Illegal Immigration and civil rights

19 01 2007

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It has been a while since I posted anything on Illegal Immigration, or anything else for that matter. Here are a few news articles on Illegal Immigration that caught my attention today.

From The

The Rio Grande Valley’s booming economy, transportation needs and growing schools don’t stack up to the 800-pound gorilla state legislators see in illegal immigration.

This weekend the Rio Grande Valley Partnership is giving 35 state lawmakers a tour of the Valley and a firsthand look at the area’s residents, businesses and infrastructure. During the tour they’ll see local cities, nature destinations, businesses and schools.

Valley delegates had hoped to drive home issues like education, roads, border business relations and agriculture.

However, with the debate over illegal immigration still looming large in the minds of many state representatives and senators, many are looking for a firsthand look at how it affects the front lines.

Since Congress balked last year at passing significant immigration reform, many legislators visiting the Valley said they think it’s up to the state of Texas to make a stand, possibly during this legislative session.

Here is the link to the Rio Grande Valley Partnership:

I have long said that State and Local officials must step up and increase cooperation with the federal government in enforcing our immigration laws.  Federal officials have failed to take the lead in enforcing immigration laws for many years. Especially in prosecuting those who hire illegals. Unfortunately when a local community takes steps to address illegal immigration they face law suits by various civil rights groups. Beufort County South Carolina provides the latest example of just such a case.

Hispanic civil rights group threatens lawsuit

A Washington-based Hispanic civil rights group is threatening a lawsuit against Beaufort County unless the county repeals the controversial illegal immigration ordinance it approved last month.

The Puerto Rican Legal Defense and Education Fund, which has successfully fought laws targeted at immigrants in New York and New Jersey, sent a letter to county officials Wednesday citing concerns about the legality of the measure and the potential for civil rights violations. The group said it was acting on behalf of local Hispanic leaders, attorneys and business owners.

“A lawsuit would undoubtedly result in nationwide negative publicity which could potentially cripple Beaufort County’s tourism industry,” the letter states. “Your revised ordinance duplicates what the federal government requires of business owners and will only serve to burden Beaufort County businesses with a wasteful bureaucracy.”

The County Council approved the lawful employment ordinance Dec. 27 after three months of debates and changes to the measure. The ordinance originally would have essentially made the county’s business license office a clearinghouse for all complaints and investigations about employers hiring illegal immigrants. But the final version was significantly less severe, calling for little more than what the county already does.

The ordinance allows the county to audit businesses in unincorporated Beaufort County to make sure their employment verification documents are legitimate. If there’s a problem, the county can suspend a company’s business license, as it could prior to the ordinance.

Here is a PDF of the letter sent by the “Civil Rights Group“. The same group has been instrumental against other communities as well, including Valley Park Missouri, and Hazelton Pennsylvania. In each case they have labeled the ordinances as a form of racial discrimination despite the fact that the laws target various ILLEGAL acts not the ethnicity of any group. It doesn’t matter if the immigrants are here from Ireland, China, or Mexico. If they are here illegally they are breaking the law. If they are employed the law is being broken. All these ordinances do is give law enforcement the necessary tools to be more effective in enforcing laws already on the books.

The PRLDEF could better serve the latino community and do more to protect civil and human rights if it used its tremendous resources in going after the coyote’s and human smugglers like Tyrone Williams who was recently sentenced to life in prison for his role in smuggling nearly 100 illegal immigrants sealed in his truck’s refrigeration trailer. 19 of those he was smuggling died of dehydration and suffocation.  There are 14 other defendants in the case yet only Williams was charged with a capital offense.  If organizations like the PRLDEF were actually concerned with the civil and human rights of illegal immigrants you would think there would be a few civil suits filed against  those who planned the smuggling, packed the truck or even those who would stood to profit from smuggling them in. Instead the the PRLDEF and other civil rights organizations seek legal action against the very government agencies that seek to prevent tragedies like this from occuring obviously their only desire seems to be to advance their own political agenda not one of securing and protecting human rights.

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let me know at what level you would like to participate.






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