Texas D.A. considers Charges against Guard troops attacked at Mexican Border

8 01 2007

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Homeland Security in conjunction with the Federal District Attorney of Texas, is considering the possibility of filing Charges against the Unarmed National Guard troops which were attacked and forced to retreat at the Mexican Border last week.

“We believe there may be evidence that some of the troops involved did willfully and flagrantly fail to properly retreat fast enough according to the rules of engagement they have been ordered to follow.” A Homeland Security spoksperson probably said.
“Retreating in the face of armed aggression from our neighbor to the south is one of the Administrations’ highest priorites, but the speed and efficiency with which our troops are able to retreat continues to be an administration concern.”

National Guard Sgt. Edward Balaban. said “the troops withdrew safely, no shots were fired and no one suffered injuries.”

But the Texas DA who successfully prosecuted and convicted two Border Patrol Agents who confronted and shot a drug smuggler in the butt earlier this year expressed reservations.

” Of course no shots were fired, he was possibly quoted, We don’t give the Guardsmen any bullets for just that reason.
These soldiers aren’t encumbered by the extra weight of ammunition and should have been able to retreat faster.”
Tactical retreating is a part of all national Guard training and while they may not like the idea, deployment on the border with no weapons or ammunition shows just how important this training can be. We are concerned that in this instance our brave troops may not have gotten the message we are trying to send. We have made the committment to provide our troops with the best getaway equipment available….and we expect them to use it. While this incident may not be as serious as the Border Patrol Agents defending American soil from drug smugglers, we believe it merits investigation.”

Then he possibly added:
” We’re not saying these soldiers should be made an example of, but we in Texas are firm in our committment to demonstrate to the American people that those guarding our border must always be willing and able to retreat in the face of drug smugglers…..or face American Justice……

A Border Patrol agent, who requested anonymity, defended the Guardsmen……..
The staplers and file folders these soldiers have to carry are no piece of cake to lug around. Add to that, extra post it notes and toner cartridges, and it’s lucky they made it out at all………

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He added, that the well-armed intruders were drug traffickers who are fully aware US National Guard troops are prohibited from carrying any type of weapon and have been ordered not to confront lawbreakers coming across the border. The Guard troops are not allowed to apprehend illegal entrants, though stern memos have been left in their in boxes…….”

“Basically, the National Guard troops are doing what private groups such as the Minuteman Project have done at US borders — observe and report,” said a Homeland Security Department official.


In a press conference shortly following the Guardsman’s retreat, Michael Chertoff failed to mention it, though He might have added:
” The Federal DA in Texas has been doing a great job putting those who are tasked with protecting us in jail where they belong. We have every reason to believe they will continue to do so……..Americans need to understand the complex issues involved confronting drug smugglers at our border……
There’s smugglers…….with guns and drugs…….invading our country on one side…….and our kids and families on the other side……..SEE……it’s just so complicated.”

“I can confirm that the Mexican Government has been in touch with Homeland Security and have reassured us this was probably no more than an isolated incident.

The ambassador indicated that many groups of Mexican youngsters hunted Jackalopes around the border this time of year and should not be confused with drug smugglers. ” The Jackalope trade with Mexico is part of our NAFTA policy. The Mexican Government has assured us that these border incursions are Jackalope related, and we do not have the right to interfere with this Mexican tradition. Anyhow, he added, “those little rascals just crack me up.”

END OF SATIRE………………………………….

I am proud of all our men and women who stand in harms way to protect us and defend America.
Using U.S. warriors in this manner besmirches their honor and reputation, insults their dignity, puts them at undue risk, wastes their time and equipment, and turns them into road workers and administrative clerks.
Border security is a chrarade and those who look us in the eye and claim it is not should be ashamed.

Others willing to loan the guys a few bullets
to defend themselves and America:
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