It Finally Happened ….

23 02 2007

Cross Posted via email from….. Red Hot Cuppa Politics

I listened to the Laura Ingram show this morning while making
coffee … the topic was illegal immigration.

There was a caller who identified himself as Mexican American; he
that while he appreciated Mexico, he was born in America, and loved
this country. He added that the illegals were “spoiling things for
everybody” — that he had friends and relatives who would love to do
anything necessary to immigrate legally, but couldn’t get through
INS. Remember, INS was the government agency which issued Mohammed
Atta an extension on his student VISA in 2002!

I’m actually not too worried about the Bank of America credit cards
for illegal aliens, mostly because I think that it’s going to be self
limited; I just think it’s another way for illegals to go into high
interest credit card debt and it will probably not be that long
before merchants, and illegals begin to understand that. The bank
gets more money, and class of serfs here in America is created.
Remember the old tried and true medieval fuedal system — the serfs
were allowed to farm property owned by landlords, and keep the fruit
of their labors, with the understanding that they pay off debt.
Paying off debt is not a bad thing, of course — but the only way
they could get seed, tools and so forth was to go heavily into debt.
Because the landlords kept it that way; prices were jacked up just
enough to ensure that certain serf families were in debt for

A better service to illegal aliens would be to just scrap the credit
cards and get serious about learning English.




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