And the pigs are off to the races!!

5 12 2006

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I had heard this mentioned on Limbaugh’s radio program and thought it was hysterical and another prime example of Muslim exceptionalism. 

Here’s the story.  In Katy, TX a group of Muslims bought property in a rural/residential area.  The property is sandwiched between 15 homes and a farm.  The farm/ranch has been a generational home to the Baker family.  Upon purchase of the property Mr. Baker was asked to pack up and leave since he has pigs.  Yes, there are pigs walking along the property line to the mosque.  Mr. Baker not only said that’s crazy but he put up a billboard announcing Friday Pig Races!!

From ABC13:

There’s an awful lot of exciting news when you round the corner on Baker Road. One of two big yellow signs announces a new neighbor is coming soon.

K.I.A., that’s the Katy Islamic Association, plan to build a mosque here.

“It’s not an appropriate place to have a mosque or church,” said resident Barbara Simpson.

It isn’t going over real well.

“As a house of worship, they shouldn’t be disturbing the peace and tranquility of 15 homes,” said resident John Wetmore.

Neighbors tell us they’re concerned about traffic and drainage and a little fear of the unknown. Some of the homeowners even offered to buy the land back for more than a million dollars. The K.I.A. doesn’t seem very interested in the offers.

“We’re not going anywhere,” said Katy Islamic Association member Alvi Muzfar.

So it seems the community at the end of Baker Road has a pretty good fight. But this fight has gone much farther than many between two neighbors. You see in these fights, sometimes neighbors throw mud at one another. In this instance, they’re wallowing in it.

Craig Baker owns pigs. He’s the guy behind the second big yellow sign on Baker Road. That’s the one announcing Friday night pig races.

“What does it matter, I can do whatever I want with my land right,” asked landowner Craig Baker.

Sure can. But aren’t pigs on the property line racing on a Friday night a little offensive to a Muslim neighbor?

“The meat of a pig is prohibited in the religion of Islam,” said Katy Islamic Association member Youssof Allam. “It’s looked upon as a dirty creature.”

Yeah, there’s that and also that Friday night is a Muslim holy day.

“That is definitely a slap in the face,” said Allam..

Now before you go thinking Craig Baker is unfair, or full of hate, or somehow racist, hear him out.

Baker has long roots here. His family named the road and when the new neighbors moved in, he tells us, they asked him to move out.

“Basically that I should package up my family and my business and find a place elsewhere,” said Baker. “That’s ridiculous, they just bought the place one week prior and he’s telling me I should think about leaving.”

That new owners deny they ever said anything like that, but Baker isn’t budging.

Baker admits the pigs are a message he is not leaving.

The 11-acre property is sandwiched between a pricey subdivision and Craig Baker’s business.

K.I.A. eventually plans to build a mosque, a gym and a school there. There’s no date for the groundbreaking ceremonies, or the first pig race.
(Copyright © 2006, KTRK-TV)

**There’s so many issues here.  I don’t blame the neighbors for not wanting a mosque in their residential neighborhood.  Don’t mosques play loud music five times a day calling Muslims to prayer?  Personally, I’d be fighting back on this, who wants to hear this going on all day long?

**Recently arrests were made of 2 Muslim leaders for illegally filing visa documents to obtain religious worker visas.  This is not an isolated incident.  Too many mosques and Islamic organizations have been used to support Islamic extremism and their charities.  Does this make me discriminating, yeah probably.  I’m still not convinced that these mosques don’t harbor and promote Middle Eastern Islamic extremism. 

**Just when is Islam a race?  Being Muslim is not being a RACE!  You cannot be accused of racism if you don’t like Muslims.  What angers me even more on this is that Muslim leaders throw this perjorative around so I figure they think you or I will believe this.  I could say the same thing about Hispanic!  Just what is the Hispanic race?  Huh huh, tell me.  This is all an attempt to extort and guilt us into believing Muslims and Hispanics are victims of white oppression.  B.S.  Hispanic is a culture, not a race.  Muslim is a religion, not a race.  Quit trying to co-opt the race issue.  But both groups are quite competent at skewing issues and lying.  In fact, the religion of Islam is probably one of the most intolerant religions on earth.  Just for that issue alone, I wouldn’t want one of their mosques set next door to me.  Just as I wouldn’t want the Phelps family of Kansas next door to me.

**The arrogance of these Muslims to tell the Baker family to up and move while saying it isn’t right to have pigs next to a mosque.  I hope Mr. Baker has a highly successful Friday night at the races.

This is a sick religion.  I know there could and probably are decent Muslims in our country but their religion is damaged and violent.  I also know the silence of those “decent” Muslims is overwhelming in their decrying of Islamic terrorism around the world and in the U.S.  Anytime another Muslim is arrested on terror involvement the immediate reaction is to blame others for their “racist” actions and the Muslim is just an innocent. 

Coalition against illegal immigation roundup:

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.




2 responses

8 12 2006
Bob Frank

You’re a fucking idiot! Nowhere does it say anything about Baker being forced from his home you moron. That redneck hillbilly got it wrong when he says the KIA asked him to move. That backwards hate monger was asked to get his cows off the property that the KIA rightfully owned! And that typical American didn’t exactly do his homework if he thinks that holding “pig races” on a Friday night is going to offend anyone! You freakin’ idiots make me sick, Coalition Against Illegal Immigration my ass…it’s an excuse for you losers to get together and hate, all while hiding behind your precious constitution and pretending “We’re not racists, we just want to protect our country”. Well guess what…you are racists, and stupid ones at that!

8 12 2006

“This is a sick religion. I know there could and probably are decent Muslims in our country but their religion is damaged and violent.” Please show me where Islam is damaged and violent. Don’t act upon what you just said because of some radical fanatic Osama Bin Laden has said or people like that. There are many peaceful and loving Muslims who are just like any other Americans. Islam is not a Race, it is a Religion. Muslims follow the same faith as Abraham, Jesus, Moses, Isaac, Ishmael, Noah, Job, and all of the prophets of God. So if you cannot justify what you have said, don’t say it, you will be no better than and un-educated idiot American who knows nothing about something they think they know. Oh yeah and if you respond to this, I hope you don’t show me hate rhetoric or rhetoric off of some website that says Islam is a violent religion.


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