40 Illegals arrested at military bases, no charges for employers

20 01 2007

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ICE: Illegal Workers Arrested at Bases

ATLANTA — Immigration officials have arrested 40 illegal workers hired by military contractors in three states, U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement said Friday.

The arrests took place on Wednesday and Thursday in Georgia, Virginia and Nevada, the agency said. The workers were hired by different subcontractors, none of which faced federal charges, Rocha said.

Twenty-four illegal immigrants were arrested while trying to enter Fort Benning, Ga., on Wednesday to do construction work on soldiers’ barracks, said agency spokesman Richard Rocha.

Of the workers arrested, 21 were charged with identity theft and immigration violations. The three not facing criminal charges were to be placed in immigration removal proceedings.

Similar raids at military installations in Nevada and Virginia on Thursday netted 18 other arrests, including two people accused of harboring illegal aliens, agency spokesman Marc Raimondi said.

The 16 people arrested in Virginia include 14 undocumented workers who are not facing criminal charges but will be sent to immigration removal proceedings, including three arrested at the Quantico Marine Base. The two workers arrested in Nevada also are not facing criminal charges.

Immigration officials released few details, but said the arrests resulted from a seven-month investigation.

A Seven Month ICE investigation resulted in 40 Illegals beginning deportation proceedings and 21 being charged with Identity theft… No charges or Sanctions against the employers… Amazing how familiar this story sounds. At the very least the contractors and subcontractors should be prohibited from doing work on Federal or State projects until they can demonstrate that their employees are legal.

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