Religious Visa Fraud

12 12 2006

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From Bill West at the Counterterrorism Blog we learn more about the ineptness and mayhem with religious visas.  Referenced is a story from the Daily Bulletin that should raise the hair on the back of your neck or scare the bejeebers out of you.  Nothing has changed in 5 years.  Nada. Zilch. It’s infuriating.

From Bill:

As cited in the Daily Bulletin report, and also reflected in various Congressional and internal DOJ and DHS studies, the religious worker visa program by any measure is a disaster. Nearly a third of these visa petitions are considered fraudulent. Most of those fraudulent visa petitions involve Muslim aliens from “special interest” countries that send us terrorists (though that fact is likely something that would be difficult to ferret out from PC-minded bureaucrats).

From the Daily Bulletin:

Because religious visa petitioners were not required to provide their dates of birth on their applications, their national security background checks were ineffective, wrote Michael Aytes, USCIS associate director of domestic operations, and Janis Sposato, USCIS associate director of national security and records verification, in the memo.

More than 5,000 people have applied to sponsor foreign applicants, usually religious workers, into the United States since 2001.

“We learned that these (background) checks were not effective without the date of birth of the signatory,” Aytes and Sposato stated in the Sept. 18 memo. “Unfortunately, this information is not captured on the petition.”

Adding to the problem was the discovery this year of fraud by foreign religious worker applicants. Up until last month, immigration benefits were granted to religious workers within a 15-day period if the applicant was sponsored by a religious leader. On Nov. 28, USCIS suspended the 15-day time frame, known as premium processing, after learning of the fraud.

Revisions to be made to the visa process won’t make a difference since USCIS won’t be changing the actual application form which does not ask for a date of birth!  This means no effective means for a successful background check.

How can any American have any level of confidence in our government agencies when there are glaring remedies of such a ridiculous nature not enacted.  Just pathetic. 

There’s a lot of news surrounding illegal aliens recently.  In fact there’s almost an over abundance of news.  It’s good that this is getting out and the people of CAII do an amazing job of accumulating the information.

Here’s also a posting from Minnesota’s Anti-Stib regarding the raid in southern Minnesota’s Swift plant.  Looks like another police department isn’t really interested in enforcing the law.  I love it when Tracy gets his ire up, which happens quite often come to think of it!

OPEN LETTER TO ICE…  from Take Back Georgia 

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BREAKING….I.C.E. Agents raid 6 Swift meat packing plants today from Stiknstien

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Local communities tackling national problems from Morning Coffee

Gainesville, GA and Hall County leaders say they won’t ACT from Take Back Georgia

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.



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