Borders can’t stop justice

22 01 2007

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From the Northwest Herald

The story of Jose Pablo Vallejo is the kind of tale that infuriates those most concerned about illegal immigration.Vallejo is an illegal immigrant being held in McHenry County Jail. He is charged with sexually abusing a 4-year-old girl. Police were notified of the alleged crime when a baby sitter walked in on Vallejo while he allegedly was abusing the girl.

Although Vallejo was 16 at the time of the incident, he now is 17 and is being tried as an adult. He faces 30 years in prison. To avoid the charges, Vallejo employed a novel tactic: He demanded that he be deported to Mexico. The move was not really surprising. Those who are accused of serious crimes often look for avenues to escape the criminal justice system.

What is surprising is that the system would allow Vallejo’s request to move forward. Thankfully, McHenry County Judge Sharon Prather stepped in and upped Vallejo’s bond to $750,000 to ensure that Vallejo did not make bail.

Although it appears that Vallejo will face justice, the case still is appalling. Was the federal judge aware of the charges against Vallejo, or was this simply a bad decision?

Clearly the system has flaws.

Some people might have the attitude that Vallejo should simply be deported. Why burden the criminal justice system?

Of course, this reasoning ignores the potential that Vallejo could slip back into the country under an assumed name. Regardless, it is not OK to send a man who might be a sexual predator back to Mexico and unleash him on the children there. If guilty, Vallejo belongs in prison, not walking amongst the citizenry.

There are many, many troubling aspects to the problem of illegal immigration. One of the most troubling is dealing with illegal immigrants who commit crimes in the United States. Allowing such individuals a get-out-of-jail-free card in the form of deportation is not acceptable.

If our borders were adequately secured he would not have been here to brutally victimize a 4 year old girl. Every crime committed by an Illegal is a crime that could have been prevented had our borders been secure, and our immigration laws been enforced at every level.

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One response

22 01 2007

We are under a constant assault physically by illegals. We are ruthlessly under assault by their liberal advocates and butt kissing politicians. Thankfully this Judge did right by the victim and this Country……

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