The Voodo Economics in Illegal immigration

27 11 2006

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Posted in POLITICS, IMMIGRATION on November 27th, 2006

A lot has been said about the economic cost/benefits of illegal immigration. It has been termed a classic case of supply and demand. Apologists find the statistics to support their perspective, but they’re not looking close enough to see the pins sticking in the doll.

An article in the Oregonian makes the claim “The immigration debate must focus on Economics….”

Immigration solution must focus on economy
The changes in the House and Senate permit the nation to clear away emotional, political baggage and start fresh.

That should give you a hint of the gist of the article……

To corner immigration in the global economy is to control a huge strategic asset. What will cushion the United States against the economic repercussions of the steep labor drop-off anticipated in this century is, in fact, immigration. In the future, as the Migration Policy Institute recently reported, “net increases of workers will come from only two sources — older workers and immigrants.”

First, The Migration Policy Institute (used for statistics in this article)doesn’t concern itself too much with people living in a country (that would be the citizens)……only the people coming in……Their perspective is a human rights based one and it is not your rights they are talking about.
Since the driving force behind illegal immigration is clearly economic, let’s look at it from an economic perspective.

Well, cornering immigration in a global economy means one thing. Find the cheapest labor you can. That’s the American way. Most businesses would much rather operate with a thousand employees making $5.15 an hour, than with them making $10 or $15 an hour. Stik doesn’t have an issue with low wage earners, the laws of supply and demand should set the cost of labor. There are a couple of sticky issue though that skew the laws of supply and demand and will ultimately be bad for the economy……… An endless supply of temporary workers will artificially depress wages, and as long as the Mexican economy is a wreck, and our borders are wide open, we have an endless supply of workers.
The other is:

Will these laborers be citizens or “temporary immigrant workers”
All current immigration plans call for them to be “temporary” workers.
The assumption is they will come in, work seasonally, leave and go back to the terrible conditions they came from, and return when they are needed again.


As you will see in the next post…… The theory that there is something such as a temporary worker is fatally flawed……they don’t really exist…..

Would a reasonable conservative would have a problem with an immigration policy that :

  • accepts the premise that no immigration policy will work until we have strict control of our borders……
  • regulates the flow of temporary and seasonal workers in and out of our country…….
  • provides a means for employers to find the labor to run their businesses and compete in a world labor market.
  • Severly punish businesses that continue to provide incentive for illegal immigration by hiring illegal immigrants.
  • And include an intelligent plan for those who wish it, to assimilate and become, after a time, citizens.Let me repeat PREMISE ONE…..none of this is possible without strict control of our borders, and the rub is we’ve never done this…….We’ve never even come close…….Just as the issue most Americans have with politicians is when you put the word “idiot” in front of it……..The issue most Americans have with “immigrants” is when you put the word illegal in front of it.

    Americans just don’t have the faith in their Government to do any of these things, and our elected representatives have only shown they are capable of making a bad system worse…….

    SO…………Seal the border first……and punish the employers that break the law………Americans don’t trust you to do anything till you do that.

    This will alter the economic paradigm…….and go a long way in taking the Voodo out……..

    This was a production of The
    Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

    If you would like to
    participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
    me know at what level you would like to participate.

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