Temporary Guest Workers?………Sorry, no such thing!

29 11 2006

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Of the many meanderings in and out of the whole question of Illegal Immigration, one question keeps popping up.

What jobs do so called seasonal and temporary workers do ……and What do “TEMPORARY WORKERS” do when the job is over? To consider this question, first you have to know how they get these jobs.
Temporary Workers” come into the country on two types of Visas.

  • One is an H2B visa. This visa is applied for by an employer who must “demonstrate” that there are no available americans to fill the position. It’s available to employers of foreign non skilled workers NOT working in the Agricultural field…….This means, resturants, hotels, lawn care, etc……
    Under current law, we(the U.S.) allows 66,000 of these every year, which is of course a joke…..but, I digress.
  • The other is an H2A visa. It’s applied for by employers in the agricultural field. In other words this is for farm workers. The employer must again demonstrate there are no American workers wanting the jobs.Now both of these types of visas are employer generated. Both are for specific lengths of time. The H2b’s are good for only 10 months, but do allow you to return multiple years. The H2A’s are good for only 364 days, at which time the visa expires and the worker returns to his country.


First, there is no one to tell the legal “temporary” to leave when his visa expires……SO he simply walks out the door and if he (or she) does not return to their country they instantly become an illegal alien.“In fiscal year 2004, the volume of admissions to the United States for temporary workers, trainees and their dependants reached nearly 1.5 million.
In our country today it is estimated that 28% to 50% of the illegal aliens in our country are “OVERSTAYED VISAS.”How can they just stay?

Jane Burbridge, program manager for labor certification with the Kansas Department of Commerce, said the H-2B visa process starts when an employer or his agent/attorney asks the department for the prevailing wage for a particular occupation.
“Ninety-six percent of the jobs that come in are seasonal need,” Burbridge said.
Burbridge said a worker with an H-2B visa has 30 days to leave the United States after the visa expires or after the job is completed and is required to surrender the card at an airport, the Mexico-U.S. border or an immigration center.

“Who checks (to see if that happens)? I have no idea,” Burbridge said.


It seems to me that “TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS” simply evolve into illegal aliens……move on to the next employer that is willing to hire an illegal, and the void is filled with the next batch of “TEMPORARY GUEST WORKERS.”

And let’s not forget……We’re not even talking about the million or so that just crash the border.COMING NEXT?……..Is the current process for hiring a temporary worker that difficult?…..I’ll give you a hint…..which is worse…chalk or fingernails screecking on a blackboard….mmmmkay.

Others who know the sound of SCREEEEEEING finger nails:
Take Back Georgia drives it home.
Morning Coffee wonders if Calderon is listening.

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.




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