H1B Visa holders unhappy about illegal aliens

30 11 2006

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There’s an interesting discussion in the comments at Stein Report over a Washington Post story about a H1B visa holder who has overstayed his visa (which by the way makes him also an illegal) in trying to obtain a Green card and is unhappy with “fence jumpers” (illegal aliens). There’s so many levels of irony here it’s almost humorous. Half of the illegal aliens in this country are those who came here on Visas. There is a problem with H1B Visa holders working for corporations which have contracts with the government violating National Security. Another issue is reciprocity. For example, India will not hire Americans for H1B like Visas. I’m not sure how these aliens with expired H1B Visas are able to get hired by a corporation unless the corporation is knowingly hiring an illegal. A foreign national has to complete an I9 form along with a copy of their Visa on hire.

Some people here are confusing the concepts of “dual intent” and “entitlement.”

For their edification, here’s the difference: when someone applies for and receives H1-B visa permission to work in the United States, this happens with the understanding that it’s a temporary status subject to further applications, including the possible node of travel into the green card status. H1-B visa holders, you understand the concepts of nodes, probabilities and binomial trees, yes? In the structure of the H1-B system, the probability of movement from the node of H1-B term expiration/renewal onto the path of green card status is not, and never was, 100%. Yes?

An entitlement, on the other hand, would presume a 100% probability of earning a green card; if such an entitlement existed and were not granted, Americans might understand the kind of “anger” FAIR cites in the title of this thread. The H1-B was never such an entitlement, however.

What H1-B visa holders DO get as “fruit” of their labor includes pay, benefits and experience. If they’ve saved their money, worked hard and learned, they have much to take home with them when their terms expire. But that’s all they get out of the deal; the same is true for all American citizens who hold jobs in this non-socialist business culture.

Posted by: FCannon on November 29, 2006 03:05 PM

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13 11 2009

The reason is very simple. They reduce their chances of job in foreign countries.

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