Birthright Citizenship up for Debate in GA

21 02 2007

Cross posted from    Georgia Crime Watch

The Atlanta Journal and Constitution wants to know: Should all born in the U.S. be citizens? Send your comments to:

In case you haven’t heard: The Bank of America Boycott is ON! Ditch your BOA accounts today!!!


Maria Chacon of Oakwood hit a 6-yr old boy with her car on Monday. She is being charged with driving without a license.

Yaima Caridad Julian-Chapman, Miguel Angel Martinez-Musa, Kety Balmaseba, and Alicides Lopez have all been charged with drug trafficking (among other charges).

Authorities found:
– 594 marijuana plants
– 35 pounds of packaged marijuana
– $83,911 in cash

Have you seen this site yet? Expect illegal immigrants to be demanding American rights in a town near you.

The Cobb Sheriff Department is officially checking the immigration status of those arrested in their County.

Want to know what the illegal immigrants in America are doing?

They are discussing ways to fight pending legislation in Utah


Liberally Conservative: Is Border Control Working?

My Country, My View: They’re at it again!

For more information on this and other issues plaguing Georgia, please visit the gacrimewatch yahoo group.

**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration
(CAII).If you would like to participate, please go here learn more. Afterwards, email the coalition and let us know at what level you would like to participate




One response

1 03 2007

How do you propose to kick them out? It would cost more to kick them out than to keep them in. My proposal is to give the illegals a chance to register for citizenship. This is beneficial to us because then we can tax them and have better control over them. However this would only be allowed for people who learned to speak english, has a job, and has no crimminal record. No more illegals would be allowed to become citizens following the registration and any found following this would recieve a prison sentence. It is not fair to blame mexicans for coming to the US Europeans did the same thing in the 19th centruy they just were alllowed a easier chance at citizenship.

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