Give me your name, your social security number and your identity…but think of my kids…..

15 12 2006

Cross Posted by   stikNstein…has no mercy

If you’re an illegal alien…..Walk into any Food Lion…..head for the Hispanic food isle and pick up a 3 PAK…A Social Security Card….A Drivers License…..and A Permanent residence Card…….Cost? Around $160.00
Sure it adds a bit to your grocery tab but who cares…..You just became a legal citizen.Now all you have to do is head over to the local Swift Meat Processing Plant and you’re in like flint. Welcome to America Mr.(Insert your stolen Identity here)………


Soon as the raid at the swift plant was announced, the first few thoughts that popped into my mind were…..
How long will it take the sympathetic media to find some kids to interview…..and How quick will the Lawyers jump in……
HEH……oh…. about 1 hour.
Will the media cover the victims? NAH….The people who’s finances are wrecked, identities and social security numbers stolen……well…. nada, nil, zip, zero…….still waiting……waiting…..WAITING…..
These Americans don’t make nearly as good copy as the poor waifs who’s felon parents didn’t pick them up after school.

Do I seem heartless?…, I’m furious……at the parents…..and the media for so obviously spinning a story about criminals INVADING OUR COUNTRY into a heart tugging puff piece.

The Desmoines Register:
Father Jim Miller, who has been priest at St. Mary’s for a year and a half, said the virgin of Guadalupe was always for poor people.
“She is with us today, and would be crying today,” he told the congregation in Spanish.
Miller said he had gotten calls from Anglos asking if they could help Latino families split by the detentions.

Families split up……CHECK
Crying Saint…….CHECK

The Demoines Register
“There’s a lot of concerns about this,” Kremer said. “We know there is a possibility some students who left yesterday who may never be back. We’re invested in these children.”
High school students interviewed this morning said they knew of many Hispanic students who were leaving with their families to go back to Mexico.Paranoia swept through families as well, Diaz said.
“My mom wouldn’t let us go outside, because she thinks something is going to happen to us,” she said, shortly before leaving the school parking lot and walking into the school.

Terrified Families……CHECK
Child Fearing for her safety…….CHECK

“Why did they have to do this two weeks before Christmas?” asked Linae Brush, joining a crowd of about 100 employees and family members outside the plant to support her neighbors, who work for Swift. “I think they’re sending a message, a nasty message.”

Being Nasty……CHECK
Ruining Christmas…..CHECK

St Pauls Pioneer Press
“They are taking mothers and fathers, and we’re really concerned about the children,” said the Rev. Clarence Sandoval of St. Thomas Aquinas Roman Catholic Church in Logan, Utah. “I’m getting calls from mothers saying they don’t know where their husband was taken.”

Disappearing Parents……CHECK
Panicked Mothers…….CHECK

“That’s what we’re all worried about is the kids, because they’re going to, they said, to schools, houses. They already pulled over a friend over by Hy-Vee and stopped them and asked them if they were illegal,” Eulalia Salazar said, whose family works at the plant.

Being hunted down……CHECK
Worried about the Kids…..CHECK


The Denver Post:
Reality hit hard for the first detainees moving into courts.
In the Weld County courtroom, tears trickled down Karina Bartolo’s face as she spotted her father Cirilo Bartolo in the crowd.
He’d heard from her once after she was arrested Tuesday during work at the meat plant. She’d said she was surrounded by mothers crying for their kids. “Maria of Guadalupe told us that she came to hear and remedy all of our sorrows. I ask her today to intercede for all our immigrant families, especially those that have been broken apart by these events.”


Tears Trickling….CHECK
Broken Families….CHECK
oh yeah….Sorrowful Saint…..CHECK


The San Antonio Express:
CHICAGO — When first awakened by his mother to get ready for school, the young boy grumbled but then offered a sly smile and began rolling under the covers with his puppy, Daisy.
After sipping some juice, a still-sleepy Saúl Arellano, 7, kissed his mom, Elvira, on the cheek and waved goodbye to Daisy.

Loving mother……CHECK
sleepy little boy…..CHECK
Puppy……..CHECK (actually a puppy gets you bonus points)

Remember these are not the Op-Ed pages…..These are news stories. While some do contain actual facts, all of them work hard to add the “MIGRANT” human interest SPIN.
Leaving out Americans who are the victims is the “ommitted” part of the spin.

HEY……I have an Idea……Maybe we should all get a puppy.


Others thinking about getting a puppy……
InMuscatine wants to borrow one…
Common Sense America is thinking Jack Russel Terrorist….
My Country My View….is ready for a Rotweiler.

This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.




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