Tennessee Guardsmen to get honor (FOR STAYING ALIVE) after border incident….

26 01 2007

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In it’s continuing commitment to emasculate and demean the National Guard. An award ceremony is to be held for The Guardsmen who “followed their rules of engagement” and Retreated in the face of armed Drug smugglers at the U.S. border 2 weeks ago.
A Washington spokesman was quoted saying,
” Retreating from those invading our country is an important part of comprehensive immigration reform and maintaining a working relationship with the Mexican Government and the drug smuggling Guest workers it provides us with, shows how serious both the Democrats and the President are.”

Via The Tennessean

“The soldiers did exactly what their mission was, to pull back if they’re approached by armed personnel coming across the border,” Tennessee National Guard spokesman Randy Harris said Saturday.

He then added,” The#%*!*# rules of engagement are here for a #%*!!*# purpose. That ##*%!#*purpose is………well #!!*&#.

Four Tennessee soldiers had a confrontation near Sasabe, Ariz., on Jan. 3 when a group of armed immigrants approached their post, likely by mistake, Arizona National Guard Maj. Paul Aguirre said. The soldiers left their post in their Humvee and contacted border agents.

The Guard troops, who are allowed guns but no bullets, apparently felt any confrontation with armed drug smugglers would be better handled by the Border Patrol, who are allowed bullets but not allowed to shoot…….unless they want to go to jail.
One of the Guardsmen to be honored was quoted as thinking, ” This #*!#!! is #!*%**#. Give us a couple of those 50 cal Sniper rifles with night vision and we’ll#!!*&# show you what %*#?!!* comprehensive means, #*&!!uckers!!!

Arizona National Guard Maj. Paul Aguirre stated,” If they feel they’re threatened at all, they’re to use their professional discretion, “If this was a test, those four National Guardsmen from Tennessee passed with flying colors.”

The ceremony honoring the four Guardsmen is expected to take place later this week, and Tennessee National Guard Adjutant Gen. Gus Hargett is likely to attend, Harris said.
They will be presented with either an Army commendation or achievement medal. SOURCE

” Hey……..Washington said to give ‘em something, so we’ll give ‘em something…….It’s better than putting ‘em in jail like those Border Patrol Agent fellas………………

An award ceremony will be held next week presenting “The Kennedy Bush Humanitarian and Immunity From Prosecution Certificate of Appreciation” to the group of Armed Mexicans smugglers who voluntarily and without regard to their own safety, refrained from shooting our unarmed National Guard troops earlier this month.
” It’s important we should recognize these future guest workers for their commitment to peaceful drug transactions at the border of our two great countries. Many drug runners have, in the past, just shot anyone who got in their way. While it would have been easy for them to kill our unarmed guardsmen, in the interest of cooperation between our two great countries they showed restraint. For this we just want to show our thanks.”

This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.




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