Operation Wagon Train – More Fallout

14 12 2006

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As I thought, the fallout from enforcing the laws of America continues. The Des Moines Register in particular is laying it on thicker than ice at the South pole.

Raids Could Disrupt Cattle Markets

Raids in Six States Could be Largest Ever

Mass for Lady of Guadalupe feast turns somber

Dropouts concern Marshalltown school officials

Ninety arrested in Marshalltown raids

ID theft probe began in Marshalltown

But the one that really got to me, the one that really, really pissed me off was this one :

Raid was 9/11 moment, say Marshalltown’s Mexican teens

“When 9/11 came along, everyone remembered it,” said Isis Diaz, 14, and a freshman. “I think everyone will remember this.”

I know she is 14, but even for 14 this is a remarkably dumb thing to say. Anyone you “lost” you only “lost” to deportation, not death. There was no harm done to you, or any member of your family that you did not bring down upon your own head, Isis.

YOUR family chose to break the law.

YOUR friends chose to break the law.

THEY chose to not do the right thing.

Nobody put a gun to their heads and made them do anything. They made the choice of their own free will to illegally enter this country. The people who died on 9/11 had their fates chosen for them. The victims of 9/11 were not loaded onto a bus, arrested and deported – they were forced into the grave.

There is a very big difference.

Diaz said many students left school early yesterday to gather documentation for parents who were detained.

Diaz said many people she knows have already left the state, on their way back to Mexico.

“A whole bunch of kids didn’t come to school today,” she said.

That’s the best news I have heard all day, Isis.

Aaron Murillo, 15, said he knows more than 20 people affected by the arrests Tuesday. His uncle was hiding from federal authorities at Swift yesterday, and wasn’t caught, he said.

Note to the authorities : the last I checked there were consequences for harboring a fugitive. Go arrest this boy and find out where the fugitive is hiding.

Rafael Ramirez, 17, said he was most worried about young children, with both parents arrested.

He said he hoped they could stay in the United States, where the quality of education was better, and going to school is required.

“I don’t know what they are going to do in Mexico,” he said. “They don’t have the same chances.”

Well, duh ! If they want the same chances in Mexico then why don’t they roll up their sleeves and WORK to change things. This is what I don’t understand about what we are being sold about the Latino “work ethic”. They will do jobs that supposedly no American will do, for less money than they should get, but cleaning up their own country is too much work for them.

I just don’t get it.

The mentality it takes to be comfortable living in a cesspool is beyond my comprehension. Rather than work to improve what they already have, the illegal immigrant just moves here and takes that for which we have already worked. That isn’t industry, that is pure laziness.

Paranoia swept through families as well, Diaz said.

“My mom wouldn’t let us go outside, because she thinks something is going to happen to us,” she said, shortly before leaving the school parking lot and walking into the school.

Well, if she isn’t here illegally then what does she have to fear? Note to ICE : It looks like another sweep of Marshalltown may be called for.

According to media sources (like this one) 1,217 illegals were arrested at Swift plants, despite the CEO of Swift being adamant they had never “knowingly” hired an illegal alien.


Further, 65 people were arrested for other criminal charges. But here is what should make your blood run cold :

The arrested workers were from Mexico, Guatemala, Honduras, El Salvador, Peru, Laos, Sudan, Ethiopia and other countries.

The last I checked the CIA World Factbook, Sudan (70% Sunni Muslim) and Ethiopia (45-50% Muslim) both had significant Muslim populations within their borders.

Can someone remind me again who we are fighting in the War on Terror?

Now would someone like to explain to me how two or more people from Muslim countries came to be working illegally in the USA and NOBODY raised a red flag ?!

Now we have proof there are significant numbers of illegals in Marshalltown, Iowa and what is the only thing of which people can think? If you guessed “money”, then you win the no-prize!

The district has relied on Hispanic students as the base for their increases in enrollment. Hispanic students have increased by 100 to 150 a year, while Caucasian students have seen similar declines. The district has a total of about 5,000 students.

By the end of the day Tuesday, signs began to show of a dwindling student population. By the end of the day, 25 percent of the 1572 students who attend the high school were reported absent, district officials said.

“It’s quite possible this action could have a long-term effect on enrollment,” Kremer said. “Our Hispanic population is important not only to the life of the schools, but the life of the community.”

Marshalltown Associate Superintendent Patrick Kremer, exactly how dense are you? If we kick the illegals out, then wages will have to rise. When wages rise, people will move into Marshalltown to have those jobs. You know who those people are, Mr. Kremer ? Americans. Iowans. Depending on law breakers to fulfill your dreams is a false hope.

But now comes word that perhaps Swift wasn’t as innocent as they have been claiming. Remember how I said I thought they were protesting too much ? Well, read on McDuff :

Federal immigration officials on Wednesday claimed that Swift & Co. allowed hundreds of illegal employees to avoid deportation by firing them before Tuesday’s massive raid.

But Swift disagreed, saying immigration officials gave permission to the meatpacking company to question employees, some of whom then quit when confronted about their documentation.

And now that the heat is off, guess who is going to show back up to work?

But Swift executives said the workers – all of whom worked in the Marshalltown, Iowa, pork plant – quit as soon as the company began questioning them about their status.

Company officials said they talked to workers whom they believed immigration agents found suspicious.

“We started interviewing people and said, ‘Are you really who you say you are?’ ” said Don Wiseman, general counsel at Swift.

Riiiiiiiiight. Just before the Feds raid the joint. Sheer co-incidence, right Mr. Wiseman?

What idiot wouldn’t think the first thing an illegal is going to is rabbit once they find out questions are being raised ? Actually, that would be an idiot with a large amount of money they stand to lose. That would be Swift. And they wouldn’t want to be shut down, as they suspected they would be in the aftermath of the raids. Remember, they pegged the number at 40% of the workforce in their employ.

Now we know how they arrived at 40%.

They knew this raid was going to hurt them. Bad. So they tipped off a convenient number of the illegal aliens ahead of time. A number that would let them get up and going as rapidly as possible in the aftermath of the raid. Swift stood to lose millions if they were shut down, and this little oopsie! allowed them to minimize the damage. Not only that, it also bought them what all their money could not win them in a court of law against a determined government intent on prosecuting the malfeasance.

That would be plausible deniability.

Well, golly gee willikers, Mr. ICE agent… I just asked a question and the next thing I know, Shazam! That person just up and quit on me and disappeared to never be seen again. Do you mean I might have done something wrong ? Well, shucks, all I did was ask a question, Mr. ICE agent, sir.

And there is a bit of incompetence on behalf of ICE here as well, and Swift is exploiting that as well :

Greeley-based Swift said Myers and her agency gave the company the go-ahead to question workers’ documentation, even following up with a letter confirming that the company could take its own action if it determined it had unauthorized workers in its plants.“I feel compelled to write you to clarify a point,” ICE Investigations Director Marcy Forman wrote to company attorneys in an October letter supplied by Swift. “At no time has anyone from ICE told any Swift official that they cannot take action against employees who Swift determines, on its own, are unauthorized.”

And they are absolutely right, they couldn’t stop Swift from doing whatever they wanted. It’s their business. However, I submit by not explicitly telling Swift they couldn’t take any action while an investigation was underway, they unintentionally handed Swift the plausible deniability they needed. ICE, meet the law of unintended consequences.

Which gets us to the point there are more than 400 illegal aliens who escaped the trap yesterday. And they are all from Marshalltown, Iowa. Still, I have to wonder if someone from ICE needs to have a picture drawn for them to understand they need to show back up again, and again, and again until all the illegals are rounded up in Marshalltown, as well as all the Swift plants.

Let’s hope this is the beginning of that process.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.**




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