Free Legal Services to Illegal Aliens seeking amnesty in AgJOBS amendment of McC

11 01 2007

Cross posted from Bear Creek Ledger

I don’t remember reading about this particular feature of the AgJOBS amendment sponsored by Sen. Diane Feinstein (D,CA).

In the AgJOBS amendment, illegal aliens seeking amnesty could get “free” legal counseling paid by American taxpayers. The bill also required the alien to have an attorney file the application for him.The amendment said that recipients of funds under the Legal Services Corporation Act “shall not be prevented” from providing legal assistance directly related to an application for adjustment of status under this section — Washington-speak for illegals wanting to be legals.

The federally funded Legal Services Corporation, which pays for 138 legal aid programs and has 700 offices nationwide — supposedly to help poor Americans gain equal access to the judicial system — currently is prohibited from giving legal aid to illegals. Since 1974, LSC has received about $6 billion, according to Boehm.

So, if the Senate immigration bill had become law, aliens who illegally sneaked into America would have been rewarded with free legal assistance and a path to citizenship, paid for by U.S. taxpayers.

A new entitlement for illegals by Dimitri Vassilaros

What has happened though with this amendment which was part of the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty Bill (which was approved by the Senate last May but held up by the House) has been introduced again in the 110th Congress (S237) with sponsors Boxer (D,CA), Kennedy (D,MA), Craig (R, ID), Martinez (R,FL) and Voinovich (R,OH).

From NumbersUSA:

By and large, this is the same AgJOBS amnesty that was introduced last year. The AgJOBS agricultural guestworker-amnesty bill would reward thousands of illegal aliens with amnesty. Of the 1.2 million illegal aliens currently working in agriculture, an estimated 860,000, plus their spouses and children could qualify for this amnesty, so the total could reach three million or more. This bill would also provide amnesty for employers who broke the law by hiring illegal aliens.

So this amendment along with the McCain/Kennedy Amnesty bill will give illegal aliens amnesty, allow illegals to get credit for Social Security for work performed on a stolen identity, only have to work for 18 mos. to qualify to collect Social Security, 5 years of income tax amnesty and then we the taxpayer also get to pay for their legal bills. Who says being an illegal alien isn’t a good deal?

To send a fax to your Congressional representatives go to Numbers USA.

Or call your representatives.  To find out contact information on your representatives go to my right sidebar and scroll down to the Write to Congress box, enter your zip code and click on go.

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This was a production of the Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII).  If you would like to participate please go to the above link, then email the coalition and let Brian know at what level you would like to participate..




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