We Are America!

9 01 2007

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America, country of hope and promise, a country of diversity. I’m not fond of the word “diversity” when it’s shoved down your throat at the work place or for political reasons. Qualifications should not be judged based on ethic diversity or gender, but one’s ability to do the job. However, this country is made up of people with ethic backgrounds from around the globe. Opportunities exist especially if you have the backbone to learn the language and become educated.


So now folks from south of the border are waving signs telling citizens of the United States they are America. In what fashion? How many marching the streets in sponsored gatherings with signs printed in English are actually legal citizens? What makes them think they are the heart and soul of America?


Hillary Clinton triangulated to tell us they are the faces of construction and landscaping. Is that right? I think not. My brother wasn’t Latin but he was an ironworker for over 40 years. His friends were not Latin; they were ironworkers for many years too. The ironworker’s motto, “We Build America.” They didn’t wear this motto on their sleeve; they didn’t ask for favors, they climbed the heights to build skyscrapers, hospitals, and schools.


Let’s get to the reality of these marches. When a speaker was using English, he/she had an interpreter for the audience. Many of the speakers used Spanish to address the crowds; they didn’t need an interpreter because the audience was non-English speaking. It seems to me those “We Are America” signs were neatly printed by an English-speaking printer. Did the people carrying those signs understand them? Doubtful.


And what happened to all the flags of Mexico, Guatemala, Columbia and other South American countries we saw over the weekend, the ones flying over the American flag? The Stars and Stripes were suddenly all over because sponsors of these marches ensured it would be that way, to hide the real feelings of illegal immigrants and their legal families.


I don’t want to generalize or insult Hispanic groups but time and again I hear anti-American rhetoric spoken in defense of immigration and ignoring the question of legality. The illegal aliens feel protesting in America is their legal right as well as free medical care, housing, education and jobs. We hear how much tax they pay. If they remain illegal it’s doubtful they take time to fill out tax forms each year. Many get paid on a cash basis by employers who don’t wish to follow labor laws. Where are you now Upton Sinclair? This is not good economics, it’s breaking the law and rationalizing.


Politicians rushed to these rallies to show their support, many like Hillary Clinton changed their views on immigration in speeches. No one discussed the issue of law enforcement, securing borders and protecting jobs of legal citizens. The whole idea of “jobs no one else wants” is bogus.


I knew people who worked white-collar jobs by day and ran paper routes before their regular job. I knew people who did white-collar jobs and did janitorial jobs after their 8-5 job. Why? To pay for the big cars and houses they had to have but couldn’t afford. The point? If you want something bad enough you will do the jobs no one else wants.


The press loves the marches, giving a voice to lawbreakers and having a news story. No one discusses the formality of immigration law. Do we really need new laws or enforcement of current laws? The problem of immigration is out of control and it all comes down to abiding the laws on the books and securing the borders.


We Are America, land of laws and English speaking citizens. Politicians are more interested in votes, very few have spoken out on the legal issues. In an election year they fear they may lose their elected seat and have to find a job somebody else may not want!

This was a production of The
Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).

If you would like to
participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition…. brianbonner90-at-gmail-dot-com……and let
me know at what level you would like to participate.




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