Operation Wagon Train – The Fallout Begins

13 12 2006

Oh, the weeping, wailing and gnashing of teeth is just getting started over the illegal immigration raids yesterday. Some of the reaction :

St. Paul Pioneer Press | 12/13/2006 | Immigration raid roils Worthington:

“On a purely human level, there are hundreds if not thousands of people in Worthington who are just terrified,” said Bruce Nestor, a Minneapolis immigration attorney who drove to Worthington, about 180 miles southwest of the Twin Cities, to represent workers and their families.

Good ! I want every illegal alien to know terror every waking moment of their lives. I want them to be fearful of every person they meet. I want them to be as uncomfortable as possible until they leave this country and return legally.

Mike Potter, president of Local 1161 of the United Food and Commercial Workers, said he was shaken after seeing men crying about suddenly being separated from their families.

“It’s a sad situation. It’s a human rights issue,” Potter said. “I didn’t see it coming.”

Good ! If you didn’t see it coming, then you couldn’t tip people off ahead of time. But for the record, Mr. Potter, this is not a human rights issue. Breaking the law is not a right. The only issue here is one of illegal behavior that runs as deep as identity theft and possibly beyond.

Alondra Espejel, of the St. Paul-based Minnesota Immigration Freedom Network, said she received reports of people going into hiding.

“There are people that will not leave to go to school,’’ she said. “People are hiding in their basements. People are seeking asylum in their churches.”

What wonderful news ! Let them know fear, let them know terror just like every criminal should know terror for breaking the law.

Noted one Swift employee who was detained but later released: “We didn’t hurt anybody. We just work. We’ve been helping the town grow. We pay a lot of taxes. They don’t realize that.”

… and there goes the bullshit flag on the play !

You did hurt people. Maybe you didn’t have a direct hand in identity theft, but I will be you know who did. The ICE is saying there are people who are in very deep doo-doo with the IRS for not paying taxes on wages that it turns out they didn’t earn.

If that money isn’t going to the IRS, then where is it going?

Worthington Mayor Alan Oberloh said he hadn’t been to the plant Tuesday and that the city was not involved.

I am getting pretty damned sick and tired of elected “officials” who will not take a stand for the rule of law. They spend all their time being apologists for illegal aliens instead of doing what is right, and what the law demands.

I find it interesting the same CEO – who less than 24 hours ago was bleating about Swift’s innocence – is now coming out swinging :

In March, federal officials issued subpoenas for 1,500 employment records, and the company cooperated, Swift president and chief executive Sam Rovit said.

“We offered repeatedly to make ourselves available in any way or to manage any criminal behavior and couldn’t get a meeting until September,” Rovit said. “They were absolutely unwilling to help.”

Mr. Rovit, why should they help you at all when they have uncovered illegal activities at your business? Isn’t it your civic duty to help them?

Rovit said investigators told the company that complaints of identity theft filed with the Federal Trade Commission matched up with 170 Swift workers. Yet Tuesday’s raids, he said, disrupted the work of 7,000 employees nationwide.

“If they did know who those 170 were, they could have gone and identified them and taken them away,” Rovit said. “We don’t see why they had to come in to do something that was this highly disruptive.”

The company, he said, has never knowingly hired an illegal immigrant.

And yet illegal aliens were found in your employ, Mr. Rovit. Nothing you say or do will alter that basic fact in evidence.

But the pity-party is just getting started :

“How am I supposed to explain to the children that their dad’s not coming home?” 27-year-old Sara Zarate said, crying as she peered through the gray fence at the factory. Her husband, Candido, is an illegal immigrant from Guatemala whose $12.20-an-hour wage at the plant supports them and their five children.

The four buses, with green stripes on the sides, had just rumbled away. Zarate didn’t know if her husband was on one or where the buses would go.

“Who’s going to help me and my kids on Christmas? They’re expecting their dad on Christmas,” she said.

Maybe – just maybe – you shouldn’t break laws and then law enforcement agents won’t show up at Christmas and arrest you. I am no rocket scientist but I think it can be said there is a strong correlation to be had there.

What a radical concept ! Don’t break laws, and police won’t arrest you. Why, it’s so radical it just might have a shot at working !

And, of course, we have more apologists on parade :

“I’m concerned this will affect how people will view our community – employers as well as people coming here to live,” Mayor Tom Selders said. “I’m concerned that this be done with respect for people’s civil rights.”

For crying out loud ! Breaking the law is not a civil right, people !

Never to be outdone, the Des Moines Register proves that when it comes to pity-party-throwing, they take a back seat to no one :

“There are many children who came home and didn’t have any parents. How will they get along?” asked Marcelo Merida, a meatcutter at Swift whose wife was among those placed on buses and driven to unknown locations.

and :

“Why did they have to do this two weeks before Christmas?” asked Linae Brush, joining a crowd of about 100 employees and family members outside the plant to support her neighbors, who work for Swift. “I think they’re sending a message, a nasty message.”

and, of course, the attempt to shift the focus from the behavior of illegals to “abuse” at the hands of those doing the arresting :

Workers at Marshalltown described the scene Tuesday morning as chaotic. Later, outside the plant, Alisa Rodriguez-Cardenas showed a bruise she said she received when she was hit on the shoulder by a female agent.

“The woman from ICE was yelling. She was very mad,” said Rodriguez-Cardenas, who has worked at the plant since 2002.

“I said, ‘Don’t yell at us,’ and she said, ‘Be quiet,’ and started to hit us, me and two others.”

Right out of the ol’ playbook… Start screaming abuse the first chance you get.

But that was the news story. The Des Moines Register then really cranks it up with an entire article that takes pity party to a whole new level :

Merida has no answers for their two teenage children.

“What a sad day it is. They split up many families,” he said. “There are many children who came home and didn’t have any parents. How will they get along?”

Oh, woe is us !

“I’ve been so proud of our spirit of tolerance and acceptance here,” said Mary Carter, who works at a bakery in town. “We are – or at least we were – becoming so much more united. I just hope it hasn’t all been ruined now.”

Yep… c’mon Mary! You can say it. You know you want to do it… Just call the ICE agents and everyone involved with arresting illegal aliens racists and get over with it already.

Maria Lira, a former Swift worker who became a citizen in 2005, said friends disappeared Tuesday.

“The community is destroyed. Kids are all scared that their parents will be taken away from them,” she said.

“It’s wrong to use false documents, but they’re working to give a better life for their children and a better education. It’s the hardest work you can do, but you do it for your family.”

We’re just breaking the law for the kids, don’tchaknow. But this has got to be the icing on the cake :

He has valid work permits, he said, but his wife was working under another name with a borrowed birth certificate.


One must immediately wonder if the person who rightfully owns the certificate knows of the loan of the document. If not, then I believe the proper terminology to use here would be “stolen”.

How can a reporter possibly write that line with a straight face? It just goes to prove there is no lie the Des Moines Register will not print as long as it supports the pre-determined nature of the story, or supports a Liberal cause. Preferably both.

Which is what they do in the “Key Issue” talking points immediately after the pity-party. The Des Moines Register points out US citizens are doing the selling of the faked or stolen documents. True enough, but the raid was looking for the illegal aliens who are doing the BUYING. Yes, we should deal harshly with those doing the selling, but that was not the point of this raid.

And they also want you to believe these poor, defenseless waifs are just stealing to make a living. They cite nameless “immigration attorneys” who want you to believe the stolen, forged, or otherwise illegal documents being used by illegal immigrants are primarily used to get a job, not steal someone’s identity.

So I should take pity on criminals using stolen, forged, or illegally obtained documents to get a job they shouldn’t have in the first place?

Yeah… allrighty then… let me get right to work on that.

UPDATE : Is Swift lying about knowledge of hiring illegal aliens? It appears so if one looks at this story :

Immigration officials last month informed Swift that it would remove unauthorized workers on Dec. 4, but Swift asked a federal judge to prevent agents from conducting the raid, arguing it would cause “substantial and irreparable injury” to its business.

Swift estimated that a raid would remove up to 40 percent of its 13,000 workers. After a closed hearing, a judge on Thursday rejected Swift’s request, clearing the way for the raids.

So if Swift never knowingly hired an illegal alien, how could the number they quoted – 40% of the workforce – be accurate? It would be if they knew they were hiring illegals and were tracking them. The only other possibility we are left with is the lawyers pulled the number out of their collective asses, which would mean they perpetrated a fraud on the court by giving testimony they knew to be false in a court of law.

I don’t think even Swift’s lawyers would be that fool-hardy.

So the reality we are left with is that Swift, in fact, knew they were hiring illegals and didn’t care they were helping others break the law. In that case I believe the punishment I advocate should be codified and meted out after conviction : seize every scrap of wealth from everyone in management of Swift.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.**




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