MCDC Rally in Dalton, GA

11 01 2007

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Ok – I am changing political parties. Anyone have any suggestions? Maybe i’ll just be independent. OOH! Or…maybe i’ll start my own party. How about the…


“Because there doesn’t seem to be any in America, anymore…”

Hmmm…. Thinking

Supporters of immigration overhaul make show of strength

Looks like illegal immigrant farm workers will get a new card. No – not a green card, but a shiny, new blue one.

Under the bill, illegal immigrants who can show they have labored in agriculture for at least 150 work days for the past two years would become eligible for a “blue card” bestowing temporary legal status. Their spouses and minor children also could get a blue card if they already live in the U.S.

Wait – there’s more…

People with these cards who work an additional three years, at least 150 days a year, or five years, at least 100 days a year, would be eligible for legal residency. But they first would have to pay a $500 fine, be up to date on taxes, have no record of committing crimes involving bodily injury or threat of serious bodily injury or have caused property damage of more than $500.

Ok – so overall, this proposal says that only non-violent farmworkers and their families will be allowed U.S. citizenship – and this is only after they’ve worked here for 5 years or more – crime free.

I have a few, tiny problems with this bill:
1) American Farmers do not have to prove they attempted to hire American workers first.
2) If the blue-card guest worker becomes a citizen, how many of their family members are allowed to come with them? Is is just immediate family memembers? Or is the extended family coming too?
3) If the family members do apply for citizenship, do the same rules of work hours and clean criminal records apply to them too?

What do you think?

Minutemen protest New Year baby contest reversal

Babies R Us has really screwed up now!! The first, ‘Baby of the year,’ award was originally given to Jayden Swain of Gainesville, GA…but now they are giving an award to the child of an illegal alien out of New York as well.

Do you know where Juan Bayona is located? Call 770-531-6907

So, does anyone get any warm, fuzzies from this story?

School official faces drug charges

Curtis Bibb

Curtis Bibb – three drug charges, including possession of cocaine with intent to distribute near a school.

What’s even worse, is that he was busted once before while working as a PRINCIPAL of a school in South Carolina!! Come on, Gainesville, Georgia – are you seriously hiring criminals to help run your schools?

Border Patrol says a fence along the Mexican-American border works.



GA Minutemen Civil Defense Corps will hold a rally in Dalton, GA in support of a pardon for Agents Ignacio Ramos and Jose Compean.

Location: Walnut Avenue in front of K Mart.Time : 1100 to 1300 or 11 a.m to 1 p.m

Directions: From I 75 turn east on Walnut and go four blocks to K MART on the left.
From anywhere in Dalton, go west on Walnut Avenue to K MART on the right.

Everyone is welcome to come and stand with us in support or our BP agents whose lives are hanging in the air and about to be destroyed if we don’t help.

Bring a sign if you can and have the time.



Looks like Georgia’s chapter of the MCDC made the news over the holidays as well:

Militia Group Recruiting Border-Watchers In Georgia


Senator Edwards says he is for full and complete illegal alien amnesty.
Care totell him how you feel?


Do you think the Confederate Flag is Un-American? Go here to join the conversation.


Liberally Conservative: Illegal Immigration Roundup

StikNStein: An Illegal Immigration Magnet – Tennessee Lawmakers Talk Tough

Southern Pride

Remember – for more on illegal immigration and other subjects plaguing Georgia, please visit the TBG group on Yahoo. You’ll have access to all of our photos, links, and other research material. EDUCATE YOURSELF!!

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration(CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.




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