31 10 2006

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Smuggling Ring Busted in Arizona 

More than 40 people were arrested Monday in connection with a family-run smuggling ring that brought hundreds of illegal immigrants into the country, officials said.

The 44 arrests came after a two-year investigation into the ring, which operated out of the southern Arizona town of Bowie, officials said. Many of those arrested are American citizens, officials said. Eleven more suspects, including at least five Mexican nationals, remained at large Monday.

The ring recruited young women to smuggle migrants’ infants through ports of entry, posing as their mothers, while the parents were smuggled through the desert separately, said John Lewis, the FBI special agent in charge in Arizona.

The operation smuggled people from Mexico into the U.S. for more than 10 years – most from Mexico, but also from El Salvador and the Dominican Republic, Lewis said.

This is certainly good news, but with each group we do catch there are many more out there doing the same thing. More often than not smuggling drugs and potential terrorists as well as illegal aliens.  Our congressional representatives must make border security a top priority.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.   


OPINION – Matters

31 10 2006

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I come across these articles from time to time and they really touch my heart.
I think what gets me the most are the feelings of the people that tried so hard to get here legally.

These people worked hard for their citizenship, just to be spit on by people that sneak into our Country Illegally and take what belongs to the AMERICAN PEOPLE!

In this article there are many that speak their mind and tell their stories.
Of course I don’t agree with every thing that is said.

I agree that it is very sad for many people living in poverty but we have so much of it here in our own Country.

I feel that we need to take care of our own first, our Country is slowly falling apart.
So many homeless AMERICANS!

Here we are taking care of people that don’t even belong here while our own go without.

I have only posted some of the comments there are many, many more.

Read on. – OPINION

Immigration is beneficial — if it’s legal

Charles H. Collins Jr. – Ledgewood, N.J.

I favor immigration. My wife came over from the USSR, worked until her visa expired and then returned to post-Soviet Russia. Next, she got a visa and returned with her daughter. After the expenditure of time, money, study and hard work needed to legally qualify, she got green cards for both. They became citizens.

(San Ysidro, Calif.: Customs and Border Protection agents stand on the U.S.-Mexico border last week. On Thursday, President Bush signed a bill that approves the construction of 700 miles of new fencing along the United States’ southern border. / By Sandy Huffaker, Getty Images)

Elena and Nadia followed the law and waited. They got no tax amnesty and were not permitted to step in line ahead of others. Neither has relied on welfare, bilingual education or other means that liberal politicians use to pander to cheaters and lazy people who want something for nothing. Both Elena and Nadia speak better English than the average basketball fan, work harder than the average native-born American, inform themselves about the issues and vote at every legal opportunity.

I oppose illegal immigration, and I do not support amnesty for those who snuck in and who would, with the help of pandering politicians, cut in line and evade taxes. If those who came illegally return home and get in line with the others who are willing to learn English and become Americans, and who come over when it’s their turn, that’s OK with me. Furthermore, those who knowingly employ illegal immigrants are complicit in their flouting of the law.

In the meantime, illegal immigrants should return home at their own expense and be grateful that the United States doesn’t treat them as their home countries probably treat people who sneak over their borders.

Hurdles to legal status

Ludmila and Roman Uskovits – Beulah, Colo.

We are a family of four and live in Colorado. We came five years ago, we’ve had five lawyers to “help” us and we are still illegal immigrants.

I wish somebody would tell us what to do. We have two children, and we want to have legal status or go to Slovakia. Our lawyer can’t do anything until the law changes. We would like to be able to work legally, have insurance and live here without being afraid — not knowing what the future is. We want our kids to study, but we are not sure whether it is possible. Anything we want to accomplish is more difficult. We can’t buy a car. I wanted to study at Pueblo Community College, but I had to have a TOEFL test score, which is a test of English for foreigners. I went to Denver to take the test, paid $150 and they did not let me do it. I do not have a Colorado ID.

Why did we not take care of our status when we came? We spoke very little English and we weren’t sure who to ask or what to do when our visa expired. We’ve talked with some lawyers who could not help us.

We like it in Colorado. The mountainous country reminds us of home. We think there are great opportunities for children in the USA, and we would like to stay. We wish it would be easier to become legal.

We are a nation of laws

Asa Wilson – Manchester, Mo.

Though I think we should never disdain the value and dignity of each person, we are, nevertheless, a nation of laws. Just as we hold ourselves accountable to our laws, we must hold accountable people who have chosen to illegally enter our country.

I firmly believe that immigration must be regulated according to laws developed in our country’s legislatures.

People who do not abide by those laws should be made to leave our country. This process must be reasonable and compassionate, but resolute in its purpose and outcome. We should not simply grant amnesty to illegal immigrants.

I also believe that the root of the illegal immigration problem is that our government, at all levels, is willing to “look the other way” in order to provide a cheap labor force. We should require employers to verify that all employees are here legally. Finally, I do not agree with our country’s practice of granting citizenship to any person born on U.S. soil. The status of the child should be equal to the preferred status of either parent. If either parent is a citizen, then the child is a citizen. If the parents are in the immigration process, then the child is, too.

Employment is affected

James M. Haas – Grand Junction, Colo.

I am a licensed general contractor in California. I originally got my license in 1972. During the late 1970s and early 1980s, I became aware of the deterioration in the construction trades because of the huge influx of illegal alien construction workers. This influx resulted in depressed wages, lower quality of work on projects, and a feeling of hopelessness on the part of American construction workers, myself included.

In 1987, I moved my family to Colorado, mainly to escape the illegal invasion of California. Much to my horror, within a few years, the illegal immigrants began pouring into Colorado, too, lowering wages and the general quality of life for residents and workers here.

In frustration and anger, I was determined to do something about it. In February of 2005, I joined the Minuteman Project and attended its operations on the Mexican border near Sierra Vista, Ariz. Yes, I’m one of the original Minutemen. I have been active politically since. I am still working part-time because I was forced into early semiretirement because of the illegal Mexican invasion, and I cannot live on the lesser income that I draw because of the hordes of illegal invaders.

No amnesty for lawbreakers

Kenneth G. Bristow – West Plains, Mo.

People who are here illegally are criminals under U.S. law and should be deported accordingly.

I am an immigrant to the USA. My family and I came here in December 1970 after waiting 17 months for a visa that allowed us to enter as “resident aliens.” I am a graduate engineer and had a position waiting for me.

Before being allowed into this country, my family and I were subjected to scrutiny by federal officials, our immediate family members were also scrutinized, and inquiries about our character were made to neighbors. My wife, myself and our two very young children were each required to submit to a complete physical and had to prove that we could speak English before we were issued that visa. We carried and paid for our own health insurance. While we were resident aliens, we were required to prove that our taxes were fully paid before leaving the country to visit family in our mother country.

We have since become proud and lawful U.S. citizens. Why should these illegal aliens be allowed to receive benefits? As criminals, they are certainly not entitled to them, and just because they are now residents in our country does not automatically make them U.S. citizens. There should be no amnesty.

Legal system is broken

David S. Merson – Sharon, Mass.

I am an immigration attorney in Boston with a small practice focusing on securing temporary and permanent (green card) visas for foreign workers. I work closely with employers of all sizes and industries and can say that the problems with the U.S. immigration system have never been worse.

While much attention is focused on the dilemma surrounding illegal aliens — and surely some type of comprehensive remedy is needed to address this massive undocumented and undertaxed population both for economic and security reasons — little to no focus is on legal immigration.

What is unknown to most people, including those in Congress, is that thousands of foreign workers are languishing with no ability to immigrate legally.

Currently, there are no permanent visas available for skilled and professional workers and few for advanced-degree and highly skilled aliens.

We have clients with highly skilled tradesmen, such as a German glass painter or a Japanese sushi chef, or professional workers, such as an Irish mechanical engineer, who are forced to wait outside the USA or to leave America and their employer because there are not sufficient visas to legally immigrate here.

Thus, when those such as Rep. James Sensenbrenner, R-Wis., pay lip service to legal immigration vs. illegal immigration, the reality is that there is no legal immigration of any significant level because the system is entirely broken.

If the United States is not able to accommodate controlled and regularized legal immigration, how is the problem with illegal workers ever to be sensibly addressed?

Fortunately, some in the Senate and House have supported the Securing Knowledge Innovation and Leadership (SKIL) bill, which would provide relief for these talented foreign workers and their employers — but this bill has stalled since the summer. I hope with a new Congress, this will change.

(Are you feeling the impact of immigration? What is life like for an illegal immigrant living in the USA, and for others in the communities where he or she works and lives? We’re interested in hearing your experiences. Send comments to or fax to 703-854-2053. Please include your contact number, city and state for verification purposes. Comments will be considered for an ongoing conversation in letters and online.)


I am a H1B holder engineer who came to this country 7 years ago.

I have been working for 7 years, paid my taxes (income tax and social security tax) without fail.

My last company has applied for Green card 2 years back and I know I have to wait for at least another 4 years to get a Green Card because of the huge backlog in INS processing center.

Meanwhile I am not able to change employers (as I am chained to my employer by virtue of the promise of Green Card aka freedom) and I feel that I am not able to work to my full potential.

Also I am not able to invest and buy property because even though I can very well afford it I dont want to buy a property with all the uncertainity about the Green Card.

I think after seven years of working hard, paying taxes , not breaking the law and able to prove oneself in ones place of work – he or she deserves some basic freedom that a human being is entitled to. He/She should be able to change job at will and should be able to buy property. Also did I mention that even though we pay social security taxes we are not entitled to the benifit unless we get Green Card?

Posted by: Ashok Bajaria | Oct 30, 2006 1:07:10 AM

I think the problem of illegal immigration from a third world country to the number one economy in the world is a clear example of how the wealth should be dristibuted fairly among the people of the Earth. While it makes perfectly good sense for people to fight for their priviliged quality of life. People living in almost inhumane conditions south of the border should not be blamed for immigrating here. I think that a guest worker program should be established as an immediate solution. Even though, it doesn’t solve the long term challenge of creating prosperous economies aorund the world to close the socioeconomic gap that exists.The fact that industry leaders move operations overseas makes sense as well as free trade between nations. Globalizing the world economy will someday create a fair standard of living for everybody.It will provide a free path of goods and services that will make them accessible to everyone, everywhere!

Posted by: Eddie Jaimes | Oct 30, 2006 2:45:36 AM

What would You be COMPLANING about for if there were no “Poor Illegal Immigrants” that youll are all balming our nations woes on ? Why Dont You All show what you / The People that you ELECT will do for;
Health care ? ………….
Social Security ?…………..
Education ? ………………
Balancing the Budget? …………..
Trade deficits? ……………..
Exporting of Corporations ?………
World Globlazation & Trade ? …….
How to Compete in Todays World Globlazation ?…………..
How our children will comepete in the upcoming decade…………
How to Assist the 36 million people from living in POVERTY in our “RICH” Nation ? ………….

Where do the 46 Million Uninsured USA Citizens go for health care?…………

We all are not Follies as many ASS-U-ME !!
ASK YOUE OFFICALS TO SOLVE These REAL issues mentioned above, and stop playing folly fear politics on the backs of the poor that come to work hard to build a life and feed their Famalies with RESPECT.

Who is Stepping up to the plate and solving these Main issues That are the REAL AILMENT of our nation.?
Its Not the Poor “undocumented Human”.

Posted by: Caring Human | Oct 30, 2006 7:11:57 AM

The real problem lies in the fact that the legal immigration system is not based on the reality of current immigration patterns. There is only one line for every one whether you are a scientist or a Janitor and same quota if you are from sweden or China.

Can we take a look at how Canada, UK and other countries effectively manage their immigration process and use of those learnings?

Talent is the most important commodity in this century and if we do not foster and encourage it, it goes else where. For years U.S has been the beneficiary of the best minds and talent of the world wanting to work here. It is because we had the best environment to nurture such talent, which put U.S on the fore front of innovations in the world for decades.

The job of leaders is to give us a good policy even if some times voters disagree on some of it.

Posted by: Harry | Oct 30, 2006 7:18:10 AM

Immigration system in the current form is completely broken would be an understatement. The US should encourage more highly skilled immigrants to come and settle in the US as to enhance its competitiveness. Currently only 10% immigrants are admitted on their professional ability while 90% are admitted on family based petitions. Already the baby boomers are on the verge of retirement causing a tectonic shift in the country’s demographic pattern. Post 9-11 due to increased security procedures adopted by all government departments including US consulates resulted in fewer students coming to the US for academics. At the same time developed countries like Canada, UK, Australia and members of the EU started taking measures to attract global talent. With fewer number of American students opting to study Science, Math, Engineering and Technology (STEM) subjects the US industry faces a talent shortage in terms of highly skilled workers with advanced degrees in such fields. The US should do everything possible to retain such talented individuals to avoid losing them to other competing countries. The employment based green card process for individuals can take up to 6-7 years in the US, while other countries are fast tracking such applicants in their economy in a time period of 1 year or even less at times. It is sad to see the US losing out on this global talent in the backdrop of the illegal alien issue. This issue should be separated from the illegal immigration mess and be treated on a priority basis. As a matter of fact we should be attaching green cards to the diplomas of the successful doctoral candidates in the STEM fields in order to maintain the technological lead we have over the world.

Posted by: Jay Prickson, Atlanta GA | Oct 30, 2006 10:36:51 AM

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.

Illegal Immigration and Politics in the Land of Lincoln.

29 10 2006

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Illegal Immigration could be the deciding issue in 2 House races from the Land of Lincoln.

From The Chicago Tribune:

The American Immigration Law Foundation released a study Tuesday that estimates 81,000 undocumented immigrants live in those districts, with the 8th District seeing a 43 percent increase since 2000.

The first is the 6th Congressional District. The seat is currently held by Henry Hyde(R) who is retiring.

The Candidates and thier position on Illegal Immigration:

Peter Roskam(R)

Step 1. Secure the border

I believe that efforts to secure our border are a vital first step to dealing with today’s immigration problem.

Peter Roskam

Step 2. Oppose Senator Kennedy’s Amnesty Bill.

The Congressional Budget Office reports that this legislation would cost $126 billion over the next 10 years.

  •   $24.5 billion in Tax Refunds (forgives 3 years on back taxes)

  • $15.4 billion in Medicare, Medicaid spending

  • $5.2 billion in guaranteed Social Security benefits

  • Requires the U.S. to get permission from Mexico to construct a barrier at the border

While I agree completely with Roskam’s stance on the border and on the Senate bill, he offers no insight as to what solution he might support in how to address the 11 million illegal aliens in the country now.  Nor does he discuss how to improve the pathetic record of law enforcement against those who hire illegal aliens.

Tammy Duckworth(D)
tammy-duckworth.jpgMs Duckworth’s immigration stance as discussed on her campaign site does state that border security is a top priority for her, and she does have several good points to do that, though she does not support using National Guard troops to secure the border.  Instead whe would expand the use of UAV’s to better monitor the border.  While I agree that greater UAV support is necessary, National Guard troops provide an element that no UAV ever could.  A Deterrent effect.   She also is a supporter of the Senate bill which would give amnesty to illegal aliens.  Though she does not see it as amnesty since  the Senate bill imposes fines (she doesn’t mention that the bill forgives 3 years of back taxes that will far outweigh any fine  imposed).  In essence Ms Duckworth supports the passage of a law which forgives  lawbreakers and will encourage further  illegal immigration in hopes that they too will be forgiven in future “Comprehensive Immigration Reform Legislation”

Polls for this race show a virtual tie, so the winner will be the candidate that can motivate their supporters and get out the vote on Nov 7th… My personal opinion is that Duckworth will lose by a narrow margin largely on this issue and on the fact that she does not reside in the district she wants to represent.

The 8th Congressional District features Incumbent Democrat Melissa Bean  vs Republican challenger Dave McSweeney. Neither Candidate list Immigration or illegal immigration on their campaign sites as one of the major issues of this campaign. Bean’s congressional voting record on the issue is very good, voting for Immigration Law Enforcement Act of 2006, Secure Fence Act of 2006, Border Security bill, & Real ID Act of 2005   

The Polls for this race have consistently shown Bean to be ahead, the latest Chicago Sun Times poll by 19 points.  The race is likely much be closer than that, but I still don’t see McSweeney being able to pull it out.  While immigration may be a big issue in the 8th congressional district, with McSweeney not even listing it as one of his primary issues on his web site, I honestly don’t see how the Chicago Tribune could come to the conclusion that it will be a decisive issue in this campaign. Especially with Bean being criticized by other Democrats for being too tough on immigration enforcement.

For more info on Illegal Immigration see the Coalition Blog.. Here are some of the more recent posts by other coalition members:

From StikNStein: This New American………Sends us all a message… &
Mexico is becoming a third world country …..and it’s coming to a neighborhood near you.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.

This New American………Sends us all a message…

29 10 2006

Cross Posted By stikNstein 

To be an American….you need to go by the rules. You can do it you know.

If you’re not too lazy, If you love the Country, If you believe in what America stands for…..America will welcome you with open arms.

From the LATimes
Take Sona Babai for example…………………

She became an American last Wednesday in Pamona California. She said she wanted to naturalize as a sign of gratitude to America for embracing her children.

Sona is from a rural village in Iran and came to America 6 years ago on a green Card obtained for her by her son. She was married off when she was 12, hid in a well when her village was raided and holds a dim view of the Islamic revolution. Many of her relatives have been killed.

She said……..

“America is a big umbrella that lets a lot of people underneath to be safe,” Babai said in her native Azari language, which was translated by her son, Antoine Babai. “Because of the good hearts of American people, I want to be part of them.”

(Sona) managed to obtain waivers excusing her from the English and civic tests required of most prospective citizens. Immigration officials apparently didn’t mind…..She’s sharp as a tack, has 20-20 vision, and doesn’t need a hearing aide, and Sona sailed through her interview with immigration officials — telling them, among other things, that she would bear arms to defend the United States


“By becoming a citizen, I can show to the world that it is never too late to give back.”…….Her slow walk to the front of the cavernous hall, stooped but steady, unassisted except for a cane, caused the crowd to burst into applause and cheers.

Asked what she would do as a new citizen, she replied:“I’m an American. I’m going to vote.”

OH YEAH………….Sona is 105

She doesn’t NEED a reason to vote……
Do You?

Sona….Welcome to America!

This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.

“ILLEGALCRIMINAL INVADER” charged with sexually abusing young boy

29 10 2006

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Flag 2
Mobile, AL Pensacola, FL Gulf Shores – News Source – Illegal immigrant charged with sexually abusing young boy

I’m pissed!!! Are you mad yet?

You should be!!!

You will be when it’s one of yours!

Yet another ILLEGAL CRIMINAL INVADER committing a heinous crime!!!

Everyone knows that this has been going on every where, it’s just now that the media is paying attention and starting to report on such incidents.

It’s only because the AMERICAN PEOPLE have spoken and we are tired of our country being invaded.

So much for the fence, a bunch of smoke and mirrors crap.

Let’s get to the good part.

What about those that are already here illegally?

Let’s send them all back and let their country deal with them!!!!

Call me sorry, call me what ever you want.

I’m tired of it!

ORANGE BEACH – An illegal immigrant is behind bars in Baldwin County for allegedly sodomizing a young boy.

Friday afternoon Virgie Stewart still couldn’t figure out why multiple squad cars had surrounded her neighbor’s home the night before. Just across the street from Stewart lives Inigo Varguez Felix, a man she says she doesn’t know very well. “If he spoke I spoke to him if I was going to the mailbox or out in the yard,” said Stewart.

Felix got to know law enforcement officers pretty well Thursday night when he was taken into custody, charged with two counts of sex abuse and three counts of sodomy for sexually abusing a boy under the age of 12. “He was doing different construction type work throughout the area and we knew if we didn’t catch him there would be a good chance that we would get away because he didn’t really have anything to hold him in the area,” said Lt. John Murphy with the Baldwin Co. Sheriff’s Office.

Authorities say Felix is an acquaintance of the family, knowing them through a family friend. He was apparently even trusted with the family’s children until the parents got suspicious. Investigators say Felix has been in the United States illegally for 10 years, spending part of that decade in North Carolina and the rest here in Alabama.

Since authorities say Felix is a Mexican national and an illegal alien there could be possible federal charges coming as well. “You don’t want anyone to do it. If they’re already here illegally it can be additionally frustrating,” said Murphy.

That’s not exactly the answer Virgie Stewart was looking for as to why her neighborhood had so much activity Thursday night. “I don’t like it, that’s for sure,” she said.

Baldwin County investigators say federal authorities have been notified of Felix’s immigration status.

There is also a video at the link above.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.

Mexico is becoming a third world country …..and is coming soon to a neighborhood near you.

28 10 2006

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Vicente Fox is getting out just in time. He leaves office Dec. 1st. …..Lucky for him.

Mexico is an EFFEN MESS

OAXACA, Mexico — Shop owners shuttered their businesses and demonstrators built up street barricades Saturday after President Vicente Fox ordered federal police to intervene in this picturesque city torn by more than five months of protests and violence.

Fox, who leaves office Dec. 1, had refused repeated requests to use force in Oaxaca even as the southern city slid into chaos.

Mexico’s poorest State, Oaxaca has been in rebellion for 5 months and Fox has done nothing. The govenor, Ruiz, has been begging for support to put down a revolt founded by a leftist group APPO (Asamblea Popular de los Pueblos de Oaxaca). Fox has been ignoring the problems there, calling them local and hoping they would go away. Yesterday, an American freelance reporter was killed in the escalating violence.

Mexico seems to be pretty good at ignoring it’s problems. They are counting on them becoming our problems soon.

Who are the people that have shut down an entire state in Mexico? The APPO that’s who.

APPO Describes itself as an umbrella organisation that is made up of labour unions, farmers’ organisations, neighbourhood committees, organisations of indigenous peoples, women’s groups, regional groups, and individuals.
“APPO has a programme of basic assumptions and goals, such as aiming for a real democratic system, and the struggle against capitalism, imperialism and fascism. The fundamental problem is capitalism; it is because of capitalism that Oaxaca has such a tiran as governor, Ulises Ruiz Ortiz. APPO wants democracy, in which everybody can participate. The situation as present is the result of fascism, which shows that the working class is being repressed.”

This is the country that our leaders and American business wants to open our borders to. Are they freakin crazy? The Mexican economy and social structure is the cause of this mess. It’s leaders are to blame. They need America as a dumping ground.

President Calderon said this week building a fence to secure our border Would “Enormously Complicate” relations between the U.S. and Mexico. It’s clear Mexico will fight any meaningful border security that makes them have to deal with their own problems.

How much power the APPO can exert is unknown, but their goals are clear….


The struggle in Oaxaca is a contribution to the global struggle. This is the last
stage of the struggle against capitalism. It is a struggle that
is being carried out in the whole of South America. There are the
struggles in Venezuela and in Cuba, the struggles of our migrant brothers
worldwide, the struggle of the poor and of students in France, and the
struggle for land and freedom in Palestine. It is a global struggle and therefore we have to mobilize globally.

This group openly advocates Drug Legalization and uses illegal immigration as a Threat.

“APPO Laughs at the U.S.A” via the Narco News
“Mexico, unique among American nations, has the power to call Washington’s bluff. The US blusters against Mexico daily, but its threats are hollow. The US armed forces cannot invade Mexico: the turmoil and economic damage that military intervention would cause inside the United States would turn even US citizens against their government. Nor can the US impose an economic blockade or boycott against Mexico: Every time the peso falls in relation to the US dollar, another million Mexicans stream over the border. And immigration, for US politicians, is a far more deadly issue than drugs.”


Political instability and turmoil in Mexico will continue to get worse. The riots and violence are instigated and supported by groups that openly advocate the legalization of drugs, and global revolution. The Mexican Government is doing nothing to resolve the issues that are it’s root causes.


***How long before these “self styled revolutionaries” begin to infiltrate our country to incite the millions of illegal mexicans already here?
***How many of the “hispanic special interest groups” will be ready to help them? (You know the ACLU will.)
***How long before they provide logistics for Islamic terrorists to simply waltz into America past the “lights”, “drones”, and border patrol agents we put in jail for trying to stop them?
***When will we get to the point that Mexico can blackmail us… ” If you don’t open your borders our country will collapse and you will have to deal with millions of desparate refugees on your door step.”

Mexican Leadership considers Americans naive, greedy and stupid…. and they are right. Our leaders and businesses are inviting them here.

Support candidates that will secure our border and will not grant amnesty.


Others who know how to VOTE…..
My Country My View reports on another “guest worker”

This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.

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