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20 01 2007

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America needs leadership rather than excuses. We need people to shut up talking and DO what needs to be done, which for me is protect this country from terrorists. If that means securing the borders, then DO it. If that means driver licenses only for Americans with valid Social Security numbers, then DO it. If that means revamping our Visa programs to drastically limit people from terrorist-sponsoring countries, then DO it. Whatever it takes, for America’s sake, let’s see some leadership out of Washington.

9/11 Group To Governor Spitzer: Don’t License Terrorists!


At issue is a current DMV requirement that license applicants provide a valid Social Security number, which is cross checked against the federal Social Security data base to authenticate its validity and the applicant’s identity. This simple procedure, which is performed in 36 states around the country, is considered a crucial tool in keeping driver’s licenses out of terrorist hands. Governor Spitzer has said that he will stop requiring it, despite clear instructions from the 9/11 Commission that safeguards like this are desperately necessary in states across America. –By Coalition for a Secure Driver’s License, Family Security Matters

Perhaps Washington needs to read this:

Now, we are a nation adrift in a dangerous sea as storm clouds gather overhead, surrounded by icebergs, sharks and all sorts of hazards that challenge our survival. It would appear that there is no one in the wheel house willing to take charge and plot a course of action that will guide us into calmer and safer waters. The fact is our borders are so porous as to be little more than a speed bump to those who are determined to enter our country illegally. Politicians have learned to game the system, as have the terrorists and criminals. The politicians have substituted sound bites for leadership. They pander to everyone and, in the end, satisfy the needs of those who make the biggest campaign contributions or promise to crank out more votes for them. [snip]Today I will tell you what I have repeatedly told my children. I have taught them that the opposite of success is an excuse. When we are successful the conversation is usually short and to the point. We will make note of a success and move on to other issues. When we fail to accomplish our goals, however, we resort to offering excuses. The child who claims he could not bring his assignment to class because his dog ate his homework, quickly finds out you can only use That excuse a couple of times before you lose all credibility. When our leaders stand before the microphones and cameras and start spewing excuses you know you are listening to the sound of failure. Where the “War on Terror” is concerned, as Gene Kranz, the flight director for many of the early manned space missions, implored his people to successfully bring the Apollo 13 astronauts home alive, “Failure is not an option!”

Lead, follow or get out of the way! –Michael Cutler in ““Can Do” Nation Does Nothing” at Family Security Matters

Now here’s a good start:

Georgia Senator Johnny Isakson introduced a tough border security bill into the Senate yesterday that would make all thoughts of Comprehensive Immigration Reform and a guest worker program be put on the back-burner until our borders were secure and the flood of illegal aliens into our country was stopped. The Department of Homeland Security would have to certify to the President and the Congress that all the measures in the bill were met before any guest worker program were implemented.Included in the bill are these five main points:

* Manpower – authorizing 14,000 new full-time Border Patrol Agents as well as 2,500 new Port of Entry Inspectors and 250 new Deputy U.S. Marshals.
* Detention beds – authorizing detention facilities with an additional 20,000 detention beds to end the practice of “catch and release.”
* Barriers – authorize additional barriers such as fences, roads or underground sensors where appropriate.
* Unmanned Aerial Vehicles — authorize more than $450 million to acquire and maintain a squadron of unmanned aerial vehicles with high-tech sensors and satellite communication to allow coverage on the border by an unmanned vehicle 24 hours a day.
* Biometric ID – establish a biometric secure identification card program so employers can verify an immigrants’ status.

Can I get an AMEN???

Other reading:
What makes them radicals, from 25 centímetros de neve. Excellent article, with wonderful graphs. Here’s a sample:

Based on a new Gallup World Poll of more than 9,000 interviews in nine Muslim countries, we find that Muslim radicals have more in common with their moderate brethren than is often assumed. If the West wants to reach the extremists, and empower the moderate Muslim majority, it must first recognize who it’s up against. —Senator Johnny Isakson Introduces Tough Border Security Bill In Senate (S.330), Digger’s Realm

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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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