Some Believe Crime Should Pay – For Life

4 01 2007

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From USA Today:

WASHINGTON — A confidential 2004 agreement between the United States and Mexico could require Social Security to pay billions of dollars in benefits to Mexicans who paid payroll taxes in this country, according to a senior citizens’ group that forced the document’s disclosure.

The Social Security Administration insists that the agreement — which has yet to be signed by President Bush and sent to Congress for consideration — would cost the retirement and disability fund a relatively scant $105 million annually for the first five years.

But the TREA Senior Citizens League, an offshoot from a group of retired military personnel, and some members of Congress contend the agreement opens the door to paying benefits to millions of Mexicans who have worked illegally in the United States, as well as their dependents, even if they now reside in Mexico.

Government sued

After government officials refused for more than three years to release the document, the seniors advocacy group obtained it by suing the Bush administration. TREA embargoed the text for release today.

Illegal immigrants aren’t eligible for Social Security. But their work history in the United States would count toward eligibility for benefits if they eventually obtain legal residence. Congress is expected to consider this year a bill giving most illegal immigrants a chance to qualify for citizenship, and President Bush backs the general concept.

“We could have billions, maybe tens of billions, being paid out to people who have been here illegally,” said TREA Senior Citizens League spokesman Brad Phillips. “And we don’t know where that money is coming from. And we don’t know how much money we’re talking about because the Social Security Administration isn’t telling us.”

One of the biggest divides in the illegal immigration debate is whether or not to freely gift U.S. citizenship and benefits to over 12 million illegal aliens already in this nation – and to all of their family members.

But, did all of these people really come to America to become citizens? Or did they come merely to earn a better living and then return home?

We hear from one side of the debate that these people are just here to work and they should be treated with dignity and respect. That’s fine with me, if they first respected our laws and our nation by coming here legally. But, out of the same mouths, we also hear that we should allow millions of illegal aliens to become citizens and thus have access to all of our Federal, State, and local benefits.

And over the past year we’ve seen the “temporary guest worker program” morph into “amnesty and lifetime benefits for all”.

If the majority of these people simply come here to work, to send money back home, and to retire in the country of their origin, why is our Senate hell-bent on handing them guaranteed lifetime benefits?

The average wage in Mexico is approximately $70 to $100 per week. Our Social Security benefits are near $1,000 per month for even a modest workers income. So, these workers could retire quite nicely in Mexico courtesy of America. They will be able to live better than American citizens who live on Social Security in this country. Nice of us, huh?

The way I see it is that an illegal alien, who had no intention of ever becoming an American citizen, but wanted to work here for a time and then go home, would be an absolute fool to pass up this offer. Heck, anyone in the world would be an absolute fool not to sneak in and reap the largesse of the American government. Illegal immigration has now become equal to winning the lottery – you can be ’set for life’.

And don’t think that the Mexican government hasn’t been pushing this one, folks.

The Washington Post reported last May:

SALT LAKE CITY, May 24 — Adding a voice from south of the border to the national debate on immigration, Mexican President Vicente Fox is barnstorming the western United States this week, arguing against fencing off the U.S.-Mexico border and asking Americans for “decent treatment of our people.”

But the Mexican leader’s most rapturous reception in Utah came in meetings with immigrants from Mexico and other Latin countries. Each time he met with groups of his countrymen, Fox told them that their long-term ties to Mexico will continue while they live and work in the United States.

“Even though you are far from Mexico, you are an integral part of Mexico,” Fox said at the rally here on Tuesday. “Over there, we wait for you with open arms.”

There are a couple of fantastic benefits to the Mexican government in this bogus earned-citizenship-collect-for-life-amnesty-program.

First, of course, is the fact that Mexico now depends on the monies sent home by its citizens as their remittances have become one of the nations largest source of income.

Second, Mexico allows its citizens to obtain dual citizenship and calls on their citizens to vote in the interest of Mexico at the polls in America.

Third, Mexico will welcome home, “with open arms” all of its citizens who wish to bring their Social Security payments from America home with them.

Yes, this is great news and offers fantastic economic and political perks for Mexico and its citizens.

Would someone please remind our Senators that they were elected to protect the economic and political needs of America and American citizens?

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate.**

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One response

10 01 2007
Garland Budd

I’ve been following the Illegal immigration problem for thirty years. The lies told on both the left and the right on this subject, demonstrates how low our country has fallen. The left is a feel good society that wants to expand social services. The right wants cheaper labor. Both groups are undermining the middle class. The Congress finally got it right last year when they voted to send illegal immigrants back across the border before any talk of a guest worker program could begin with a lot tighter controls.

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