Ice Agents accidentally do their jobs….Will probably be prosecuted

25 01 2007

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But digging by the Stiknstein staff of out of work congressional pages turned up a little more to the story…………..

Keeping in line with Administration and Homeland Security Policy, the Maryland D.A. is probably looking into pressing charges against a group of ICE Agents who arrested 24 illegal immigrants who approached them and asked for work.

Via Breitbart

BALTIMORE (AP) — Twenty-four day laborers in the country illegally were arrested Tuesday when they asked for work from federal immigration agents who had gathered in a parking lot after an unsuccessful undercover operation, authorities said.
The agents had regrouped at a 7-Eleven parking lot after an a search for illegal immigrants who had been ordered to leave the country, said Marc Raimondi, an Immigration and Customs Enforcement agency spokesman.

The day laborers admitted they were in the country illegally after they asked the ICE agents whether they needed workers and the agents responded by asking them, in Spanish, where they were from, Raimondi said.

A HLS spokesman might have said:

“These Agents had just finished an unsuccessful undercover operation looking for Illegal Aliens. As all of you know, Illegal aliens are difficult to find in America and our job is to not find as many as we can. For this unsuccessful operation they should be commended. It shows the dedication and hard work not finding illegals takes.
However, we believe they may have violated ICE break time regulations by interrupting their break to apprehend this group of illegals who walked up to them and asked them for work.”

Federal Statute C-24A Sec.12 (known as the Quick Pik Clause) specifically states….If you take your break at or near “Convenience stores, day labor sites, and Home building Warehouse stores be advised these locations are reserved for Honest hard working Guest Workers and are not locations illegal laborers congregate and therefore may not be considered in official investigations.

Among those arrested were six who had criminal records in the United States; eight who had been deported or ushered to the border to leave the country voluntarily, only to return; and one who had been caught six times trying to enter the country from Mexico, according to ICE.

An ICE spokesman defended the Agents…………
” We know we probably should have tipped them off like we did at the Swift raid, but we just didn’t have time. It seems to get harder every day to not arrest these guys. When they just walk up to you and tell you they’re illegal, it’s tough to follow proper procedure and look the other way.”
Besides, He added, “If we’d been at the border like the National Guard, there’d be plenty of avenues of retreat…..You all know how hard it is to get away when you’re in a 7-11 parking lot…..they had us cornered.

Hispanic advocates condemned the arrests, accusing ICE of targeting only day laborers who appeared to be of Latino descent. CASA of Maryland said it interviewed non-Hispanic day laborers who told the organization the ICE agents ignored them.
“They focused on people who look like me,” said Gustavo Torres, executive director of CASA. “We believe that is unacceptable. It is discrimination.”

An ACLU spokesperson’s head exploded as he made a statement decrying the incident.
“These guest workers were drinking coffee and contributing to our economy.
President Bush Made it clear in his State of The Union address……
Deported alien felons and repeat offenders with criminal records have just as much right to hang out at your neighborhood convenience store as your kids do.


“This is a clear case of entrapment and discrimination. We feel these agents make enough money to take their breaks somewhere there is decent coffee……. Simply being at a 7-Eleven shows intent to discriminate….. This wouldn’t happen at a Starbucks”……..
This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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29 10 2010
Team Roster

Maybe you could make changes to the blog name title Ice Agents accidentally do their jobs….Will probably be prosecuted Coalition Against Illegal Immigration to something more specific for your blog post you create. I loved the post withal.

23 01 2010

Hello Guru, what entice you to post an article. This article was extremely interesting, especially since I was searching for thoughts on this subject last Thursday.


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