Are ya ready to rumble? June 16th – NO AMNESTY March for America Rally Day

9 02 2007

Cross posted from Bear Creek Ledger

Across the country on June 16th will be rallies to tell our Congress that Americans do not want amnesty given to those who break our laws by illegally entering our country or those who have overstayed their visa and continue to live in the U.S.  This is to tell our Legislators we want our southern border secured.  This is to tell our legislators we don’t want people who ignore our laws by living in the U.S. illegally to be given amnesty with citizenship as a reward.  We are going to tell our legislators to enforce the law and protect our southern border.

Do you remember how outraged you were last spring with the pro-illegal rallies?  Your outrage is going to be rekindled again this spring!  The pro-illegal/pro-amnesty crowd will once again be marching and demanding rights for illegal aliens across the country.

Your help is needed to make this a success.  If you can’t attend, then donate to the event.  If you can attend, then volunteer to help.  See if your state has someone leading the event.  If no one is leading the event in your state, start to call or email your Conservative Talk Radio personalities to see if they will become involved.

Here’s your chance to affect you, your children and grandchildren’s future.  You can make a difference.

No Amnesty March for America Rally


The Citizens of the United States of America know and accept that
securing and protecting of our Nations borders is the first and most
necessary step needed to be taken before true healing of our Nation
can begin. The Citizens of the United States of America will no longer
be silenced nor tolerate being ignored in our urgent requests to secure
and protect our Nations borders now!  


June 16th – “NO AMNESTY March for America Rally Day.”

The final day, is the biggie. Key Speakers will lend their voices

to speak for the people of this nation as Americans March in

unison to their Capitals across our nation to present for our

Government the foundation that this country was founded upon,

“The U.S. Constitution”, signed by the American people to

remind our Government where their loyalty should lie.


Official March Start Times:


June 16th kickoff times on march day.


East Coast     1 pm EST

Central         12 pm CST

Mountain      11 am MST

West Coast  10 am PST


LFRA (Let Freedom Ring America ) is organizing this event.  They have everything set for Washington D.C. and now are trying to get organizers for each state capital rally.  For more details and information go to the link below.

I have been forwarding this information to Talk Radio personality Phil Valentine and Kevin Miller

I don’t know if my efforts had any effect but 2 nights ago I heard Phil mention the event he was working on regarding illegal aliens/immigration for June!!  If you care about this problem get involved by going to the LFRA site and volunteer or help organize the event in your own state.  June sounds like it’s a long way off but when you’re organizing an event it’s right around the corner.  If you live in Tennessee, call into Phil and Kevin’s radio show to encourage their leadership and participation in this event.

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate




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