Officer Murdered by “Texas” Drug Runners near Covington, TN

8 01 2007

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Y’all know about those Texas drug runners don’t cha?  This is what the two Hispanics are being called by Tennessee media who shot and killed Trooper Calvin Jenks during a traffic stop on Saturday night in Tipton County, Tn.

Authorities gave this account of the slaying
– this is from the Tennessean:
Jenks pulled over a rental car with Texas tags outside Covington, near the rural intersection of state highways 14 and 54. When he approached the car, he smelled marijuana and asked the driver to get out.Jenks asked the driver if there were drugs in the vehicle, and the driver hesitantly admitted there were.

The trooper leaned inside the car, and the passenger pulled a gun and shot him twice in the head.

Jenks’ body was dragged in front of the car, then run over as the men fled. He was dead when hunters found him early Sunday.

“I’ve seen the video” from the camera in Jenks’ patrol car, said Mark Gwynn, director of the Tennessee Bureau of Investigation. “It’s a senseless, brutal murder.”

Two arrested at hotel

Investigators found what they believe is Jenks’ flashlight in a garbage can at a Wal-Mart in Brownsville, 13 miles east of the scene of the shooting. Jenks apparently dropped the light in the car when he was shot.

The Commercial-Appeal in Memphis reported that the car was found in Brownsville.

TBI agents and Metro police arrested Alejandro Guana, 17, and Orlando Garcia, 19, both from Texas, on Sunday at the Best Western hotel near Music Row in Nashville, Gwynn said.

I’m sure these two “Texas” drugrunners wouldn’t be illegals or illegal smuggling drugs from Mexico. right?

Let’s see how the Memphis Commercial Appeal writes this:

Police were holding two suspected Texas drug traffickers Sunday in the slaying of Tennessee State Trooper Calvin Jenks, 24, of Memphis, whose body was found lying beside his cruiser on a rural Tipton County road.The two suspects, Alejandro Guana, 17, and Orlando Garcia, 19, were arrested in Nashville and were being transferred to Tipton County Sunday night. They are expected to be charged today.

Since these two have been arrested, wonder if the Nashville Police (who by the way now have access to the DHS system to confirm if these two are legal residents, citizens or illegal aliens) know if they are legal or illegal?

Here is Trooper Calvin E. Jenks – he was 24 years old.

This was a production of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).  If you would like to participate please go to the above link, then email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate..




One response

12 01 2007

Yes, they were both LEGAL … I keep reading about them and how everyone keeps assuming they were here illegally … but they were not … Guana was born here … in Texas … I’m not positive on Garcia but pretty certain he was born in Texas as well. Garcia was a good kid … just months ago … Guana has had issues his whole life and his whole family is insane (I know personally) … Just proves that even the good kids can end up doing stupid things no matter how hard their parents try to teach them right from wrong.

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