Yeah….We need a few “Blue Ribbon” panels to “Examine” Immigration

13 11 2006

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Tucson RegionPanel to examine immigration


From the Arizona Daily Star

This Bull Sh*t is part of the problem……and it’s sole purpose is to try to make simple answers complicated. A Blue Ribbon panel of special interests and….oooooo!! “SCHOLARS.” Could they get a group more out of touch with everyday taxpayers?……Should I tell you their conclusions and recommendations now? sheeesh! They are treating us like fools……
Stik expects to have congress do the same thing….

They will eventually appiont a few “bipartisan” committees to study the issues……dunk ‘em in candy apple goop…….then spin their conclusions out like cotton candy so they can seem to come to yummy feel good solutions……(ok…..enough State Fair metaphors)….tho, I suspect it would be easy to work fried dough in somewhere.


The comments on the Article should tell this PANEL what normal Americans think about,as they put it, “volatile Issue.”_____________________________
1. Comment by NightHawk P. (NightHawk) — November 12,2006 @ 12:45AM
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I’ll solve it for you all. Enforce the laws against hiring them, and except for basic humanitarian give them nothing else before they are deported. So what else is to study?

3. Comment by Harry D. (Dog Dude (Blue heeler)) — November 12,2006 @ 4:29AM
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What’s with the dishonest headline Red Star?“Panel to examine immigration”

But that’s not what the story is about.

“Scholars, economists and politicians will be among those examining the complexities of illegal immigration in a local, as well as a global, context”

So why do you lie to and deceive your readers so much Red Star?

Why can’t you and your kind be honest from the start with your readers?

btw, what “complexities of illegal immigration” need studding?

It’s illegal, we have laws to deal with it so enforce the law.

There that’s the “complexities of illegal immigration” laid out for you.
5. Comment by MARTHA H. (#5976) — November 12,2006 @ 6:12AM
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Immigration does not need further study. Potential immigrants need to follow the legally recognized immigration protocals. Illegal immigration is a violation of U.S. law and should be treated as such. Simplified, treat legal immigrants with the respect due them under the law and deport ALL illegal immigrants. End of study.
7. Comment by Hugh J. (#1406) — November 12,2006 @ 6:37AM
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Immigration is the act of complying with the process of a country to become a citizen of that Country.Any other form of entry makes one only a criminal alien.
8. Comment by Paul S. (paulc) — November 12,2006 @ 6:37AM
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Yet another symposiumMore rearranging of deck chairs on the Titanic
11. Comment by Joe N. (Joseph N) — November 12,2006 @ 7:26AM
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Quote: ‘The daylong gathering comes at a time when illegal immigration has risen to the top of the nation’s domestic agenda — and deeply divided the country.’DEEPLY DIVIDED THE COUNTRY? What poll are you reading?
13. Comment by paul c. (AZson) — November 12,2006 @ 7:44AM
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God, I can only imagine what these so called experts are going to come up with. Why is it the more intelligent they think they are, the less commonsense they have?
I can begin with, what part of illegal dont they understand? If they understood this, they wouldnt need to meet.

16. Comment by L C. (#5993) — November 12,2006 @ 8:36AM
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I’d like to know who is going to pay $75 for such an event who is not on a corporate or government P.O. of some sort.I suspect there will be no private citizens, no important independent businesses and a final report with some sort of poltical spin.

18. Comment by Clifford P. (Original Patriot) — November 12,2006 @ 9:30AM
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The only STUDY that needs to be done is to DECIDE which caliber of AMMUNITION SHOULD BE USED TO STOP THESE illegal aliens. I suggest .50 CALIBER FULL METAL JACKETED AMMO used by the best SNIPERS in the military.
20. Comment by Art H. (sandbags) — November 12,2006 @ 10:10AM
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I can begin with, what part of illegal dont they understand? If they understood this, they wouldnt need to meet.”They understand perfectly well, paul. The problem for them is that WE understand as well. The purpose of the meeting is to devise a strategy to confuse enough voters so that they can defeat those of us who are not confused.
36. Comment by Art H. (sandbags) — November 12,2006 @ 2:45PM
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“This is the $64,000.00 question.
“How do you round up 8-10 million illegals””

You don’t, Mark, but that’s not what the amnesty-first folks want you to believe. Make life difficult for them (ie, enforce existing law) and many of them will just go home. Check your history – that’s precisely what happened in the “immigration rush” 100 years ago. As long as we reward people for breaking our laws, it’s only going to get worse.
37. Comment by Richard S. (Harry Red Dog) — November 12,2006 @ 3:13PM
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“The benefits of illegal immigration are mostly economic,” Vernez said Friday. On the negative impact, he included the strain on public education and some health services.
“It’s important to debate illegal immigration until we reach a consensus on what to do, or not to do, about it,” Vernez said.
This is a joke, right
40. Comment by Frances M. (bigtars) — November 12,2006 @ 7:26PM
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Seems to me that the word”illegal”was omitted from the headline.Surely this was an oversite. Someone please call the scholars,economists,and the politicans to warn them that this meeting is about “illegal immigration”,not just immigration.I’m thinking that they may come unprepared.

HEH……………..Boy this was an easy post……..There were more comments….go to the link to read ‘em. I can say not 1 of them was pro illegal alien. Gives me faith in the wisdom of the American people and should tell the folks WE just elected, that most of us understand this “ISSUE” better than they think………..


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