Letting drugs through is just the cost of doing business….to get the Illegal Immigrants we need

18 01 2007

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We no longer have the moral courage to protect ourselves.
It seems allowing drug runners free access through our borders is just the price we have to pay to get the daylaborers, nannies, construction workers and produce pickers we need into the United States.

SO ……Compean and Ramos have reported to jail. Their only hope is the chance of a new trial based on Jurors statements that they were told by the D.A., the judge wouldn’t accept a hung jury and felt pressured to vote guilty. We’ll see where that goes……………

There’s a lot of discussion on the right about the facts surrounding the case and whether these men got what they deserved. The D.A. has even gone so far to release a “FACT” sheet attempting to dispel assertions of an overzealous prosecution. Fact Sheet Here.PDF
Slublog has an analysis worth reading HERE

And Patterico….(evidently a prosecutor) agrees with the verdict HERE.

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A couple of points should be made:

    1) Recent actions in by a prosecutor in Durham N.C. (you might have heard about that) reveal not what prosecutors always do, but what they CAN do if there’s sufficient pressure to convict in any case. Throwing things into his “FACT SHEET” like…hey…there was a domestic abuse charges against one of the agents, is an attempt to pile on anything that might make ‘em look bad. This seems to be an attempt to justify the aggressive prosecution of these guys. This “FACT” doesn’t have anything to do with the case, but that’s what prosecutors do.2) Americans are big on a sense of fairness. Laws are laws, and we just don’t think selectively enforcing them is legal….and we know it’s not fair. The frustration of conservatives at the lack of any law enforcement by the Government towards the millions of illegal border crashers and the thousands of businesses who employ them is more than justified. If the government wants to justify the prosecution of the border agents by saying “We are just following the law”, then turn around and ignore the laws that suit them, what message are they sending Americans?Right is right when WE say it is, and wrong is wrong when it works for us……
    While there are nuances in every situation, the stakes are high here and the message our leaders are sending?….. It’s not a good one.3) And finally there’s the clear indication by our Government that it has no desire to enforce ANY type of border control. Allowing the free flow of drugs into our country is just the cost of doing business so that we can allow the free flow of cheap and illegal labor into our country. If you secure the border both might dramatically decrease and it’s clear our leaders are willing to accept the drugs so long as we get the cheap labor. This is a clear message from an administration that has never taken illegal immigration seriously. Border patrol agents are to look the other way…… the drugs are OK so long as the illegal immigrants get through.

And if you think this prosecution was fair, legitimate and required by the rule of law, even in the light of our Governments refusal to enforce the laws they choose not to, that’s cool. But don’t you think the President, or Chertoff could have at least added a statement expressing support for the mission these guys have, maybe reaffirming we are a nation of laws not of men including our immigration laws?……..


These are the reason conservatives have an interest in this case. These are the reasons they are supporting Compean and Ramos. Not because they are angels……but because our elected leaders…the folks we elected to protect us and enforce our laws……
….seem to be bigger crooks.

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.

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Bear Creek Ledger figures we don’t need the Workers anymore




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