SPINNING LIES……..Immigration spin is approaching CAT 5

14 11 2006

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The Election is over. The spin begins.

Who won and who lost is pretty much in the books. No real Diebold conspiracies, no hanging chads. Nothing can change the outcome.


The why’s and the what does it mean’s are out of the gates like Seattle Slew. Was it the war?….was it the economy?….was it corruption? Powerul forces are hard at work spinning their version of the reasons for the end results. The Catagory 5 of the spin machines is the PRO ILLEGAL IMMIGRATION FORCES.

Political spin usually balances itself out…….each side spinning in the opposite direction. This past week we’re seeing something different……almost like The Perfect Storm of spin.

Spinning out of the Northeast, the liberal Democrats. Spinning down from the Midwest pro business Republicans. Spinning in Washington, the President. Add to the mix, the ACLU, a gaggle of special interest latino organizations, the church, corporate farmers, immigration lawyers…….and last but not least, storming up from south of the border the Mexican Government.

Arrayed against this Katrina of spin?………..The candidates (Democrats and Republicans) taking a tough position on illegal immigration Americans actually elected…..and the propositions taking the same positions that were passed.

America is conservative when it comes to enforcing it’s laws. We (most of us) realise we are a nation of laws not of men. We elected candidates that ran on this premise and passed propositions seeking to do just that.

The Katrina of spin knows this…….they want us to think we lost the battle, American populism won. Americans are fair but firm. This election was a rejection of a minority that is going against the American will

This article in the Maine Free Press spells it out…..Many Americans rejected the “NeoCon” philosophy. They didn’t vote conservative or Liberal……They voted to put the country back on track……………….
Election 2006: NeoCons Hijacked Conservatism
By William H. Calhoun
Nov 13, 2006,

Many neocon propagandists in the media (like Bill Kristol and Linda “Aztlan” Chavez) want to say that anti-immigration was a factor, but this is a complete lie. Every single exit poll shows that Iraq…… was the fundamental issue. The election was a vote against the war in Iraq, not a vote against immigration reduction.

Of all the Republicans who lost seats in this election, only 6.7% of those lost were by members of Rep. Tom Tancredo’s caucus. However, 40.9% of the seats lost were those of pro-amnesty Republicans (whom Americans for Better Immigration gives a grade of ‘C’ or lower on their Immigration Report Cards). In short, only a few anti-immigration Republicans lost, while almost half of the Republicans losing were pro-amnesty.

LET ME REPEAT THAT…….Almost half of the Republicans that lost were PRO-AMNESTY…….
Voters in Arizona and Colorado passed statewide ballot measures to further Attrition through Enforcement by making life more difficult for illegal aliens. Dozens of localities are passing ordinances to do the same. More are beginning to do so.


  • Exit polling failed to show any sign that voters disliked the immigration-reduction positions of the Republicans they were turning out of office. Rather, the polling found they were voting primarily on the basis of scandals and the war.
  • Based on their immigration reduction Grade
    9.6% of Republicans with an A grade lost
    25.0% with an F grade lost
  • Polling of likely voters in Arizona and other battleground states and congressional districts found that large majorities of not only Republicans but of Independents and Democrats in all of them support attrition through enforcement on illegal immigration and reduced legal immigration
  • ….”The crop of House and Senate members-elect includes many Democrats whose positions on immigration hardly differ from the border first Republicans they ousted.”
    The rest of Roy Becks analysis is here…..It provides a powerful reality check to to the perfect storm of spin.

    A lot is said about the Will of the American people. It was made clear in this election. We can not allow our will to be spun into something it is not………

    This was a production of The
    Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).
    If you would like to
    participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
    me know at what level you would like to participate.

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