Who is writing these idiot laws?

4 12 2006

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Two years ago in south Weld County, a traffic accident strikingly similar to the one last week in Idaho Springs, killed six people.The driver was a Coyote speeding through the mountains with a van load of illegal aliens. He lost control, rolled and six of his passengers were killed and five were injured…
He ended up being found guilty and He is still in the federal penal system after being sentenced to 46 months in prison by a U.S. District Court judge in Denver. Now, he is in the federal penitentiary in Yazoo City, Miss., scheduled for release next May.

Last Week the same scenario repeated itself……

Last week, in what police are now calling a “Coyote Run,” four people being smuggled in from Mexico died in a crash in the Colorado mountains.
The driver in the Weld County accident was Francisco Tomas-Andres, then 18 years old, and later identified as an illegal immigrant.
New Colorado laws make it a felony to smuggle or traffic illegal immigrants, which will create a vastly different outcome for the Idaho Springs driver, if he is convicted. He is facing 46 counts of smuggling, careless driving and reckless endangerment, all of which could bring a prison sentence of more than 160 years.

OK……SO FAR SO GOOD……Harsher laws might ….I say might, make Coyotes think twice before smuggling illegals across the border………BUT THERE IS A CATCH……(why is there always a catch?)

It’ll take over a year to bring the gut to trial and the “witnesses” have to be taken care of and kept up with till then…….yep they are the folks sneaking over in the van….the illegal passengers!

Weld District Attorney Ken Buck, who was not in office when the Tomas-Andres probationary sentence was agreed to, said new immigration laws give the prosecutors more power, but they bring a different problem.

“Each of the human smuggling counts and human trafficking counts carries a four-to12-year sentence,” Buck said. “The problem is that we have to keep the witnesses here for a trial that may be a year away. We’d have to secure special visas for them and keep track of their location at all times.”

While the new laws give added punch, Buck said such cases will be difficult.

We pass laws to catch these crooks…..then make it damn near impossible to prosecute them.
Sometimes I wonder who’s dumber them or us…………

This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).
If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.




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