Barney Frank’s Grand Plan – Threats and Ultimatums

4 01 2007

Cross posted from   Liberally Conservative

Representative Barney Frank (D-MA) has a grand plan of “compromise” which smells more like left-wing stench and big government. Part of Mr. Frank’s grandiose initiative is the following:

  • Aid unionization
  • Expand health-care coverage (known as Universal Health Care)
  • Giving business concessions on immigration, trade and investment.

“Either people will join with us in solving the health-care problem, getting a humane immigration policy, good rules that welcome responsible foreign investment, going forward with trade with reasonable…environmental and labor standards, allowing people to join a union, and we will then be able to go forward in a pro-growth way, engage with the rest of the world, implement productivity-enhancing technology.”

The highlighted portions of Frank’s quote are pro-growth for business regulation with an implied threat attached. Liberals think they should get involved to “expand” and implement technology. How does Frank propose implementing technology? Does he intend to regulate Silicon Valley?

Frank provides more leftist bluster towards conservatives claiming the right can,

“continue…union busting” and leave a growing number of people without health care. “Then people should not be surprised when there is no renewal of trading authority, if you have resistance to sensible immigration policy. That’s the choice that has to be made.”

The Wall Street Journal points out Mr. Frank wants to pass a bill allowing unions to organize workplaces when a majority of employees sign cards indicating their interest in a union. That would strip employers of the ability to call in federal regulators to oversee a secret ballot. The bill will speed unionization efforts and is a huge priority for labor groups, but it falls outside Mr. Frank’s authority.

Combined with a “relaxed” immigration policy we presume unions may grow exponentially, further threatening the potential growth of small business and placing a burden on consumers.

Frank’s real effort is to offer a bitter pill to business so offering any reasonable compromise to the business community wouldn’t become a reality. Note that so far Frank has offered threats without solutions and never spelling out his offer to business.

On the immigration front Frank is all for amnesty, growing our population with law breakers and setting them up to join unions, increase wages and receive free health care. There is no “compromise” as Frank uses sticks without showing the carrots in an effort to soften the blow of government intervention and regulation of the marketplace.

Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.




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