Illegal Immigration showdown in Cherokee TODAY!!!

21 11 2006

Cross Posted by Take Back Georgia

Georgia County Considers Fining Landlords Who Rent to Illegal Immigrants

Immigrant right advocates gearing up for Cherokee Co. fight

Here is Cherokee County’s BOC meeting agenda for tomorrow.

We should be able to see or hear it on streaming video here.

Action Alert

Please e-mail the board in support of their new proposal. Say NO to harboring illegal aliens via rental property!!!

Proposed Gainesville Middle School


Hispanic students get direction at GSC

REMEMBER: We would NOT see a raise in taxes if we didn’t have to EDUCATE THE CHILDREN OF ILLEGAL IMMIGRANTS. GET READY TO OPEN YOUR WALLETS – because now we have to build a new middle school to house all of them.

BOE looks at new GMS, expresses concern about TADs

Looks like Gwinnett County Public Schools is having their own drama. Sounds like somebody better open up their books so the taxpayers understand how their money is being spent.



17-year-old shot to death

One arrested following drug probe, chase

Carillo is believed to be in the United States illegally

It’s obvious that the following consumer investigation is supposed to be a, ‘feel sorry for the illegal immigrant’ story, but we need to look at this realistically. If the people weren’t here illegally in the first place, they wouldn’t be getting scammed by an illegal Brazilian immigrant ‘dentist’. Another perfect example of illegal immigration hurting not only America, but the illegal immigrant.


Identity theft – a serious [illegal] immigration issue (Thanks, Texoma!)

One arrested, two sought on drug charges

Day Laborers on Buford Highway, Southern Spaces, Mary Odem, 2001


Hmmm…what does this mean that Amarillo, Texas is reporting on the illegal immigrants working in Georgia? That we aren’t the only ones noticing our illegal immigrant problem!

This blog complains that illegal immigrant workers have no way to work legally in the US. Then tell me…what the heck is THIS?

Illegal Immigrant March


If Canada can say NO to illegal immigrant amnesty – then why can’t the U.S.?

Govs want action on immigration, health care

Oh boy – Vivr Latino puts the 9/11 spin on illegal immigration.

Congress Must Stay Focused on Border Security



CommonSenseAmerica: Dissolving the electorate with Illegal Immigration

Morning Coffee: Lies, damn lies, and immigration statistics

StiknStein: U.S. apologizes to drug smugglers

Georgia Flag

**JOIN US!!**


**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.




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