The Amnesty Dream and The Political Wake up Pinch

19 11 2006

Cross Posted by stikNstein… has no mercy

Those responsible for enforcing our immigration laws are guilty of willful criminal neglect and derilection of duty……
If citizens could file criminal charges against our government for refusing to obey the laws of our country….any Asst DA in the country could win the case. Unfortunately all we can do is fire them…..and try to hire somebody who will.

Those responsible for creating an immigration policy that:

  • Secures our borders to protect Americans from the flood of illegal aliens that sneak across it…..
  • Keeps the children of illegal aliens from automatically becoming citizens…..
  • Supplies businesses that need them, a workforce of legal temporary workers…….
  • Punishes businesses that hire illegal aliens…..Are guilty of total failure in their jobs and should be kicked out and replaced with representatives that will.Even the most reasonable boss would have fired them a long while ago.

    Americans, like any boss who has employees who don’t or won’t do the job we hired them to do, are now MADDER than HELL. Pro illegal immigrant forces better get that fact through their thick skulls. Congress will not pass an Amnesty Plan because those who support it will be crucified in 2008 for doing it. The President and the pandering appointees he is choosing  can say and do whatever they want because they are the only policy makers NOT running for re-election. The rest are thinking of their future.

    The San Francisco Chronicle Laments………

    FOR THOSE expecting a quick agreement on immigration reform between President Bush and a Democratic-led Congress — hold your horses.
    Immigration is far from being a done deal on Capitol Hill — despite seeming like a sure thing the day after the Nov. 7 Democratic triumph at the ballot box.

    You can bet on that. Every day, the election spin fades and a more reality based analysis of the results are coming to light. Americans demanded something they haven’t recieved in a while from do nothing Republicans……..Do what WE want!…..Not what your cronies want, not what the resturants and hotels want….and most of all not what the Mexican Government is demanding……You happen to work for us!

    Some Democrats are skittish that Republicans will use immigration reform legislation as part of a counterattack to win back the House and Senate in the next election, two short years away. In addition, not all Democrats — including some of the newly elected lawmakers — support providing a pathway to citizenship for illegal immigrants

    The support for open borders and amnesty is not there in the congress…..because it is not here in the Heartland. This past election showed quite clearly that America is a conservative country. We expect the people we hire to run it to work hard, respect the law, keep us safe, respect OUR wishes……..

    You’ve been dodging your boss for too long… it’s time to do what he says.

    This was a production of The
    Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

    If you would like to
    participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
    me know at what level you would like to participate.

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