More on the Nashville Muslim Cabbie

27 02 2007

Cross posted from    Bear Creek Ledger

From the Tennessean (h/t Instapundit) we find out what the religious disagreement was about:

A Nashville cabbie made anti-Semitic statements and praised Adolph Hitler’s campaign against Jews during a religious argument that culminated when he ran over one of the passengers as he left the taxi, witnesses said during a hearing today.

The cab driver, Ibrahim Ahmed, said Hitler was “trying to rid the world of Jews,” the alleged victim, Jeremie Imbus, told the court.

Sounds like such a nice innocent Muslim guy.  Just wants to make friends in the world except of course for those ahem….JooS!  Just run em over, that’s what Hitler would do.

The Peaceful Religion of Islam strikes again

Update – 2/27/07Britney is questioning whether Ibrahim Ahmed is Muslim just because the Tennessean didn’t mention it in their story.  Why is that anyway?

For your edification Britney:
Muslim Cabbie Charged With Running Over Students After Religious Dispute

A conversation about religion ensued between the driver and his two fares. The local FOX affiliate in Nashville confirmed from a friend and fellow co-worker that Ahmed is a Sunni Muslim from Somalia.

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