Riverside’s law is official today.

28 11 2006

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Riverside’s law is official today.

Interesting article from the Philly Burbs.

Talk about overcrowding?


What can I say…… Illegals are good for business?

Yeah and all the other good stuff…

Illegals take the jobs that AMERICANS won’t?

Yeah, yeah!

They are just immigrants looking for a better life?

No! ILLEGAL! is the word!

Wake up AMERICA!!!

What will come of this in the future?

I don’t know I only hope for AMERICA that we grow some COJONES and do something about it!

From Philly Burbs.com

Burlington County Times
RIVERSIDE — The Riverside Illegal Immigration Relief Act officially goes into effect today.

After months of debate, protests, lawsuits and amendments, the revised version of the controversial law became effective after the publication of a legal advertisement today in the Burlington County Times.

The Township Committee voted 3-2 last week to adopt the revised version of the law, which was originally adopted in July and has now been amended twice.

The law makes it illegal for any for-profit or nonprofit business to hire or any landlord to rent housing to illegal immigrants.

Violators will face fines between $1,000 and $2,000, and the loss of business licenses and termination of township contracts or grants.

Adoption of the law came despite a surprising offer by Mayor Charles Hilton to table the ordinance to allow the new committee to decide its future. Hilton and Committeeman James Ott lost their bids for re-election earlier this month, and cast the only votes against adoption of the revised version of the ordinance.

New committee members will take office in January.

“If there’s no commitment to move forward with the ordinance, I figured they should be given the opportunity to decide what they want to do with it,” Hilton said yesterday of the newly elected committee members. “I still believe (in the ordinance). I think it was the right thing to do.”

While the law goes into effect today, it’s unclear when or if the law will be enforced.

Committeeman George Conard, the senior member of the soon-to-be Democratic-controlled committee, said the new committee will have to make some decisions soon.

“We’ll need to sit down after reorganization and meet with our new attorney and figure out what we should do,” Conard said. “We haven’t decided what we’ll do yet, but we’re leaning toward hiring a full-time code enforcement officer to enforce the housing laws and maybe just leave the ordinance on the books and not enforce it unless we have to.”

The local Riverside Coalition of Business Owners and Landlords and the Washington-based National Coa-lition of Latino Clergy and Christian Leaders have filed lawsuits in state and federal courts respectively. Both coalitions have challenged the constitutionality of Riverside’s law.

Hilton said he hopes whatever the new committee does, it’s effective in resolving the overcrowding problems associated with the influx of between 1,500 and 3,500 illegal immigrants in the town of 8,000 residents. He said something had to be done because the so-called “stacking” in housing units was causing serious safety concerns.

“We needed to take a different approach,” Hilton said of his decision to introduce the ordinance in June.

Resident Marcia Whitworth, who has been a strong proponent of the law, said she’s become “disillusioned,” but still hopes for a resolution to the problems in town soon.

“The Democrats want to use code enforcement. The Republicans want to fine the business owners and landlords. I just want what’s good for our town,” Whitworth said. “The whole thing is getting so twisted and turned around. The federal government needs to wake up. We’re overcrowded. We’ve got illegals and yet the federal government isn’t doing a thing.”


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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.




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