Add BP Agent Gary Brugman to Sutton’s list

25 02 2007

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can read about former BP Agent Gary Brugman who was prosecuted by US Attorney Johnny Sutton.  Again this case involves incentives to Mexican illegals just as what happened with Ramos & Compean plus disreputable witnesses were brought in who really had nothing to do with the trumped up charges.  Granted this story is written by Gary Brugman but after reading his story my stomach was in knots with anger at our government.

A scandalous, but creative twist to this prosecution was that the Sutton gang also brought a convicted and incarcerated drug smuggler from his prison cell to testify against Agent Brugman. A drug smuggler who Agent Burgman himself had captured six weeks after the incident for which he was being prosecuted. Once again, there had been no previous accusation of any civil rights violation. Now however, the convicted drug smuggler conveniently offered supporting testimony to the prosecution’s false accusation that Gary Brugman was a rogue agent and a criminal. The false and vengeful testimony of this convicted drug smuggler should never have been allowed by the judge.

No one would listen to Gary Brugman several years ago and he spent two years in the general population at federal prisons wearing newspapers and magazines taped to his body as hopeful protection against inmate attacks.  In view of what has recently been disclosed about Johnny Sutton’s malicious tactics, his story will be viewed with great interest now.  Gary lost everything and his life was ruined but he survived his sentence and is now a free man again.  Gary Brugman remains a patriotic American and tells his story now only in an effort to help Ignacio Ramos, Jose Compean, and Gilmer Hernandez prove their innocence against the power, influence, and treachery of the U.S. Attorney and George Bush water boy, Johnny Sutton.

Excerpt from Brugman’s story:

On October 28, 2002 I was brought to trial in Austin, Texas; a venue that I had not agreed to. Jury Selection began that morning. The prosecution had a seperate list of special questions for the jurors in order to hand pick a jury. Selection was complete by that afternoon and trial began. The first thing that AUSA Bill Baumann did under the direction of Johnny Sutton, along with DOJ Trial Attorney Brent Alan Gray, was ask that the incident involving the narcotics smuggler Rodriguez-Silva on February 22nd be introduced as evidence. I objected due to the fact that he was a convicted drug smuggler, who I myself had arrested and was the primary reason he was already serving time in the first place. Plus, the incident happened six weeks after the indicted offense. Most of all, it had absolutely nothing to do with what I was being charged with and no allegations had ever been made that I had, in any way, violated any Border Patrol policy when I apprehended him. However, Judge Justice allowed the evidence to be presented despite my objections. On the prosecutions table sat AUSA Bill Baumann, Brent Alan Gray, OIG Agent Gary Moore, and the Mexican Consulate along with an associate that was working the computer and slide projector. Jimenez-Saldaña was called to the stand. Jimenez told his version of the story as Baumann asked questions. Bill Baumann took the incident and changed my words to benefit the Government. When I pushed Jimenez and the other subject on the ground, I told them to sit and then I asked “Why are you running?” It is a standard question that every Law Enforcement Officer has asked a subject that has ran from them. I always asked that question because it’s been my experience that many times they will tell you the truth…”I’ve been deported”, “I have drugs on me”, “I have warrants”. It’s a standard law enforcement question. Baumann continously and intentionally misquoted me as saying Do you like to run? So you like to run, huh?” Words I never said. But, he kept on repeating in front of the jury dozens of times. When I was testifying, I told him what I had actually said, then he mocked me by saying “Why did you ask them that? Were you concerned about their health? Did you want to take them for a jog? Put them on an excercise program, maybe?”

Be sure to read former BP Agent Gary Brugman’s whole story. You will notice similarities to some of the antics used against Ramos & Compean, Deputy Sheriff Hernandez and BP Agent David Sipe (although Sipe was not prosecuted by Sutton, Sipe’s charges came from a April, 2000 incident).

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25 04 2007

Thank You

13 03 2007
Cactus Wren

Gary is scheduled to be on the Bill O’Reilly show tomorrow, March 14th.

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