Gainesville, GA and Hall County leaders say they won’t ACT

11 12 2006

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Hall, city officials won’t rush to tackle illegal immigration laws

Despite growing pressure from residents , Gainesville and Hall officials unlikely to follow Cherokee’s lead anytime soon



Citizen’s of Hall County – this is a WAKE UP CALL!!!!

My letter to the Gainesville Times, Mayor Hamrick and Hall County Commissioner, Mr. Oliver, went out LAST WEEK:


Please let me start by saying that I am not a writer, a photographer and I do not even have a college degree. I am just your average, everyday citizen who just happens to have lived in Gainesville for the last seven years. I am; however, a concerned, American citizen who feels the need to express my humble, or maybe not so, humble opinion. That being said, I would like to respond to your remarks regarding illegal immigration in the Gainesville Times article posted December 7, 2006.

When I first moved to this city, I did not recognize the illegal immigrant activity going on around me. However, things have changed over the years…drastically so…and in my opinion, it has not been for the better. Let me give you some examples…

• My first inclination of illegal immigrant activity was when my child received a McDonald’s Happy Meal toy that included Spanish-only instructions.
• Then my local car wash facility posted Spanish-only signs, so I could not figure out how to use their equipment.
• Next, I rented a movie from my local movie rental establishment and it was Spanish with English subtitles.
• Then, as I drive down the street, I notice graffiti spray-painted on buildings and fences.
• Eventually, the wait at the Doctors office grew much longer, because now I have to wait for the interpreters to talk to the patients.
• Perhaps the most disturbing trend of all; was enrolling my child into Kindergarten at a Hall County Public School and finding out that he was one of three children who could speak English in his class.

There is more…MUCH more of this activity going on everyday in the City of Gainesville. For our elected officials to turn a blind eye and say that this is merely a Federal problem is extremely disappointing. The Federal Government is not acting, and when they do, it will likely be amnesty.

I ask you this; what will Gainesville be like if we do not put local laws and ordinances in place to combat the drug trafficking, destruction of commercial and residential property, gang activity, language degradation, and general loss of American culture?

How many more car accidents, DUI’s, drive-by shootings, methamphetamine busts, robberies, home-invasions, sexual predators, baby killers and high school gang fights by illegal aliens or the children of illegal aliens do we have to have in this city before we act?

What will happen to our local law enforcement officers, our schoolteachers, our CHILDREN when the Federal Government grants illegal immigrants amnesty and they bring the rest of their families and criminal culture with them to Gainesville to stay?

I want you to take a good, hard look at what is happening to this city. I am enclosing photographs, research, and personal experiences that I have incurred in Gainesville over the last few months. This is just a small sample and if you are interested in seeing more please go to my website:

In closing, I must respectfully disagree with you. This is not just a Federal Government problem, or even a State of Georgia problem. This is a local problem too. Let us act now, before it is too late.

Thank you for your time.


Court rules in favor of immigrant on deportation issue

The Supreme Court on Tuesday increased the chances for some immigrants to remain in the United States if they have been convicted of drug possession under state laws.

Proposal: Make all state forms English-only

English is the official language in Georgia. We feel that it’s important to protect our heritage and history here.
-Rep. Tim Bearden

Marlon Veal from Gainesville, Georgia SPEAKS OUT!!!





Protect Our Border Group is looking for those who have been harmed in ANY WAY by an illegal alien.

If you want your story heard, please contact Steve Hampton at the following e-mail address:

VOTE in the America First Poll

StiknStein: Federal Reserve to provide marketing to illegal aliens

Amboytimes: Cafferty roasts Richardson

RightTruth: Nativism

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.




9 responses

22 09 2009

Well let me tell you a little bit about all the hispanic people who YOU call aliens.
Do you no what it feels like to be dragged out of your home have to leave your friends and all your belongings??
Do you kno what it feels like to be watching your back when you are driving so a cop wont stop you just because of your color??
Would you like your children have to move schools stop seeing their friends and just because of people who simply categorize people because of nationality??
Oh but whe it comes to eating good food or getting somebody to clean you fucking bathroom who does it? the people who you call “aliens” we are people we are HUMANS we eat,breath,work, DO STUFF THAT YOU GRINGOS WOULD NEVER DO!! just because some people is in gangs and do drung yall gonna blame all spanish speaking people?? HELLOU??? havent you seen tha news lately? is not only hispanic there are WHITE,BLACKS,ASIANS THERE ARE ALL RACES AND COLORS IN GANGS NOT ONLY US!!!!!!! you should be ashames of your self all of you who post stuff like this and mentioning god in this omg r yall fucj=king crazy!!! god has nothing to do with all of this is just YOU YOUR SICK MIND AND YOUR STUPID BELIEFS!! IF YOU WANT TO KEEP BRAKING FAMILIES,MAKIN CHILDREN CRY MAKING PEOPLE LOOSE THEIR JOBS GO HEAD I HAD TO LEAVE GAINESVILLE BECAUSE OF PEOPLE LIKE YOU I HAD TO LEAVE MY FRIENDS MY BOYFRIEND BECAUSE OF YOU STUPID PEOPLE!!!! IM ONLY 16 YEARS OLD & I THINK BTTER THAN ALL OF YOU HARD HEADED ADULTS!!! I THINK OF MY FUTURE & THE FUTURE OF MY FAMILY & DONT COMPLAIN ABOUT SPANISH BECAUSE MAYBE JUST MAYBE ME OR MY CHILDREN OR ANY OTHER “ALIEN” MAY BECOME THE PRESIDENT OF THE US AND YALL WOULD BE SORRY OF ALL THE BULLSHIT YALL ARE SAYING!!!!!!!

30 12 2008

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4 09 2008

God has nothing to do with the fact that I no longer feel safe going running on the trails behind my apartment complex, due to very recent gang-related grafitti (CRIPS spraypainted along trailers and fences, shoes hanging over telephone wires, very shady cars creeping up and down the road). God hasn’t been there to protect people in drive-by shootings, or to stop the fact that if I make one wrong turn in downtown Gainesville I’m in the Mexican ghetto, afraid of getting shot at.
God doesn’t give a fuck, clearly, so I’m not sure why Christianity is being brought into this.
I want to feel safe in my own home, and I want to be able to go outside without needing to carry a small knife and pepper spray.
I am aware that I am living in an apartment complex that is mostly populated by my fellow college students, and I am to expect kids just trying to scare some people, I really don’t want to feel like I’m living, and my neighborhood is on a marked trap street.

5 08 2008

you may have your oppion.
i live in hall county as well,i dont see everyday promblems. what i do not get is us bought californa and i tihnk puerto rico aswell. so in those countrys we are deporting hispanics back to mexico when they lived there. so now there coming here. i dont see the promblem in this. and why dont the asins and chinese or russian or german. no its just his panics that you want out. well then you sould move were there not.

31 05 2008

christians are supposed to obey the laws of the land.illegal aliens are not supposed to be in america!!!!we don’t want them here.they are breaking the law!!!

27 04 2008

I totally disagree with the opinion the majority of you. First of all not all Mexicans are doing bad things, it;s just that because of some bad ones, you now think that they are all bad. If you really consider yourself ”CHRISTIAN” let me laugh at you so hard for not knowing we were all made EQUAL by the LORD, may God forgive your sinful thoughts. I am pretty sure some of you have been to Mexico and guess what? They make you feel welcome and dont feel superior eventhough the Mexican country is so beautiful, way more beautiful than the USA even though its my country I have to admit Mexico has its natural beauty while ours is mainly human made all we think about is money, Mexicans dont really care about being rich…

26 04 2008


2 04 2008
Sick and Tired in Georgia

How old is this poster? Not only can you not spell, you can’t even put a sentence together. You must be an Illegal Alien posting for sympathy.

15 01 2008
stacy mills

Sorry but u guys a t0tally wrong…mexicans, illegal people helps us….you guys should be ashamed…are you proud to break families apart….i you really proud of that…first you let them here but n0w u want them out….wow…u are just using them….illlegal immigrants are like paper towels to you…you use them and them throw them away….we all know that california and texas was mexicos…mexico use to own them…i clearly now and you to know that americans got the president of mexico DRUNK and you guys made him signed….mexicans dident want slaves and you did… The only thing they were trying to do was to people not too sufur,and all the illegal immigrants that you have got out,they left from here with pride because they work here to have a better life..they left their sweat here…all their work they did..i hope one day god can do something to you that will really hurt like yor hurting them…everybody is not the same you know….but i dont really wish nothing bad to happen to you because i know alot of people who have sufer…i bet yall that you dont even now what the word sufer means or hard.. you had never sufer like them and am sure…you guys just live the hard jobs to them…all they sufer to come you can destroy this…thats sick….i dont know how can you live with your self…and there not the only ones that are criminals here. AMERICANS to and you know that really clear. I hope you can change your mind. w3 are all humman beens. without illegal immigrants you couldent live. just ask yourself this questions.Who does the hard work? Who sufers more? i dont know how that makes you proud…oo and one more thing dont put does stupid pictures…DONT INSULLT THEM..

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