Mexican Drug Cartel in NE GA & Cherokee Co. Fights BACK!

15 11 2006

Cross Posted by Take Back Georgia

We’re back!


Check out these NEW [illegal] immigration stats for Georgia:

-Hall County’s population grew by more than 23,000 in the past five years,
with Hispanic [illegal] immigration accounting for much of that growth.

-Hispanics now make up 25.2 percent of Hall County’s population…

-Georgia’s population grew by more than 600,000 during the period, with
Hispanic [illegal]immigration…accounting for much of the statewide

-…the study, showing seven percent of the state’s population is
Hispanic, may underestimate the real number by half.

So, what does this mean for Georgia?

  • More traffic
  • Less jobs for low-income, low-skilled Georgians
  • More disease
  • Crowded emergency rooms
  • Crowded Dr.’s offices
  • Increased Medicaid claims
  • Hospital closures
  • Crowded classrooms
  • Poor education
  • Higher taxes
  • More drugs
  • More gangs
  • More crime

The United States of America has immigration laws in place for a reason. If the federal government isn’t going to enforce them; then we have no choice but to take action at the local levels. Our intention is to bring you at least one action item per week that will help fight against illegal immigration.

Please help us protect our children, our cities, our state, our country.

Hispanics driving population growth in Georgia

Georgia’s Hispanic population is less assimilated than those in
other states and that educators may struggle in coming years teaching English to children who didn’t speak it from birth or don’t hear it at home.
According to the report, nearly 470,000 Georgians live in households in which English is spoken “less than very well.”

Hospital closing maternity center; poor women face extra travel
Cherokee Co. considers rent fines for illegal immigrants

Please show your support of the ACCG’s rent fine proposal. This proposal will force property owners to verify the American citizenship of their tenants.

Contact the ACCG here.
Local, federal officers seize $500k in cocaine

Cops make big drug bust-Officials say suspected cocaine worth nearly half million bucks

Victorino Zepeda-Martinez, 32, who lives on Calvary Church Road in
Gainesville, was charged with possession of cocaine with intent to distribute,
trafficking in cocaine and possession of a firearm in commission of a

Juan Macedonio-Salgado, 25, of Calhoun, and Fidel Arevalo-Villa, 27, of La
Vergne, Tenn., both face trafficking charges.

Authorities believe the three men arrested Monday had connections to a
Mexican drug cartel. The Mexican cartels have in recent years dominated the
smuggling of illicit drugs into the United States.

Womanhit by truckon Ga. 316

Twenty-six-year-old Elena Vladmirovna Georgiadis had recently been incarcerated at the Gwinnett County Jail and had been let out sometime that night.

Investigators believe Georgiadis was acitizen of Russia.


Clarksville, Georgia speaks out! America in danger unless citizens step in


RIGHT TRUTH: Can we all be illegal aliens, please?

StiknStein: Republicans caught between ‘immigration policy’ rock and ‘getting elected’ hard place.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.




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