Illegal Immigrants ARRESTED at Atlanta Airport!

30 11 2006

Cross posted from Take Back Georgia

Hartsfield-Jackson Int'l Airport

Feds: 6 [illegal]immigrants arrested at aiport posed no specific security threat

…officials are concerned that the undocumented dry-wall workers from Mexico had badges giving them access to a secure area, including the tarmac…

Feds arrested illegal immigrants at Atlanta airport

…immigration officials say that in 2006, they have arrested 718 individuals on criminal charges in worksite investigations and apprehended another 3,667 illegal workers on immigration violations, more than a three-fold increase over 2005.

T.C. Drywall is the company that employed these people, let’s take a look at where else they’ve been working:

Georgia Tech
Center for Disease Control (both Atlanta and Chamblee locations)
Internal Revenue Service
Property and Procurement Center – U.S. Virgin Islands
Olympic Discovery Theater – 1996 Olympics
Delta Airlines Terminal – Hartsfield Airport
Concourse B – Hartsfield Airport
Hess Oil – U.S. Virgin Islands
An Elementary School
Elizabeth Estates – for the Bahamian Government

And lookee here – this isn’t the first time they’ve had a run-in with the law, either.They were fined December of 2004 for unsafe working conditions.

Does anyone see a problem with undocumented, illegal immigrants working for our Government? We are a nation at war, right? We have a zillion people out there who want to crush America, and meanwhile, we’re letting every Tom, Dick and Pedro that can hang drywall into some of our most secured government buildings!!!

Hello? It was illegal aliens who took control of those planes on 9/11 – does anyone see a problem with them continuing to have access to the flipping TARMAC at one of the world’s busiest airports?

With “240,000 illegal immigrant sex offenders in the United States who have had an average of four victims each…[which include] serial rapes, serial murders, sexual homicides and child molestations…” (Shurman-Kauflin, 2006)Does anyone get warm-fuzzies knowing that these people are hanging drywall in YOUR CHILD’s ELEMENTARY SCHOOL?




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See how Mexico wants to turn the U.S. into Aztlan



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2 responses

14 04 2008

Till date nothing happened, I already give more than 10 ten complaint to USCi about my wife Femina Merchant, But nothing happnened.
what is meaning of information about the crime is going on.

1 12 2007
help us

The American Government,

Re :- Fraudutenl conspiracy made by wife and her family.

I am a indian citizen from mumbai, I have to inform you in
the above matter that I am legally wedded husband of Mrs. Femina Barkatali
Merchant and our marriage took place and registered at Mumbai on 27 march 2006,
I got a non-immigration visa on December 2006, with my wife, I went to London,
Canada, and then to
America with my wife for honey-moon on 27th December 2006,
there we stay at my sister-in-law Laila S. Thobani house in Alabama, after a 20
day stay in her place , my sister-in-law started miss-understanding in us, and
started creating problem ,they also hide my passport and ticket ,they also take
out the money from my bags, when my parent call me to talk they make excuse to
them and not giving me the phone,, when I call to my parent told about all this
happening to me, they call and tell them give my son passport and document
otherwise we can call to usa embassy and complaint against you. Then they give
my passport and document, and leave me at Atlanta where I stay for a 2 month ,
I wait for my wife that she come back,but she doesn’t come and I call them 100
of times and email her but no reply, when I call her place, her sister
the call and give me bad words and saying that my wife don’t want to talk and
she doesn’t want to live with you and she told that you call again to our place
we can give false complaint again you and not giving the phone call to my wife,
I my mentally and physically tired and decided to come back to India . My flight
is from New-York, So, I went to New-York there I wait for my wife for a month,
but same thing not response nothing.Then I come back from Usa in may2007, before
my N-94, expire, Your N-94 is expire on 28th June 2007. But my wife is not come
with me, I am calling 100 of times and sending her email but not reply…. when
I call to her, they are saying that she doesn’t want to come back to India, and
she doesn’t want to live with you .I am waiting for her that she come back
within her visa expire but she didn’t.. I am waiting
till date because I love
her but no response from their side.

And now my wife is in-legal living and working there.
And my wife want to married same one else for green card and for paper..
And I also request USA government , That I am not responsible about any kind of
fraud or in-legal activity in present /in future has/will been done my wife or
her family in USA.
I request USA government, I already Complaint/Filed cases for Divorce & fraud
against my wife and her family in Indian Panel Court. Mumbai.
Please help me what I can do…. Please…..stop this type people who used
people life and emotion for their Selfishness.

She and her family used me to reach Usa… All this is pre-plan to reach Usa…

Please help me , I and my family is very much in depression…
help us I request to Usa government… to help me and suggest me … what
to do….

I am giving you all the detail about my wife and her sister.
Date of
Birth:22/12/1980. Mumbai.
Mother Name:-Daulat Sadruddin Thobani.

Name :- LAILA SADRUDDIN THOBANI.(her sister)
Mother Name:-Daulat Sadruddin Thobani.
No:- 1-404-488-8254.

Name:- AKBAR ALI. alias Ali. ( her sister husband,he is from pakistan)
Mobile No:- 1-404-729-9759.
Home add:- 916,N louisiville Ave.
Sylacauga, AL- 35150-2122.USA.
Tel no:- 256-245-4695.

Shop 1 Add :- Pure Food
1194,Talladega Hwy,Sylacauga.AL-35150.

Shop 2. Add :- HOLLEIN
Tel No:- 256-208-0300.

Pls help us.

I also get information that she is now change their add and shifted in Atlanta near North Decature… And she is trying to change her visa status visitor into student /work permit with the help of fake document i.e Education marksheet and other supporting document

Please help me and I am waiting for your positive response. I thankfull to you for giving me your valuabe time to go through your request.

Thanking you ,

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