Homeland Security admits it lied…uh… misled Congress about border patrol agents

7 02 2007

At his daily press briefing last week,Tony Snow called on doubters of the Governments prosecution of Border agents Ramos and Compean to look carefully at the record of the Governments case……

He probably didn’t mean to look close enough to catch ‘em Lying about the “Facts”…..heh.

…..”But the facts of this case are such that I would invite everybody to take a full look at the documented record,” Snow said.
……. I’m not going to be judge and jury, but I do think that there’s been a characterization that somehow the government is turning a blind eye toward the law in enforcing the law. And … I think that’s the important thing. So take a look at the facts of the case.”

Then he might have added:
“And of course, in a few months, we may say we lied to you about the documented record we are telling you to carefully look at now. But…..when we make up fake claims of sworn statements to strengthen our version of the case, we are always willing to say we were sorry and will certainly tell the truth as soon as we are caught…..
We don’t want to give the impression to Americans we’re turning a blind eye toward the law…….We’re just intentionally misleading their representatives in Congress…..we do that all the time. In a show of Administration solidarity, DHS Inspector General Richard Skinner backed Snow up saying sorta:
“When we tell somebody we have something that exists, but we don’t, then it’s a lie…….but if we tell somebody we have something, knowing it doesn’t exist…… it’s merely a mislead.

In our ongoing efforts to protect the rights of illegal drug smugglers from those attempting to stop them, I have admitted today that one of our inspectors……uh…I mean two of our inspectors…..OK,OK…..three of our inspectors lied made misleading statements to congressional investigators….I repeat, we misled them. it’s not like we lied to them…..sheesh……

The DHS inspectors claimed that the Border Patrol agents were “rogue cops” and that they had very damning sworn statements to that effect:
at that meeting Skinner’s office asserted it had documentary evidence Ramos and Compean:

    1)confessed to knowingly shooting at an unarmed suspect;2)stated during the interrogation they did not believe the suspect was a threat to them at the time of the shooting;

    3)stated that day they “wanted to shoot a Mexican”;

    4)were belligerent to investigators;

    5)destroyed evidence and lied to investigators.

Furthermore, the DHS officials promised Congress that they would produce those sworn statements for Congressional review. That was four and a half months ago. Since then, DHS has stalled and obfuscated every time the Congressional members wrote letters or made phone calls to collect those statements from DHS.

All three of those statements have now been proven as false. DHS-IG Skinner admitted yesterday that his deputies lied to Congress and that those sworn statements do not exist and that Congress had been “misled”.

A Beaming Skinner might have added:
“We believe this shows that the system works and demonstrates the age old adage that
Two wrongs…don’t make a right.
It takes at least 4 lies, 2 misleadings, 3 non-existant documents, and getting caught to make a right.”
First you allow a lie to get a charges filed, then you have to grant immunity to another liar to testify, then we lie to put off any investigation of the first lies, then we obfuscate repeated attempts of congress to discover the lies, then when we get busted, we lie and say you were only misled…then we lie pretending we’re sorry, and that’s the TRUTH!

The Governments search for the truth in the Ramos and Compean case is complicated….

lie(#1) X lie(#2) + immunity + Sutton X policy / pressured jury = (Conviction)
lie(#3) + (conviction) + bureaucracy X immigration policy / sealed records = (message to other agents)
(no pardon X Mexican pressure X HLS lie(#4) +(law and order statement) = (prison time)
(prison time) + (message sent to other agents) X ignoring congress / misleading statements = (prison assault)
(Prison assault) + message sent + admitting we lied – (all previous lies) = OOPS WE’RE SORRY!



mislead LIE_small.jpg

A few others that know a lie when they see one:
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This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration

If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate.



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