Hilton Head Passes ordinance….” We’re Leveling the playing field”

2 01 2007

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A new year will not change the fact that everyday Americans are getting fed up. Non compliance with immigration laws is making criminals out of everyday citizens…..HOW?…..Small businesses across the country are being faced with a dilemma…….Break the law and hire illegal immigrants, or be put out of business by your competetors who do……


Though two controversial parts were dropped, the Hilton Head City council passed an ordinance allowing the county to take away a company’s license if it’s found to knowingly employ illegal immigrants.

On a 9-0 vote, council approved the “lawful employment ordinance.” The ordinance allows the county to audit businesses operating in unincorporated Beaufort County to ensure all their employment verification documents are legitimate.

The ordinance was first proposed by councilwoman Starletta Hairston in mid-September. It was designed to punish businesses that employ illegal immigrants and landlords who rent to them. It was shaped around a proposal adopted by the city of Hazelton, Pa. That community was sued by civil rights and Hispanic groups who said the law was unconstitutional and contended enforcing immigration laws is a federal responsibility.

Hairston has said part of her interest in the issue comes from her husband’s stucco business struggling over the past few years because of an influx of undocumented workers.

Dropped were two proposals…..One that allowed residents to report suspected violations, and one that required businesses to use the Governments data base to verify employee documents. Of course Swift used this same program and demonstrated what a joke it is.

Of course, local illegal immigrant apologists claimed the ordinance was racist and descriminatory.

Hilton Head Island resident Chris Gomez held up a sign Wednesday found posted along S.C. 170. It read: “Reward, report illegal aliens or untaxed labor” and included two toll-free numbers labeled as the Internal Revenue Service. He expects to see more of such signs cropping up now that the ordinance is in place.

“In Beaufort County, if you’re Hispanic or look Hispanic you can expect to be treated differently,” he said.

NO…..If you’re illegally in our country you can expect to be treated differently…..

Supporters, however, thanked council for their leadership and applauded loudly once the final vote was cast.

“This is a good start at getting our society better,” said Beaufort resident Donald Starkey.

This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.




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8 11 2012
Legal immigration is ok

completel underestimated. In my community alone their are wel over 5000 illegal immigrants living with all their anchor babies. Its like it doesnt even matter, they get deported in five weeks they are back…Trafficing everything threw our neighborhoods and have weaved pathways threw the woods so to be undeteced stealing and looting. It’s really something watching the bus leave in the morning, all the kids and no parents to be seen. and they are all nit together by cell phone someones always watching and texting or calling…

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