REAL CLEAR POLITICS ……..misses the mark….Illegal Immigrants are not Scapegoats

20 12 2006

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In a recent article at Real Clear Politics, Mary Eberstadt seemed to shrug off the issue of illegal immigration as one of the “scapegoats” in American politics today. She infers the “REALITY” of the illegal immigration issue is not much more than “a few grape-picking, toilet-cleaning Mexicans whose idea of Wal-Mart is a gift card rather than a car bomb.”
Ms. Eberstadt seems to think that the only “real” threats are confined to folks who vow to kill us with a bomb or destroy our way of life through an Al Jazerra video, rather than the ones who are actually doing it every day.
She claims we are somehow transferring our angst to those “working-class, poor, Spanish-speaking, largely Christian migrants from Mexico and other points south who break U.S. immigration laws by crossing the border in search of work.”
1) Working class…..CHECK
2) Poor……………..CHECK
3) Christian………..CHECK
4) Migrants………..CHECK
What’s not to love about these folks?……c’mon…..

“One result of that transposition, the record shows, has been the creation of a world of political scapegoats for the unease and anxiety that are the unwanted companions now of Westerners everywhere. These scapegoats, perverse non-explanations for what really ails us, can be identified by features common to the breed everywhere…..

Millions of aliens from another country who break our laws, take our jobs, lower our wages, bring drugs to our kids, kill thousands of us every year……are a “non-explanation of what really ails us”?

She justifies her “they are just a scapegoat” argument with:

“…….in addition to fulfilling the first condition of scapegoating — insisting that one has found the threat to our civilization — the effort to put illegals at the red-hot center of what ails us also fulfulls condition two: explaining too much (or trying to). Like a lawyer with too many arguments, the anti-immigration troops inadvertently undermine their own credibility with the sheer multiplicity of complaints, thus inviting the question of what is really going on in this furor.”

There are a multiciplicity of complaints…..this is not a case of protesting too much……there’s a lot to protest.

I agree with her understanding that the threat of Global Radical Islamism is our (and the worlds) greatest threat. But to lump the threat to our nation from the effects of wide open borders (both North and south) in with “the Bush haters”, and “the Christian Right” implies a simplistic understanding of the impact this issue has on millions of Americans every single day……..

For her edification, she might consider:

The billions of dollars worth of heroin, meth, cocaine that pour into our country through our border to the south and the hundreds of thousands of lives those drugs destroy and yes KILL every year…..

The cultural impact of our Government inviting people of another nation by the millions into our country who are not interested in becoming a part of our Nation….and the cost to Americans in taxes, services and infrastructure.

The impact of the 40 thousand or so Americans Killed in car accidents every year by people who have crossed our border illegally…can’t read road signs or speak our language.

AND FINALLY….. The total disregard our Government has for the laws we have, to protect the soverignty, regulate and control our borders, and protect our citizens lives and property from those who feel they can cross our borders at will. This degrades and demeans our faith in our elected officials as well as our governments will to meaningfully protect us.

SORRY…..this is not “overblown nor is it a cleverly manufactured smokescreen dreamed up to find something to blame our problems on…….it is very real to those of us who have to deal with it’s consequences every day.

On Sept 11th millitant Islamists killed 2996 of us. That they continue to threaten our way of life is very real.


Right Now, the sorrow, the destroyed lives, the deaths, and disregard for the law that result from our governments policies regarding these “grape pickers and toilet cleaners” are an immediate daily threat that is just as real……..and should be considered as much.
This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.



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