Becoming American

1 03 2007

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This policy paper centers around how to set up the US immigration policy so immigrants WILL assimilate and integrate into the American culture.  It’s an extensive read with many facets with 6 recommendations to facilitate this process.  I’m not necessarily in agreement with all especially when he starts to talk about the delayed learning of English which is supposed to be tracked by some government bureaucrat for voting and other purposes!  Good grief, they can’t even track the dead people voting.

Becoming American by Stanley Renshon of the Center for Immigration Studies

The central question of American immigration policy is how this country can help facilitate the emotional attachments of immigrants and citizens alike to the American national community. Given the centrifugal pulls of multiculturalism and international cosmopolitans this is easier said than done. Multiculturalists want to substitute racial and ethnic identities for an American identity, while cosmopolitans think that emotional connections to this country are too parochial and nationalistic and urge our citizens to look abroad for their primary attachments.This paper argues that our current laissez faire policy regarding the incorporation of citizens and immigrants alike, our failures to enforce immigration laws, and the doublespeak that characterizes our responses to illegal immigration are deeply corrosive to the fabric of the American national community.

This country faces catastrophic dangers from abroad and major policy issues at home. In such circumstances, pervasive public feelings that reflect instrumental, shallow, or ambivalent emotional national attachments are not only undesirable, but also dangerous. But what can be done? Feelings of attachment cannot be mandated by legislation or instilled by clarion calls to patriotism.

This paper spells out a set of proposals to help facilitate and deepen the attachment of immigrants and Americans alike to our national community.

Here is some interesting poll information:

For example, a 2002 survey conducted by the Chicago Council on Foreign Relations asked Americans to name and assess a number of possible threats to the United States and some possible responses to them. Seventy percent of the respondents expressed the desire to “control and reduce illegal immigration.” Interestingly, only 48 percent of an “opinion leader” sample felt this way. 44 Along similar lines, a 2003 poll conducted by the Roper Organization found that 85 percent of Americans believe that illegal immigration is a “problem,” 47 percent believe it is a “serious” problem, and 68 percent would support the goal of completely halting it.45 A large majority, 64 percent, was willing to support strict enforcement of laws against illegal immigrants that would make that status inhospitable. More specifically, 68 percent agree that Congress should pass laws requiring state and local officials to notify immigration officials when they determine that someone is here illegally or has presented a false document. Additionally, a majority of respondents said they would support the passage of laws requiring verification of legal immigration status for persons applying for a driver’s license (82 percent), opening a bank account (75 percent), or enrolling in a school or college (73 percent). Eight-seven percent want current laws against employers who hire illegal immigrants to be strictly enforced. Seventy-nine percent would like employers to be required to verify the immigration status of those they hire. 

This paper doesn’t even refer to the issue of the culture of driving drunk by Hispanic men, nor the problems with child molestation, driving hit and runs, gangs…….and for those who say there are Americans who do this also, yes there are. But does that mean we also have to import these degenerates? Nor is the issue of stolen identity addressed. At least this plan has more logic to it than ANYTHING which has come out of the Senate in recent years. He doesn’t advocate a(n) guest worker program amnesty for illegal aliens and that’s a start.

h/t Lucianne

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**This was a production of The Coalition Against Illegal Immigration (CAII). If you would like to participate, please go to the above link to learn more. Afterwards, email stiknstein-at-gmail-dot-com and let us know at what level you would like to participate.



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