Pro Law Enforcement = Racism?

8 01 2007

Cross posted from Take Back Georgia

Esmerelda Nava-Killed by illegal alien - Gainesville, GA

Today, I would like to address a comment that was left on my blog over the weekend by someone named, ‘Frank’:

Nice job of promoting racial hatred and discrimination of Hispanics. This blog is a modern day race mob. What is next, lynchings??
Going back in history one can read about the pogroms [sic] that occurred in N. GA when all blacks were forced to move. Now it is the latinos you’re targeting…

Frank – if you feel this blog is promoting racial hatred, then you are missing the point. It’s not about race, as most of my readers understand.

It is about people of all ethnicities coming to this country illegally and overloading our Public School and Healthcare systems.

It is about immigrants moving to America and refusing to assimilate.

It is about people, who are in this country illegally, marching in the street and demanding the same benefits that are bought and paid for by American taxpayers. (Who, as you know, consist of many races…)

It is about illegal immigrants receiving free college scholarships while I work my butt off to pay for my own Criminal Justice education out of pocket.

It is about the Federal Government not doing their job to protect this Country from criminal invaders such as; drug and human smugglers, child molesters, violent gang members, underground criminal networks and islamic jihadist sleeper cells that are pouring over our borders.

If you have not experienced the ill-effects of illegal immigration in this state, then consider yourself fortunate.

However, I have to put up with it every time I walk out my front door.


This is not just some random kid playing with a can of spray paint. These are illegal immigrants – or the children of illegal immigrants – marking their territory for drug distribution – IN MY CITY.

While you are going about your daily life, there are two significant gangs fighting over turf in this small, N. GA. town – not to mention dozens of others who are joining the trend and are becoming bolder by the day.

Gainesville’s children are in danger. Don’t believe me? Then what the hell is this?

3 suspected gang members arrested at Gainesville High

Members of KES Street Gang Plead Guilty to Federal RICO Indictment

Local officials speak to Senate committee on growth in gang activity

Gang Violence in Rural Georgia – a Community’s Fight

U.S. attorney: Illegal immigration spurs north Georgia gangs

Meeting addresses north Georgia gang problem

And for God-sakes, do you not remember this?
Zamites - illegal alien baby rapist & killer, Gainesville, GA
Man in Girl’s Killing Appears in Court

Suspect was deported
Cornelio Zamites may have re-entered U.S. after being ordered to leave in 2003
Autopsy shows girl had been strangled

Cornelio “Revolver” Rivera Zamites


Cornelio Rivera Zamites

This blog is about people, who shouldn’t be here in the first place, bringing their criminal culture to Georgia.

It is about protecting our childrens’ future.

So tell me, readers and lurkers alike – what is racist about asking people to follow the law?

And how could Franks’ comments of lynchings and other horrible, racial crimes from Georgia’s past even compare to my PRO-LAW ENFORCEMENT blog?

I just don’t see the connection…
**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.




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