Illegal Aliens continue to be caught working at Military bases

22 01 2007

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The most recent story about alleged illegal aliens working at Quantico Marine base isn’t something new.

Illegal Workers Were Allowed on Marine Base, Authorities Allege

Court documents said the immigrants worked for a company owned by Richard Eversole, 58, who was charged yesterday in U.S. District Court in Alexandria. Eversole, a U.S. citizen, obtained Department of Defense vehicle stickers from Quantico, which allowed the men to enter the base with limited inspection at the front gate, the documents said.Also charged with conspiracy to harbor illegal aliens was Juan Martinez, 24, who was also here illegally and deported from the United States in 2004. A third man, Jacob Bocanegra, 36, was charged with unlawful reentry into the United States and remains a fugitive.

snip……The case is the latest in a series of investigations in which immigrants illegally in this country were found to be working at U.S. military facilities in California, New Mexico and several other states. Bill Reid, special agent in charge of the Washington field office for U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement, said the agency is trying to prevent it from happening again, especially at bases and other critical facilities such as nuclear plants.

24 illegal immigrant workers arrested at Fort Benning

COLUMBUS, Ga. Federal officials say 21 illegal immigrant workers were to appear in court today to face federal charges of identity theft and immigration violations for attempting to enter Fort Benning.
They were among 24 workers arrested Wednesday by Army security personnel and U-S Immigration and Customs Enforcement officials while trying to enter the base to do construction work on soldiers’ barracks. The three workers who are not facing criminal charges will be placed in immigration removal proceedings.The group includes 20 Mexican nationals, three Guatemalans and an Italian, according to a U-S Immigrations and Customs Enforcement news release.

Nine of the 21 facing charges are accused of either possessing or using fraudulent identity documents, and another was accused of re-entering the country after deportation. The remaining eleven defendants are accused of improper entry by an alien.

snip….Rocha said the workers worked for different subcontractors, which are not currently facing any charges from federal officials.

From July of 2006Here’s how unserious the Federal Gov’t is about illegal aliens and their employers

So, once again, illegal aliens are found to be working on military bases and what does DHS do about it? Not much! The employers’ hands are slapped and the illegals are rounded up and probably will be released. Good Grief! What does it take? Will it take a suicide bomber on post? The men, who were doing masonry, plumbing, roofing and other construction work, were detained at the base’s gates after officers checked for valid identification.

Tuesday’s arrests appear to be part of a broader effort by federal officials to keep illegal immigrants off military bases.

Within the past 12 months, Fort Bragg officials have detained 152 others who attempted to gain access to the base with false identification, said Tom McCollum, a Fort Bragg spokesman.

Last July, 48 illegal immigrants were arrested at Seymour Johnson Air Force Base in Goldsboro.

Similar dragnets have led to arrests at military bases in Louisiana, New Mexico and California.

McCollum said the dragnet focused on contractors.

“They have got to abide by the immigration and employment laws,” McCollum said. “If we find they are in violation, we can bar them from doing business on Fort Bragg.”

However, despite the almost 200 arrests in the last year, McCollum said he was not aware of any companies barred from the base for hiring illegal immigrants.

How about they start to more than say “don’t do this anymore” to the contractors? How about they start to bar any employer knowingly using illegals from doing any business ever again from Federal contracts? How about starting to prosecute these employers with criminal offenses? | U.S. nabs 58 illegal aliens at Fort Bragg

From Sep. 20053 illegals arrested at nuclear station

I have a few questions for ICE about these arrests.

Here’s a snip of the story:

Three illegal aliens were arrested by U.S. Immigration and Customs Enforcement agents this week when they reported for work as outside contractors at a secure area of a Nebraska nuclear power station.

3 illegals arrested at nuclear station-Nation/Politics-The Washington Times, America’s Newspaper

These 3 illegals were employed by a contractor, the story does not name the contractor in the story. Apparently ICE only issued a warning to the contractor. Why is that? How does ICE expect to curb companies use of illegals if all they are going to do is “issue warnings”. The only reason the 3 weren’t admitted to work at the nuclear plant was due to actions from the Omaha Power Employees. Guess we should be happy that ICE showed up to at least arrest the illegals.

From Oct. 2005Illegals Working at JSOC, Ft. Bragg Exposed

How many times is this going to happen before DHS gets their act together. So, the 3 were working for a contractor, 2 had counterfeit documents and one was labeled as an illegal (although I’m not quite sure how that differs from the other two). These 3 men (2 from Indonesia and 1 from Senegal) were working at JSOC teaching foreign languages! I’m not comforted by the statement by the JSOC spokeswoman that these 3 had no access to classified material. There’s alot of information which can be acquired without classified access. The article doesn’t say how long the 3 were at JSOC which would be good to know.I’d also like to know just how these 3 entered the country. – News – Three Working At Fort Bragg Charged With Immigration Violations

DHS and Federal agencies continue to allow contractors and subcontractors to hire illegal aliens without penalty or punishment! Nothing has changed.

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