“The “Gun of Navarette” Fires Again – Immigration debate between wall and wallet”

26 02 2007

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“Hopefully, at the end of it all, we’ll have comprehensive immigration reform that gives illegal immigrants a path to legal residency. Until that happens, the popular view is that towns, cities, and states will take it upon themselves to try to end illegal immigration — for better or worse.””I’m ready for some better. I’ve seen plenty of the worse.”

Ruben Navarette with commentary at CNN.Com

I have read and posted regarding Mr. Navarette’s commentary on the subject of “illegal” immigration before. The quote above outlines one of his major (if not only) concerns about the need for “comprehensive” immigration reform; citizenship for the “illegals” in country now.

Previously he has taken issue with Lou Dobbs and Dobbs’ being critical of “illegal immigration, as a means of “growing fame and fortune.” There was also the time Navarette took issue with the “cynical and cowardly” GOP immigration hearings; which I guess wasn’t quite the vote getter they had hoped for.

How about the time Ruby “generalized,” that “prejudice – and its cousins, racism and xenophobia – are intrinsic to the immigration debate.” That’s me and CAII, it’s a lot easier to argue against proponents of the law if you believe this is how we all feel; you don’t actually have to listen because we’re “racists and xenophobes.”

The last time I felt like reading anything by Ruben Navarette was upon his offer of a free class entitled, “Immigration Reform for Dummies;” I understand now why it’s free….

Here are the “plenty of the worse,” from “Gun of Navarette” (I used red font):

• Texas State Rep. Leo Berman has written a bill that would deny U.S.-born children of illegal immigrants access to state programs. The Republican is targeting what he tactlessly calls “anchor babies.”

  • I guess the only thing that bothers Ruben here is “tactless” term for U.S. born children of illegal immigrants. I don’t however think so; my only issue is whether it’s retroactive or not. What ever is made more difficult, the less likely it is for people to try it. Although, I suppose it would be more effective with consequences, but…..

• Some state legislatures are considering leveling taxes on the billions of dollars that illegal immigrants send home annually to other countries (read: Mexico).

  • Doesn’t the Mexican government do this on the Southern side? (read: Mexico, per Navarettes suggestion)

• States such as Utah and Virginia are threatening to eliminate in-state tuition rates for illegal immigrant students who attend public colleges and universities.

  • This is a mistaken distinction that opponents of the law/proponents of “illegal immigration,” often seem to make, which I believe is: well, if a resident of one state can move and live in another state for a period of time can get “in-state” tuition rates, why shouldn’t “illegal aliens;” there’s no difference right?

• In Maryland, State Delegate Ronald A. George and Sen. Janet Greenip, both Republicans, have filed bills that would require anyone applying for a state driver’s license to show proof that they’re in the country legally.

  • This is just unthinkable; closing a illogical loophole that allows anyone in line at the DMV a drivers license regardless of citizenship or burkha.

• Last year, the Colorado Legislature approved legislation that requires that those who apply for state-funded programs must prove they are legal U.S. residents and sign an affidavit to that effect.

  • Terrible, terrible….it must be the thin air that causes this “racism and xenophobia.” There is nothing illogical in requiring citizenship for state services rendered.

• And city councils in Escondido, California, Hazelton, Pennsylvania and Farmers Branch, Texas, last year passed ordinances fining landlords that rent to illegal immigrants and declaring English their towns’ official language.

  • The Fed has ignored this problem for too long, so you know, don’t pull over any speeding “illegals,” or anything that might hamper these “illegal” activities that might clean things up a bit.

All of the above “issues” are what Navarette has with localities and states taking matters into their own hands, which according to him is a no-no, since he feels they deserve much of the blame. So, you make the mess, how dare you try to clean it up; let the real “professional” “wind directional” politicians in Washington take care of it for you; at least one of them is really good at “multi-tasking” can change our diapers. If citizenship no longer means any form of patriotism or pride etc., can’t we Americans at least have perks signifying we actually legally belong here?

But hey, you can take what I have to say with a grain of salt since I’m “racist and xenophobic,” at least Ruben is convinced of that.

More postings of late from other “racists and xenophobes,” these from the CAII:

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