Murders, Drive-By Shootings, and Uniformed Mexican Force Attack U.S. at the Border

9 01 2007

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OUTRAGE!!! border=

Mexican Gunmen Involved in Arizona Border Incident Actually Uniformed Mexican Force



Three Illegal Aliens Sought in Drug Murder

…arrest warrants have been issued for three men: 24-year-old Fernando Jimenez Gallejo, 20-year-old Odin Miranda Osorio and 19-year-old Luis Alfredo Reyes Rivera. The three are charged with murder.

Captain Ron Hunton tells WSB’s Jeff Dantre’ the suspects are known to frequent the Buford area of Gwinnett County and travel to North Carolina, South Carolina, Texas and Mexico.

While the 15-year-old is being charged as an adult, his name and photo are not being released by police due to concern for his–and his family’s safety. All of those involved are in the U.S. illegally.

Fernando Jimenez Gallejo, 24, of Buford; Luis Alfredo Reyes Rivera, 19, of Buford; and Odin Miranda Osorio, 20, of North Carolina took 21-year-old Jesus Araujo Lopez to a remote area of Cherokee County near Ga. Highway 372 and shot him to death.

…Gallejo is known go by the name Noel Colon and Rivera is also known as Chapas…

Anyone with information about the men or the shooting is asked to call the Cherokee Sheriff’s Office at 678- 493-4080 or the Violent Crime Unit at 678-493-4350.

Teens shot in drive-by

Police said a white Honda sedan left the scene shortly after the shooting. Anyone with information is asked to call the Criminal Investigation Division at 770-319-5407.


Name of home invasion suspect released

Lt. Floyd Canup says a man now identified as Alber Caceres, 46, forced his way into the woman’s home at Glenn Cove Apartments on Norton Drive around 5:00 Monday afternoon, and began to attack her.

Study: Some [ILLEGAL]immigrants re-arrested 6 times on average

Commerce cop fired

“This agency received a complaint of criminal misconduct from an undocumented illegal alien,” Gaissert said. “It was investigated and we took decisive action.”

So much for Hall County, GA for having the first-born U.S. baby of 2007!!

Even Babies-R-Us is getting pummelled by the pro-illegal immigrant groups!!!


Stallone Attacks Mexican Border Fence


HCSO investigating attempted abductions

…attempt abduction of two 11-year-olds from a South Hall park Wednesday.

Anyone with information concerning this incident to please call the Hall County Sheriff’s Office, Criminal Investigation Division at 770-531-6879 or 770-536-8812.


Report: Georgia’s trauma care system in ‘crisis,’ needs support.

Illegal Aliens and American Medicine

Hospitals Choose Care Over Compensation When Treating Immigrants

Illegal aliens threaten U.S. medical system
Docs journal reports hospitals being closed, previously vanquished diseases being spread

Health Care

High Cost of Medical Care for Illegal Immigrants

I know that my family stopped using the local facilities in Gainesville, because they fail to provide adequate healthcare. They have more patients than they can handle – not because they provide good service, but because they’ve been bombarded by illegal immigrants. The waiting rooms are full of illegal aliens. The wait times are extended, because of the language barrier and limited translation staff.

Now they are going bankrupt, because illegal immigrants often do not pay for their services.

It is bad enough that we have to drive 30-50 miles to receive decent medical attention, but now we have to bare the burden of additional taxes in order to pay for medical services rendered to illegal immigrants?

I say it should come out of the paychecks of our Federal Government. The only time they act is when their bankrolls are threatened.


Real estate big wig, Frank Norton Jr., offered his opinion on illegal immigration in Hall County, GA during his ‘Norton Native Intelligence’ address in Gainesville over the weekend…

“We have retirement housing coming here, we have new household formation and the immigrant population who is now settling here and buying houses,” said Norton.

Looks like Norton is dismissing American law and going straight for the dollar signs. He carefully omitted the word ‘illegal,’ but we all are aware that the majority of ‘immigrants’ in this town are not here legally.


Another Iraq/U.S. Military montage (Another tear jerker!) (Thanks, JC)

Will Schofield

Today’s education post begins with a quote:

I think it’s fundamental to learn the English language if you’re going to be successful in our schools. – Schofield, Hall County Board of Education

You know, I have come to terms with something. Most of you are aware of my misadventures with a local Hall Co. Public School last year. (If you are not, then go here and catch up.)

Overall – it was a nightmare. It truly was. I had no idea how bad our illegal immigration problem was until I attended that open house. And when my child was one of only three who spoke English in his class – I became infuriated.

Ultimately – I chalked my child’s first year of school up to a total loss. Now don’t get me wrong – this is not the fault of the Teacher, Nor the Principal, or any other school employee there. Believe me, they did their best with the situation they had been given. They truly did.

And this year – even though the illegal immigration issue hasn’t been solved, I feel that my school has taken great strides to deal with the issue more effectively. I am actually very pleased with the changes that have taken place.

Does it make me feel any better that we are spending millions of dollars in taxpayer money to fund another Country’s Citizens and/or their children?

Of course not. But, it all goes back to open borders and an inactive Federal Government.

Bottom line: Unless we eliminate the birthright citizenship of illegal aliens, or we change our entry requirements of the Georgia Public Schools, we’ll have to come to terms with the fact that some things we just can’t take care of locally.

Meanwhile, as we challenge our Federal Government to take action, and we struggle to feed our own families – we’ll continue to see our tax dollars being spent on people who shouldn’t even be here in the first place.

**YOUR TAX DOLLARS AT WORK – (…for illegal aliens)**

Social Security for illegal aliens

Well, it’s official – illegal aliens who are granted amnesty are going to receive Social Security benefits for the time they worked illegally in the United States.

Better start saving up now American Citizen’s, because if you think your children are going to have ANY Social Security benefits – your sadly mistaken. They are getting ready to be funnelled straight back to Mexico.

School chief wants focus on language

South Hall school could move

The district has applied for a state grant to study the possibility of a charter school that would enable native English speakers and, in Hall’s case, native Spanish speakers, to learn “from and with each other in an integrated setting,” according to a Hall County school document on the subject.


Lori Thompson, a former South Hall representative on the school board, told the board she believes educating the public is key on moving forward with and gaining support for the idea.
I don’t think this community fully understands what (dual-language immersion) is,” she said.

Taking a second look at teaching English

And just when you thought it couldn’t get any worse…

Hall Board looks at cheaper class rooms

Like I said before, illegal immigration is sucking the money right out of our Public School Systems…at least we can be thankful that our kids aren’t stuck going to school in empty grocery stores like they are in Texas…at least not yet, anyway.




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