Built-in illegal immigration by law,” OUR GOVERNMENT AT WORK

24 01 2007

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I am always wary of articles that start out like:

— As an immigration lawyer in Overland Park, Mira Mdivani sees the heartbreaking stories every day.

Stories of “families torn apart”, children left at school, betrayal of the American dream, sad puppies waiting for little Juan to come home……bla bla bla….this is what sells papers.
Americans are good and generous folks. But they are reaching their limit.


There is a bigger story here……. Immigration lawyers see it……. everyday Americans see it. Your Government is screwing you……..intentionally.


Most pro illegal advocates say America needs 3.5 million low wage workers a year.
If you cut that number in half, raise the wages a little, and hire legal American citizens to do half of those jobs.That leaves 1.75 million jobs the country needs to fill.


Immigration law limits legal immigration to around 66 thousand per year. Now we come to the rub……..Illegal immigrants are cheaper for businesses to hire, so after the 66 thousand slots are filled (takes about the first 3 months of every year) where do the rest of the workers come from? Well you leave the border open and let’ ‘em walk in.

Our Government has intentionally devised an immigration policy that promotes and encourages illegal immigration. It’s part of the plan. YEP……The people you voted for created this mess on purpose.
Could they fix it?………..sure……….just raise the limit for legal immigration.
Will they do it?………….nope………Why create legal job holders when illegal ones are so much cheaper. And if you seal the border, you limit the supply of wage depressing illegal labor.

This is why American taxpayers are frustrated…..their leaders are screwing them intentionally and sticking them with the bill. It’s all for the Chamber of Commerce. They reap the rewards of illegals while you and I pay the costs. We save .10 cents on a pound of tomatos or $5.00 on a room at the Ramada Inn……but shell out an extra $500.00 a year in taxes.

“The public is frustrated,” said Sheri Steisel, federal affairs counsel with the National Conference of State Legislatures.
And much of that frustration is directed toward the federal government’s inability to control its borders, Steisel said.

Americans are tired of the political spin used by these traitors in Legislatures across the country and Washington. It is not INABILITY……IT IS DELIBERATE.

Americans Are Trying

From 1999 to 2004, there were 50 to 100 bills filed each year in state legislatures dealing with immigration, she said. That number increased to 300 bills in 2005 and at least 570 bills last year.

She said the major focus of the legislation has been trying to stem illegal immigration and integrating those who already are here into society. But, she said, states are limited on what they can do in an area that is under the federal government’s control.

The Government doesn’t care what you think
America doesn’t need 3.5 million low wage workers every year……..Big business wants ‘em.
Bush and his Democratic allies are going to try to slide/sneak a deal past Americans this summer. They want to give amnesty to the ones already here (for the votes), and keep the doors open for more (for the businesses).
This deal will NOT include any provision to ACTUALLY stop the continual flow of cheap labor to their contributors………count on it!
Our politicians are now all jockeying to cut the best deal for their list of prime constituents.

And guess what?……….

Your name is not on the list……….

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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