Bush…Pelosi…..”A failure to communicate” with Americans on illegal immigration?

9 11 2006

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Those of us who want our Government to secure our borders are feeling a little down today. There’s a new sheriff in town, but he’s wearing thicker sunglasses than the old sheriff.

President Bush tipped his hand yesterday at his press conference. He said all they (homeland security) had to do was “show progress” in securing our border before “we” can discuss the “comprehensive” part of the Immigration plan………………………

Well, that’s really saying I (the decider) will tell you when the problem of illegal immigration has been solved……and then we (the new congress) will procede with our Amnesty plan.

Of course to our Government, there was no “REAL” problem to begin with.
“What we have here……is a failure to communicate……Boy, you just need to git your mind right”……….
Sometime in the next year, the President will stand up with Chertoff and Pelosi, spew out some statistics and declare the borders secure. To them, we just “need to git our minds right.”

Can we believe them?………

Americans have a reason to expect them to lie to us:
@ The Real Ugly AmericanThe problem with the President’s, and the “centrists” in the GOP’s “comprehensive solution” is we have been sold this bill of goods before. Frankly we don’t believe you. Show us you can enforce the existing immigration laws, and seal the border then we can talk about a path to citizenship for the millions of immigrants who are already here illegally. Not before.
@Rhymes With Right
And those of us worried about a repeat of the mistakes made in the 1980s with the Simpson-Mazolli amnesty legislation don’t find the president’s words comforting. If (comprehensive reform) involves legalization/amnesty, we may as well throw open the borders and admit that our nation can and will do nothing to stop the flow of illegal immigrants. And a guest worker program may be exactly that — especially if it contains no effective enforcement provisions to make the “guests” leave.

Congress needs to be made to understand that the failures of past border solutions rest on our unwillingness to truely seal the border AND our unwillingness to penalize the businesses who hire illegal aliens.

We need to target congressmen and senators who are not willing to see this. Do we have friends?

YEP……we do have some friends in congress…………..

Via CNN:

  • San Diego Republican Brian Bilbray’s message of border security first delivered a convincing victory over Democrat Francine Busby, who infamously told an audience of immigrants you don’t need papers for voting.
  • Border security Californians Ed Royce and 2008 presidential candidate Duncan Hunter also won easily.
  • Michael McCaul and Ted Poe from Texas retained their seats.
  • So did Colorado’s Tom Tancredo, and Iowa’s Steve King.
  • Illegal immigration was by far the most important issue to Arizona voters. They passed propositions 100, denying illegal alien felony suspects bail; 102, barring them from collecting punitive damages in civil lawsuits; 103, declaring English Arizona’s official language; and 300, restricting state-funded adult education and child care to citizens and legal residents.
    All received more than 70 percent of the vote.

    Colorado’s referendum disallowing illegal alien wages as a business expense is narrowly ahead. And another measure, ordering the state to sue the federal government to enforce its own immigration laws, easily passed.

    Democrats in close races who took a tough stand on border enforcement include Missouri’s Claire McCaskill and Pennsylvania’s Jason Altmire.

    It’s clear border security hawks still have plenty of political power. Illegal immigration was the number one issue for California voters, and they re-elected pro-border security governor Arnold Schwarzenegger in a landslide.

    Republican strategist Ed Rollins put it succinctly………
    “If the president tries to push through this with Democrat support, he might as well move in Pelosi’s office, the speaker’s office, because he’s going to have no support from Republicans who feel that he basically led them over the cliff yesterday. And he might as well just pack his bags, because the next two years he’ll have no Republican support on any major issues.”

    The House Democrats put out a list of the issues they will tackle first, and the guest worker amnesty plan was not included. I suspect the timing will be crucial. They will have to pretend to “seal the border” for a while, but can’t wait till they get too close to the 2008 elections. Whatever the timing, we can be sure it will be coming up.

    From the Lonewacko

    Of course Mexico has a different read on the Election results:
    “We hope this new make-up of the US Congress can be a catalyst for the US government working toward a migration reform with the characteristics proposed by Mexico,” Fox’s spokesman Ruben Aguilar said……”I hope this also obliges the refocus toward our region, toward our nation,” [Foreign Minister Luis Ernesto Derbez] said.

    Now it is time to press the issue. For Americans, there is no “failure to communicate.” Congress needs to know we will kick them out again if they don’t do the right thing.

    Boss: Sorry, Luke. I’m just doing my job. You gotta appreciate that.
    Luke: Nah – calling it your job don’t make it right, Boss.

    This was a production of The
    Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

    If you would like to
    participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
    me know at what level you would like to participate

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