Illegal Immigrants ARRESTED at Atlanta Airport!

30 11 2006

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Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport

Feds: 6 [illegal]immigrants arrested at aiport posed no specific security threat

…officials are concerned that the undocumented dry-wall workers from Mexico had badges giving them access to a secure area, including the tarmac…

Feds arrested illegal immigrants at Atlanta airport

…immigration officials say that in 2006, they have arrested 718 individuals on criminal charges in worksite investigations and apprehended another 3,667 illegal workers on immigration violations, more than a three-fold increase over 2005.

T.C. Drywall is the company that employed these people, let’s take a look at where else they’ve been working:

Georgia Tech
Center for Disease Control (both Atlanta and Chamblee locations)
Internal Revenue Service
Property and Procurement Center – U.S. Virgin Islands
Olympic Discovery Theater – 1996 Olympics
Delta Airlines Terminal – Hartsfield Airport
Concourse B – Hartsfield Airport
Hess Oil – U.S. Virgin Islands
An Elementary School
Elizabeth Estates – for the Bahamian Government

And lookee here – this isn’t the first time they’ve had a run-in with the law, either.They were fined December of 2004 for unsafe working conditions.

Does anyone see a problem with undocumented, illegal immigrants working for our Government? We are a nation at war, right? We have a zillion people out there who want to crush America, and meanwhile, we’re letting every Tom, Dick and Pedro that can hang drywall into some of our most secured government buildings!!!

Hello? It was illegal aliens who took control of those planes on 9/11 – does anyone see a problem with them continuing to have access to the flipping TARMAC at one of the world’s busiest airports?

With “240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each…[which include] serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides and child molestations…” (Shurman-Kauflin, 2006)Does anyone get warm-fuzzies knowing that these people are hanging drywall in YOUR CHILD’s ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?




Texas border vulnerable to terrorists

See how Mexico wants to turn the U.S. into Aztlan



CommonSenseAmerica: The American people spoke…

Uncooperative Blogger: Border Patrol agents sentenced

Morning Coffee: Celebrate the signing of the border fence bill

GA Flag

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Marine home on leave murdered by illegal alien drunk driver

30 11 2006

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What makes this murder even worse? This illegal alien was caught driving drunk last February and was released. The police say it’s because they didn’t have the evidence to charge him. I’d say it was due to a police screwup. But, the real reason Cpl Brian Matthews is dead is because the police ignore the status of illegal aliens in regards to criminal activity. Not only do most police departments across the country ignore illegal status but if they know or believe the suspect is illegal they will usually not charge the illegal and release them back into the population. It’s called the double standard. Legal immigrants and citizens would be charged with DUI, might have their car confiscated and license suspended.

From the WaPo: Crash suspect had Feb. charge (notice the WaPo leaves out any reference to illegal alien in it’s headline).

H/T The Stein Report

I wonder how many more citizens need to be murdered by drunk driving illegal aliens before our law enforcement officials and Department of Homeland Security take notice. For those naysayers don’t bother to comment that there are many citizens who drive drunk. This Marine would be alive today if not for illegal alien Eduardo Raul Morales-Soriano!

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H1B Visa holders unhappy about illegal aliens

30 11 2006

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There’s an interesting discussion in the comments at Stein Report over a Washington Post story about a H1B visa holder who has overstayed his visa (which by the way makes him also an illegal) in trying to obtain a Green card and is unhappy with “fence jumpers” (illegal aliens). There’s so many levels of irony here it’s almost humorous. Half of the illegal aliens in this country are those who came here on Visas. There is a problem with H1B Visa holders working for corporations which have contracts with the government violating National Security. Another issue is reciprocity. For example, India will not hire Americans for H1B like Visas. I’m not sure how these aliens with expired H1B Visas are able to get hired by a corporation unless the corporation is knowingly hiring an illegal. A foreign national has to complete an I9 form along with a copy of their Visa on hire.

Some people here are confusing the concepts of “dual intent” and “entitlement.”

For their edification, here’s the difference: when someone applies for and receives H1-B visa permission to work in the United States, this happens with the understanding that it’s a temporary status subject to further applications, including the possible node of travel into the green card status. H1-B visa holders, you understand the concepts of nodes, probabilities and binomial trees, yes? In the structure of the H1-B system, the probability of movement from the node of H1-B term expiration/renewal onto the path of green card status is not, and never was, 100%. Yes?

An entitlement, on the other hand, would presume a 100% probability of earning a green card; if such an entitlement existed and were not granted, Americans might understand the kind of “anger” FAIR cites in the title of this thread. The H1-B was never such an entitlement, however.

What H1-B visa holders DO get as “fruit” of their labor includes pay, benefits and experience. If they’ve saved their money, worked hard and learned, they have much to take home with them when their terms expire. But that’s all they get out of the deal; the same is true for all American citizens who hold jobs in this non-socialist business culture.

Posted by: FCannon on November 29, 2006 03:05 PM

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Temporary Guest Workers?………Sorry, no such thing!

29 11 2006

Cross Posted by stiknstein…has no mercy

Of the many meanderings in and out of the whole question of Illegal Immigration, one question keeps popping up.

What jobs do so called seasonal and temporary workers do ……and What do “TEMPORARY WORKERS” do when the job is over? To consider this question, first you have to know how they get these jobs.
Temporary Workers” come into the country on two types of Visas.

  • One is an H2B visa. This visa is applied for by an employer who must “demonstrate” that there are no available americans to fill the position. It’s available to employers of foreign non skilled workers NOT working in the Agricultural field…….This means, resturants, hotels, lawn care, etc……
    Under current law, we(the U.S.) allows 66,000 of these every year, which is of course a joke…..but, I digress.
  • The other is an H2A visa. It’s applied for by employers in the agricultural field. In other words this is for farm workers. The employer must again demonstrate there are no American workers wanting the jobs.Now both of these types of visas are employer generated. Both are for specific lengths of time. The H2b’s are good for only 10 months, but do allow you to return multiple years. The H2A’s are good for only 364 days, at which time the visa expires and the worker returns to his country.


First, there is no one to tell the legal “temporary” to leave when his visa expires……SO he simply walks out the door and if he (or she) does not return to their country they instantly become an illegal alien.“In fiscal year 2004, the volume of admissions to the United States for temporary workers, trainees and their dependants reached nearly 1.5 million.
In our country today it is estimated that 28% to 50% of the illegal aliens in our country are “OVERSTAYED VISAS.”How can they just stay?

Jane Burbridge, program manager for labor certification with the Kansas Department of Commerce, said the H-2B visa process starts when an employer or his agent/attorney asks the department for the prevailing wage for a particular occupation.
“Ninety-six percent of the jobs that come in are seasonal need,” Burbridge said.
Burbridge said a worker with an H-2B visa has 30 days to leave the United States after the visa expires or after the job is completed and is required to surrender the card at an airport, the Mexico-U.S. border or an immigration center.

“Who checks (to see if that happens)? I have no idea,” Burbridge said.


It seems to me that “TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS” simply evolve into illegal aliens……move on to the next employer that is willing to hire an illegal, and the void is filled with the next batch of “TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS.”

And let’s not forget……We’re not even talking about the million or so that just crash the border.COMING NEXT?……..Is the current process for hiring a temporary worker that difficult?…..I’ll give you a hint…..which is worse…chalk or fingernails screecking on a blackboard….mmmmkay.

Others who know the sound of SCREEEEEEING finger nails:
Take Back Georgia drives it home.
Morning Coffee wonders if Calderon is listening.

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VICTORIES in the Fight Against Illegal Immigration

29 11 2006

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YOU DID IT! Your voices are being heard!! Citizen’s all over America are speaking out against illegal immigration…and IT’S WORKING!


WSBTV received a LARGE RESPONSE regarding illegal aliens obtaining legal car tags in Georgia!

View the good-news on video HERE.

The BEST part, is that Senator Chip Rogers (R-GA) is now proposing new legislation that will close this loop-hole!!!

See what you can do to help this issue in our Action Alert section below.

THANK YOU to all of you who responded. You ARE making a difference!!!

State working to tighten immigration laws

Cobb County to join federal program on [deporting]illegal immigrants

These are small, yet crucial victories. We still have a lot more work to do, so let’s get BUSY!!
** YOUR Tax Dollars at Work…for illegal immigrants**

Gainesville schools to hold meetings on academies

Dr. Shirley Whitaker with the school system says there will be presentations in English and Spanish…The elementary, middle and high school academies teach basic curriculum but other activities and work are skewed towards certain interests

Deadline for requesting tutors is Friday

The children of illegal immigrants are largely to blame for our lack of progress at public schools…

Bush White House Gives Extra Punch To Mexican Navy


Methamphetamine ‘everyone’s problem’

Mothers Against Methamphetamine


Lilburn police kill bank robbery suspect in shootout; another suspect at large

Sgt. Tyler Thomas said police responded to a silent robbery call from El
Banco de Nuestra Comunidad at 7:37 p.m…

Man charged with speeding, racing

[Hispanic]Man attempts to take DVD player

10 men charged in Memphis brothel case


Paul Barnes of Flowery Branch,GA SPEAKS OUT!!

What both sides do not have the intelligence to understand is that all those illegals they give amnesty to will one day come back and bite them, big time. I don’t blame the Mexicans one bit for wanting a better life. But when enough of them invade this country because of the stupidity of our elected officials, they will vote their own folks into office. Hopefully, our idiot politicians and their families will then have to work for them.


Please contact Senator Chip Rogers and thank him for proposing legislation that will prevent illegal immigrants for obtaining legal license plates in Georgia.


My Country, My View: Riverside’s Law is Offical Today

RightTruth: Khalid Al-Masri is coming to America

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Riverside’s law is official today.

28 11 2006

Crossposted by My Country my view

Riverside’s law is official today.

Interesting article from the Philly Burbs.

Talk about overcrowding?


What can I say…… Illegals are good for business?

Yeah and all the other good stuff…

Illegals take the jobs that AMERICANS won’t?

Yeah, yeah!

They are just immigrants looking for a better life?

No! ILLEGAL! is the word!

Wake up AMERICA!!!

What will come of this in the future?

I don’t know I only hope for AMERICA that we grow some COJONES and do something about it!

From Philly

Burlington County Times
RIVERSIDE — The Riverside Illegal Immigration Relief Act officially goes into effect today.

After months of debate, protests, lawsuits and amendments, the revised version of the controversial law became effective after the publication of a legal advertisement today in the Burlington County Times.

The Township Committee voted 3-2 last week to adopt the revised version of the law, which was originally adopted in July and has now been amended twice.

The law makes it illegal for any for-profit or nonprofit business to hire or any landlord to rent housing to illegal immigrants.

Violators will face fines between $1,000 and $2,000, and the loss of business licenses and termination of township contracts or grants.

Adoption of the law came despite a surprising offer by Mayor Charles Hilton to table the ordinance to allow the new committee to decide its future. Hilton and Committeeman James Ott lost their bids for re-election earlier this month, and cast the only votes against adoption of the revised version of the ordinance.

New committee members will take office in January.

“If there’s no commitment to move forward with the ordinance, I figured they should be given the opportunity to decide what they want to do with it,” Hilton said yesterday of the newly elected committee members. “I still believe (in the ordinance). I think it was the right thing to do.”

While the law goes into effect today, it’s unclear when or if the law will be enforced.

Committeeman George Conard, the senior member of the soon-to-be Democratic-controlled committee, said the new committee will have to make some decisions soon.

“We’ll need to sit down after reorganization and meet with our new attorney and figure out what we should do,” Conard said. “We haven’t decided what we’ll do yet, but we’re leaning toward hiring a full-time code enforcement officer to enforce the housing laws and maybe just leave the ordinance on the books and not enforce it unless we have to.”

The local Riverside Coalition of Business Owners and Landlords and the Washington-based National Coa-lition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders have filed lawsuits in state and federal courts respectively. Both coalitions have challenged the constitutionality of Riverside’s law.

Hilton said he hopes whatever the new committee does, it’s effective in resolving the overcrowding problems associated with the influx of between 1,500 and 3,500 illegal immigrants in the town of 8,000 residents. He said something had to be done because the so-called “stacking” in housing units was causing serious safety concerns.

“We needed to take a different approach,” Hilton said of his decision to introduce the ordinance in June.

Resident Marcia Whitworth, who has been a strong proponent of the law, said she’s become “disillusioned,” but still hopes for a resolution to the problems in town soon.

“The Democrats want to use code enforcement. The Republicans want to fine the business owners and landlords. I just want what’s good for our town,” Whitworth said. “The whole thing is getting so twisted and turned around. The federal government needs to wake up. We’re overcrowded. We’ve got illegals and yet the federal government isn’t doing a thing.”


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Khaled al-Masri is coming to America, to be greeted triumphantly by his ACLU law From Debbie @ Right Truth

Visa Fraud on Embassy Row From Bear Creek Ledger

Biden, South Carolina, and Mexico From Morning Coffee


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28 11 2006

Cross Posted by Take Back Georgia


SHOCKING! Channel 2 reveals a loophole that allows illegal aliens to obtain car tags in GEORGIA!

Watch the video HERE

Read more on the Dustin Inman Society blog and take ACTION!!!

Oh boy – look what’s comin’ to town:

Forum to address impact of immigration on the South

Mr. Gonzalez of GALEO is a very busy man…

What I find most interesting, is that this forum is apparently not open to the public, nor do they give information on the venue. Looks like this is a one-sided immigration forum to me…

Democrats get tough? Biden blames illegal immigration on Mexico’s ‘corrupt system’

AP Enterprise: A thin line of defense against exotic animals, parts and meat

…One squeezed 44 Cuban melodious finches into small plastic tubes and taped
them to his legs for a flight into Miami. Another carved large boxes with air
holes into car seats so he could smuggle dozens of colorful Amazon parrots
across the Mexican border to San Diego



Gainesville City Council candidates hope to boost turnout for runoff


Morning Coffee: Biden, South Carolina and Mexico

Bear Creek Ledger: VISA fraud on embassy row

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